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Cultural Places is a project which is specifically intended to go ahead and disrupt the cultural industry throughout the entire world. It is also going to become a serious game changer in the world of culture. In order to do so, it is going to build the very first holistic platform which is going to connect culture lovers with all kinds of different cultural institutions such as tourist sites, museums, and event venues with different artists, donors, creators, and others of the kind.

The project implements a brand new approach when it comes to ticketing, funding, and sponsoring – it is all going to be carried out on blockchain-based technology. Through the integration of the project, institutions will be able to provide a rather unique, innovative, and particularly interactive experience for the visitors.

The project in details

The platform shall conveniently transform to a rather social network for everyone who is involved in art and culture. The project has its very own currency as well – it’s the Cultural Coin. Every single transaction within the platform of the project is going to be carried out with the coin. This particular currency is going to enable the creation of a very unique loyalty program which is going to offer an array of different benefits to the participants.

Cultural Places is far from being a visionary concept because the very first edition of the application is already available and fully developed. There are different partner institutions which are already signing up – there are more than 30 sights as well as institutions in six countries throughout the entire world. The Borobudur Temple in Indonesia as well as the Stephansdom in Vienna are amongst the more popular venues which have already taken part in the project – this is definitely something that you ought to take into account.


The official crowd sale of the project started on the 5th of March in 2018 and it is going to end on the 4th of May in 2018, giving you plenty of time to participate. The hard cap is set to 19,000,000 EUR and the soft cap is set to 2,000,000 EUR. The country of origin is Austria and if you are in the USA you wouldn’t be able to take part due to restrictions. There is a whitelist.

During the pre-ICO, the minimum investment is set to 1 ETH. However, this requirement lifts off during the official sale and you can invest as much as you want to.

The Token

The token is dubbed as CC and it is going to cost you $0.015 EUR during the presale. During the official sale, the price will vary between $0.018 and $0.030 EUR, depending on the time you take part in it. There is a bonus schedule as well and a bounty program – these would enable you to comprehensively amplify your value and get more for your investment.

CulturalPlaces Overview

CulturalPlaces ICO
Ended 293 Days Ago
Vote For CulturalPlaces
Token Type
Start Date
Mar 04, 2018
End Date
Jun 04, 2018
Start Price
1 CC = 0.026 USD
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 27, 2018

CulturalPlaces Team

Patrick Tomelitsch
Founder & CEO Austria

Klaus Windisch
CO-Founder & CEO Austria

Wolfgang Zissernig
CMO Austria

Ulrike Lemmerer
Authorized Signatory Austria

Stefan Mauracher
Conceptional Analyst & Research Specialist Austria

Raphael Huber
Strategic & Financial Consultant Austria

Franz-Xaver Schlegel
Managing Partner Austria & Germany Austria

Suza Schlecht
Managing Partner Germany Germany

Christian Bradach
Commisary Indonesia

Igor Bulatović
CSO Croatia

Maren Waffenschmid
Head of Content Austria

Anna Cossa
Vice Head of Content Austria

Goran Gajić
Managing Partner Serbia Republic of Serbia

Dario Komljenović
Q&A Manager Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aleksandar Aleksić
CTO Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aleksandar Bjelošević
Senior Back End Developer Bosnia and Herzegovina

Željko Marković
Front End Developer Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milan Trivić
Product Owner & UI/UX Designer Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milan Mastikosa
Senior Back End Developer Bosnia and Herzegovina

Željko Stjepanović
System Administrator Bosnia and Herzegovina

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