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Cryptocurrency is still not put to use on a daily basis as with the fiat. But, it is gaining momentum. More and more cryptocurrencies are coming up to make things interesting for the crypto users. The only thing that is holding back cryptocurrency from gaining popularity is the lack of knowledge. Not everybody is aware of the technology behind the crypto world and the knowledge to invest in it. Fiat currencies go through almost everywhere, but crypto-currency is not that popular as a medium of transaction till date. Common people are wary of its legal nature. They are not sure whether they can use it all over the world to make payment. Still, there are some countries who haven’t legalized the cryptocurrencies, so if you aren’t aware of that then you might end up getting into trouble. Irrespective of all these complications, people are giving it a try.


It aims to provide excellent value while delivering the highest quality, holistic POS systems while driving the industry into the coming age of digital currencies.

About Cryptune

Cryptune has developed an innovative proprietary software to be implemented in Cryptune POS system. Cryptune software will be easily customizable and adaptable to unique industry specifications. Cryptune will implement the latest developments in wireless network technology and NFC technology to ensure the best and most reliable speeds. Cryptune has developed a state-of-the-art POS software that offers merchants the peace of mind they seek to run their business. Cryptune’s integration of the CoinPayment’s platform will allow merchants to facilitate fiat settlements and coin conversions immediately during purchase.

Cryptune Overview

Cryptune ICO
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Pre-Sale Discount : 30% Bonus
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 15, 2018
End Date
Feb 11, 2019
Payment Method
Start Price
1 CPTS = 0.004 USD
Pre-Sale Discount : 30% Bonus
Total Supply
24,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 15, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 15, 2018

Cryptune Team

Ricardo Cuesta
Co-Founder & CEO

Jose D. Collado
Co-Founder & COO

Fernando Fernandez
Co-Founder & Chairman

Enrique Gomez
Chief Technology Officer

Elvis Herrera
EVP of Worldwide Sales

Osvaldo Mojica
Chief Design Officer

Geetha Krish
Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Scher
Chief Legal Officer

Audrey Nesbitt, PMP, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer

Clara Carranza
VP of Bus. Development for US

Joswal Pascasio
VP of Communication

David Figueroa
Senior Data Analyst

Chelo Ramirez

CEO of MC Restaurants Franchise NYC

Randy Abreu

Senior Legal Advisor

Rafael Amarante

Retail Division Advisor

Cryptune Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-Sale Discount : 30% Bonus

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Cryptune Social

    Cryptune Milestones

    October 2017
    Co-founders begin planning integration of fiat and digital asset payment system. Software development begins.
    January 2018
    Cryptune LLC is incorporated. Cryptune Reward Token – CPT is published on Ethereum Blockchain. Cryptune LLC HQ doors open.
    April 2018
    Cryptune website goes live. POS development begins.
    July 2018
    Cryptune Mobile Digital Wallet goes into beta testing. Manufacturing contracts are finalized.
    October 2018
    Pre-sale of POS software and hardware begins. Merchant services partnership formed with Paragon Solutions. CoinPayments agreement signed for CPT integration onto platform. Crowdfunding US begins. STO Launch outside USA.
    January 2019
    POS BizNode Conference Orlando, USA. STO token release to International exchanges. Reward Program CPT token Marketing and Development.
    April 2019
    Cryptune POS roll-out. VOX-mini, VOX-U, VOX-C ship out. Worldwide sales team assembled.
    July 2019
    ATM fiat & crypto software developed
    October 2019
    Investors Conference. Board of Directors Report.

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