Cryptocasher ICO & Token Sale

Crypto Casher is a not so unique project that aims at making its mark by promoting cryptocurrency trading in the most secure way possible. Crypto Casher takes the step forward at revamping the current scenario of cryptocurrency trading. They have kept their priorities sorted towards security and speed which is probably the only major thing that a trader looks out for. Crypto Casher is one of the few platforms available for the users to make trades using cash and earn revenue regularly out of it. The business model makes it easy for all the users on the platform to trade via tokens at much cheaper rates than usual.


To revamp the current scenario of cryptocurrency trading for users across the globe.

They are aiming at bringing all the traders and users under one roof so that they can trade, earn profits and grow.

About the Project

The project mostly works towards improving the idea of cryptocurrency to the real world and to promote it properly. It also functions in ways beneficial to the users so they do not lose their money if at all inflation strikes. It becomes much easier to reach the objective of free trading of cryptocurrency as there are no banks involved in the process or any intermediaries who charge sky high prices. Lastly, it is extremely easy to be a trader on this platform with close to zero complicacy.

Cryptocasher Overview

Cryptocasher ICO
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Bonus 15% available only during pre-sale. First 3 hours only - extra 5% bonus
Token Type
Start Date
Invalid date
End Date
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Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 CRR = 0.0014 ETH
Bonus 15% available only during pre-sale. First 3 hours only - extra 5% bonus
Total Supply
60,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)

Cryptocasher Team

Roman Pustoshilo
CEO at CryptoCasher

International IT consultant, Blockchain Project Manager

Ivan Bilorus
CEO at CryptoCasher

Head of AET Technical Development Department

Stanislav Semchenko
CEO at CryptoCasher

International Expansion Manager

Jouni Suoranta
Chief Marketing Officer

M. Shahmeer Amir
Cyber Security Analyst

Ethical Hacker and Founder at Veiliux

Abidemi Kolawole
Africa Expansion Manager

Monika Howell
Africa Law Adviser

Siddharth Saxena
Asia Expansion Manager

Alex Djulger
Europe Expansion Manager

Viktor Lyakhovich
Senior Back-End Developer

Vladimir Pomogalov
Blockchain & Dapp Developer

Saif Ali
Mobile App Developer & Security Enthusiast

Aleksandr Radowsky
Back-End Developer

Mozibul bin Al amin
Front-End Developer

Ivan Skotar
Quality Assurance Engineer

Alexander Makarov
Graphic Designer

Cryptocasher Rates & Bonuses

  • Bonus 15% available only during pre-sale. First 3 hours only - extra 5% bonus

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Cryptocasher Social

    Cryptocasher Milestones

    October 2017
    Core team building, market research, preparation of technical documentation, whitepaper, website and smart contract development
    July 2018
    Whitelist and token pre-sale
    November 2018
    Token main sale
    January 2019
    Product development
    July 2019
    Desktop & mobile beta launch, testing & bug bounty, agents hire for involving new escrows
    October 2019
    Main-net release & marketing campaign. CRR tokens buy/sell availability to the masses
    January 2020
    AET launch and testing in real conditions
    April 2020
    AET network expansion, first 10 terminals installation (location is based on analytics data of app)
    October 2020
    Global expansion and improvements

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