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DAFZO is designated to deliver the very first global decentralized P2P logistic platform. It is a very ambitious project which wants to use blockchain-based technologies to disrupt the logistics industry which is currently evaluated to almost $9 billion dollars. It attempts to do so through the introduction of its patented International Trade Finance technology.

The project shall bring a platform of next-generation which uses open-source decentralization and blockchain technology as well as AI-powered algorithms to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. The intention is to substantially improve workflow processes, standards of conduct and everything related with the logistics industry.

About the project

Through the usage of blockchain technology the project wants to democratize and to revolutionize the international trade finance sector. It is also targeting global e-commerce logistics and shall bring forward consignment forwarding systems. This is supposed to conveniently eliminate the middle man and improve the overall quality of the service while substantially reducing its cost.

One of the biggest expense lines currently existing in the field is the overhead of the middle man. Through the introduction of blockchain-based solution which is P2P, the product is going to enhance the communication and overall conduct between participants, alleviating them from the administrative burden and the extremely expensive overhead.

The project also wants to provide enhanced and incredibly safe technology as well as reliability. It attempts to strengthen the entire aspect of the supply chain to improve the value for the users.

The introduction of decentralized solutions is something which is going to breed substantial credibility and security in the field as they would all be powered by smart contracts guaranteeing the best interest of those involved.


The project is going to begin its official ICO on the 29th of March in 2018. The crowd sale shall remain open until the 29th of April in 2018. The token which is issued for the sale is ticked as DFZ – this is the ticker that you should look forward to after the sale is over and the token gets listed on the public exchanges. As a matter of fact, this is a nice move as it provides the investor with quick liquidity of his investment.

There is a bounty program that would be available so you might want to check it out to see if it could be of use to enhance your value. The project comes from the UK. There is a KYC process that you’d have to go through as well as whitelist to register on.

The project is using the platform of Ethereum and the tokens are ERC20 compliant which allows the further listing on the public exchange.

This seems like a reliable project with a team of experienced professionals in the respective fields. It is something worth taking into account.

Dafzo Overview

Dafzo ICO
Ended 113 Days Ago
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50% Bonus Ends ON March 28th 2018
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 01, 2018
50% Bonus Ends ON March 28th 2018
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Jun 03, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 03, 2018

Dafzo Team

Prateek Sharma
Co-Founder and CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, Wharton school of Business scholar and MBA Graduate with rich experience in the logistics industry and e-commerce.

Sushant Kumar
Co-Founder & COO

MBA graduate with +4 years exp. of logistics and operations industry. Previously working with Mahindra & Mahindra & Intellicon Private Limited.

Nischal Arvind Singh
Project Lead & ICO Legal Consultant

Chevening Scholar (Govt.of UK), LLM (University of London) , International Cyber Secuirty (Cranfield University, UK defence academy) Expertise: IPR & Innovation law, Crypto Hedgefund & ICO legal advisory, ADR, International Mediators.

Jeoffrey Mathews
Crypto Financial Analyst & Smart Contract Expert India

CEO of JMJ Capital, Smart contract analyst, killed in Vendor Management, Management, Operations Management, Performance Management, and Business Development and ICO investor.

Choi Namkyu
Blockchain Project Consultant South Korea

System analsys / Design / Development / maintance / process modeling for 17 years. Master degree in Chunguk Nation University in Korea in 2004

Deepika Vijay
PR Executive India

Master in PR and advertising and events,exp. in handling PR in Courierhome.

Yuen Wong
CEO at Galaxy e-Solutions Hong Kong

Yuen has a strong e-commerce sense and entrepreneurial initiative that gives him the ability to make the business operate in the global consumer markets. Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, E-commerce specialist.

Dinesh Puri
International Logistics and Supply Chain Expert India

Director at GEODIS,+20 years exp. in Supply chain, Logistics & Distribution Management in Ocean, Air & Land Freight space. Strategic material planning, Supply Chain Logistics and global Vendor Management, are the key dimensions in his portfolio.

Deekshith Marla
Founder & CTO of Arya.ai Forbes Asia 30 under 30 India

Founder of Arya.in. Forbes Asis under 30. Experience in platform for quickly building neural networks. His skilled and work exp in Framework Design, Data Center Automation, reuse and agile process definition

Vakhtang Abuladze
CEO at Bazista Russia

Has a degree in Accounting, analysis and audit of the Tver State University (Russia). Obtained a master's degree (MBA) in Operation Management at ESM Business School (Georgia) in June 2015.

Harpreet Singh Walia
CEO at L2L International India

Author, Educator and Business Consultant. +30 years strong multifunctional contributions predominantly Training/ Entrepreneurship / Communication Skills.

Mubashsher Salim
Business Consultant & Market Automation India

Have more than 9 years of solid experience in experience selling world class applications, middleware, and cloud software solutions to SMBs and Fortune 500 customers.

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  • 50% Bonus Ends ON March 28th 2018

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