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Daox is taking ICOs to a next level by putting forward a community-driven code of conducts to attract investors in the best way possible. The simplest explanation towards their model would be creating a standard for investment in tokens which makes the parties socialise by means of self-functioning organisations in a decentralised manner. This autonomous organ is called the ‘Daox protocol’ that links investors to new businesses and start-ups. This intermediary to investment allows the growing businesses to conduct crowdfunding for capital raising much easier.


To create a medium for the start-ups to gain capital for their businesses by bringing investors at crowdfunding events. The major goal is to be the perfect intermediary between the investors and the businesses.

About the Project

The campaigns for the capital building process are subjected to ERC20 tokens. All the funds raised are then channelled to the token holder by means of a transparent voting mechanism. This keeps the entire process under check, by avoiding the risks of undue influence, security breach etc. The infamous nature of the ICOs came from repeated scams which are addressed by the team of DAOX. They have initiated a lot of security measures to keep both ends safe. There is also a scope of decentralised transparent voting among the token holders. It largely helps in an efficient decision-making process for the start-ups. The investors are also assured with a guarantee of a refund. They can get a refund if they do not appreciate the business.

Daox Overview

Daox ICO
Ended 135 Days Ago
Vote For Daox
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 05, 2018
End Date
Nov 10, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 DXC = 0.00108 ETH
Total Supply
20,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 20, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 30, 2018

Daox Team

Alex Kuvaytsev
Project Lead

Startup entrepreneur with more than 10-years experience. Background in IT business, management and consulting different projects. Keen on innovation, blockchain and fintech. Master’s degree in financial management. MBA from Hult International Business School, San-Francisco, CA.

Jordan Pool
Media Director

Jordan brings a lengthy background in live television, digital media production and creative marketing to the team. He understands the importance of digital media marketing and is excited to creatively communicate the value and vision of Daox to the world.

Alex Shevlyakov
Product Lead

More than 12 years of experience in developing tech products. Formerly a product lead for dozens of products each with excellent quality. Passionate about perfect design and usability. Master’s degree in computer science.

Enju Lu (呂恩汝)
Asian Markets PR

More than 7 years of experience in sales at an international marketing and trading company. Master’s degree in journalism. Specialist in Public Relation, Linguistics, International Marketing.

Anton Vityazev
Tech Lead

More than 5 years in web development. High-load and complex systems architect. Blockchain expert. Master's degree in cybersecurity.

Kirill Bulgakov
Smart Contracts Developer

Backend and smart contracts developer, inspired by dApps and blockchain technology. Natural language processing researcher and ML developer in the past.

Kevin Kimick
Marketing Strategist

Serial entrepreneur, growth marketer and digital strategist. CEO and co-founder of SOHO Digital — a company that builds custom software (including blockchain development), designs & builds premium websites, strategizes growth marketing plans, and provides marketing analytics and automation services. Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Artyom Molchanov
Data Scientist / AI Researcher

Artyom's background is Data Science and AI research. He has developed various AI-based solutions for Russia's largest bank, Sberbank. Artyom will be a tech lead for data related technologies in Daox. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering.

Oleg Adamov
Mobile Developer

Experienced mobile engineer. With more than 10 years in programming. Participated in the development of a product with a multi-million user base. Mathematics degree.

Gleb Plotnikov
UI/UX Designer

Founder of Yutani (a Belarus-based design firm). More than 10-years experience in design and UX. Have developed UI/UX for hundreds of amazing projects, including well-known brands

Nina Mikhailenko
Community Manager

Work experience as a project coordinator, community manager and translator at different conferences and workshops. Master’s Degree in Linguistics, study program in the University of Tromsø, Fulbright program in the USA.

Natalie Dudkina
Key Partnership Manager

Over 10 years experience in development of the work streams with KEY customers and clients in various economic domains. Negotiation of cooperation and contract terms with compliance of the company’s policy, ethics and interests. Three degrees: Management, Economist, Philologist.

Elena Novozhilova
Key Partnership Manager

During the last 8 years, Elena held executive positions in e-commerce and advertising companies worldwide. Elena is responsible for partnership development and business event management at Daox. Master's degree in management.

Oleg Gaidul

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Spacemind Capital, EnventVR, AD1, and other successful startups with a yearly turnover of more than $50M. Tech visionary and a fan of decentralization. Besides of more than 12 years of managing experience, he is also a tech guy and a former software developer. Master’s degree in management.

Keith Teare

Executive Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures. A leading figure past and present in many important companies including Archimedes Labs, Minds and Machines Inc, MedCo, EasyNet and RealNames to name just a small few, Keith is also one of the co-founders of Techcrunch.

George Kimionis

Serial entrepreneur and investor with multiple founded companies and multiple exits. More than 15 years of working experience in Fintech and Banking. CEO of Coinomi, the industry's leading multi-asset wallet with native support for more than 500 assets and millions of users. CEO of Cryptean. Crypto-currencies enthusiast.

Andrea Brignone

Andrea has a vast experience in financial markets and cyber security. He is an author of almost 200 articles on finance and computer science. During his career, Andrea co-founded noticeable companies and cometees: European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA), Milipol, Protexarms Group.

Kyle Asman

Kyle has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance, banking, regulatory consulting space, and most recently, developed complex international tax structures in the tax advisory space. Kyle has held investment banking regulatory consulting and transfer pricing roles at Liquidity Energy, Duff and Phelps, and Ryan LLC, a global tax firm.

Mihai Milea

Over 10 years of experience in global Forex & CFD brokerages, holding various strategic positions in Technology and Digital Marketing. Directly involved in the delivery of innovative projects within the brokerage space and achieving a positive ROI. Expert in mining cryptocurrencies and an avid crypto investor.

Dr. Walter Tonetto

Technopreneur and ASEAN expert. Visiting Professor for the Univ of Tokyo & Waseda. Co-Founder of Indoblockchain.id. Network of Captains of Industry in Indonesia and SE Asia. President SE Asia of Finteix Pte. Singapore. Chief Strategist for Indigen. Advisor to the CCEG, The University of Northampton. Co-Founder of Snapfood.

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    Daox Milestones

    May 2017
    Research and planning of Daox
    June 2017
    The Daox Proof of Concept
    September 2017
    Start of the development of the Daox Platform
    October 2017
    Alpha version of the Daox Platform
    December 2017
    Beta version of Daox DApp on the Ethereum blockchain
    March 2018
    Release of the Daox Platform
    May 2018
    Release of the Daox DApp. The first token sale is launched on the platform
    June 2018
    Opening the DXC token presale
    July 2018
    Launch of the Bounty Service for ICOs
    August 2018
    Solution to use the Daox Protocol in ongoing ICOs

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