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Are you a model looking to go to the next level, or a modeling agency looking to land the next big star? Look no further than Crystals!

The current modeling environment faces a series of challenges. Geographic location and competitive fragmentation, for instance, have killed the dreams of countless aspiring models. The minute top agencies find out that you come from a geographic location not known for producing the best talents, that’s the end of the road for your career.

Payment is another issue. Currently, there is no specific payment platform for models. Most transactions are done in cash, privately. And, although it appears a great idea at first, cash dealings expose both agencies and models to fraud, theft, and the uncertainty that either party may not deliver on responsibilities. Combine that with the high fees that modeling is known for and you have an industry in chaos.  

The Crystals Solution

Crystals solve these issues instantly. Here’s how;


  • Single platform aggregation: The problem of fragmentation is eliminated by providing a single aggregation platform. Agencies and private entrepreneurs will all converge on this platform to conduct business. The benefit? A single entry path for providers and user-friendly environment for models!
  • Advanced payment solutions: Crystals offers a completely secure environment, making it possible for parties to trust each other. What’s better, the platform uses an escrow smart-contact feature to ensure that each party delivers on their duties.
  • Zero fees – Modeling agencies and individual performers don’t pay a single cent to showcase their work or talent on the platform. Only consumers coming on Crystals to check out their favorite artists will be charged a small amount.


Transactions on Crystals are done in CRS tokens. 1CRS = USD 0.10. Consumers can use any of ETH, BTC, or USDs to purchase the tokens.   

Crystals Overview

Crystals ICO
Ended 247 Days Ago
Vote For Crystals
Token Type
Start Date
Jun 19, 2018
End Date
Jul 19, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 CRS = 0.1 USD
10% to 40%
Total Supply
15,000,000 USD
Presale Start Date
May 29, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 12, 2018

Crystals Team

Nikita Yakubovskyi
CEO and Co-Founder

Nikita is BSc in Computer Security and Networks faculty. He has been involved in several successful business projects including supply chains, logistics, transportations, and distribution channels industries. He is interested in Blосkсhаіn and сrурtосurrеnсу technologies since 2012.

Glib Yemelyanov
CFO and Project Lead, Co-Founder

Glib holds a BASc in Law and a BBA in Corporate and Real Estate Finance. He has a strong background at the intersection of law, business, and technology. He began his career path in the hospitality industry, first working in sales and marketing at Kempinski Dubai, and later taking up a position in revenue management at the Metropole, Monte-Carlo. He was then invited to manage a Subway opening in Croatia at a private consultancy firm based in Vienna

Nikolas Verano

Official photographer of the PlayBoy Russia. Works with such magazines as Maxim, VOLO Magazine, Erotic Magazine.

Nestor Dubnevich

Nestor is a senior lawyer of JUSCUTUM, one of the most prestige IT and Blockchain law firms in Eastern Europe. As a Legal Advisor, he was involved in a number of ICO projects. Took part in the legal support of one of the first transactions for the purchase of real estate for cryptocurrency.

Anastasia Lieberman
Operations Manager

Anastasia holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and has a strong background in both sociology and the dating industry. She started her career at the Grace Family Dating Club as an HR agent until she was promoted to HR Manager.

Denys Kostenko

His first degree in Information Technology with honors Denys achieved in Kyiv National Economic University. However, he had decided that his real desire was marketing, so he completed an online SQL courses and received certificates on different online marketing platforms. From November 2014 to April 2015, he was working for international student organization named Aisec.

Antonio Sviridov
Chief Blосkсhаіn Developer

Antonio is a full member of one of the most innovative in Eastern Europe IT educational institutions, UNIT Factory Kyiv. He always had passion for coding and the program development. When Blосkсhаіn technology came to the public, he saw the great opportunity in decentralization and privacy that it can offer and switched to this direction

Ahmad Roda
International Sales Director

Extensive experience in leading & managing sales and international distribution networks with a wide range of business goals. Holding a BBA in Finance, Real Estate and Revenue Management - the majority of my career was lived in the hospitality industry with Starwood Hotels and Resorts with openings of hotels in Dubai such as the St.Regis Dubai, W Dubai.

Mykhailo Svyatenko
Chief Analytics Officer

Mykhailo is Bachelor in Information Communication Network, which he obtained in State University of Communications, Kyiv. Straight after the University, he decided to continue his educational program and got an invitation from one of the most innovative in Eastern Europe IT educational institutions, UNIT Factory Kyiv.

Ernestas Paznekas
Senior Blockchain Developer

He has a deep experience in blockchain development and solidity smart contracts. Moreover, he is top HTML, CSS, and JavaScript developer, who participated in projects that were designed to bring increased user interaction with many digital forms. Created complex back-end applications for servers and databases.

Bruce Porter Jr.
Blосkсhаіn and industry advisor

Top 25 сrурtо influencer. Founder of GlobalBoost – the first сrурtосurrеnсу used for philanthropic purposes. COO in EmmeGirls – modelling and promotional agency that serves clients all around the USA

Dr. Jackson Dang
Corporate Finance Advisor

Professor of corporate finance and portfolio management at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, one of the top five hospitality management schools in the world.

Sergei Lavrinenko
Blосkсhаіn Developer | Founder at Taler Соіn

Founder of the first Belorussian сrурtосurrеnсу named Taler Соіn. He has 5-year experience as a Project Manager at such companies as Gismart, Cedon BLR, HiEnd Systems, Oxagile and 3-year experience as Business Analyst at CompatibL and EPAM Systems.

Jared Polites
Blockchain Marketing Specialist

Jared is an ICO advisor and blockchain marketing specialist. He has advised over 40 ICOs raising a total of over $300M. Some notable projects include TraDove, Elastos, Morpheus Labs, and more. Previously, he led marketing for Ardent Capital, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia and incubator of aCommerce ($100M raised).

Crystals Rates & Bonuses

  • 10% to 40%

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Crystals Milestones

July 2017
Industry problem identification and research Market analysis First concept development Executive team formation
October 2017
Concept visualization First partnerships with local industry representatives Strategy and business plan formulation ICO preparation - Start of platform development
April 2018
MVP and Alpha version development IСО Negotiations with first partners Ecosystem will be available for early contributors
July 2018
Beta version release Smart-contract development Partnerships with agencies PR campaign through Europe Opening offices in Central Europe for operations and legal support
October 2018
Final release of the СRYSТАLS ecosystem Entering German and UK markets PR campaign continuation
January 2019
Wallet development Integration with other European countries Solving legal processes in Russian Federation Extensive marketing campaign
April 2019
Wallet release Partnerships with major model agencies of CIS zone PR campaign through Russian Federation Partnerships with major exchanges
July 2019
Entering Russian Federation market PR campaign continuation Start of API development Start of Intelligence search system development
October 2019
API development Negotiations concerning API integration with payment systems and such-like platforms Start of online pre-meeting service development
January 2020
Online pre-meeting service release (customer and performer will be able to meet online before offline meeting) Expansion into other CIS markets Solving legal processes in USA PR campaign through USA

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