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Darenta is a startup in Russia which is attempting to build the largest P2P-carsharing solution in the region. At the current moment, there are more than 1,000 cars which are already registered in more than 20 different countries. The project has managed to conveniently win a lot of awards alongside the IT-Start competition as well as the Glonass competition.

The project intends to create a convenient blockchain-powered solution which could be used by renters and car owners who would want to rent out their vehicles anonymously and earn crypto currencies in turn. As agreed in the smart contracts, the cars would be able to be rented for any given period.

About the project

The interesting thing is that DARENTA is an actual abbreviation for Decentrally Autonomously Rent an Auto. This is something which wants to provide car owners with the chance to earn substantial amounts of cash through a vehicle that they are not using.

The platform is attempting to decentralize the rental service for autonomous car sharing which is not being managed by any executives.

The only thing which is going to regulate the platform, thanks to the blockchain capabilities, is the feedback as well as the different recommendations which are being put in place by people who regularly rent vehicles.

Those users who have good reputation on the platform are also going to be able to receive different bonuses in the form of promotion through different social network groups and others of the kind. The users of DARENTA are also going to be able to earn tokens by conveniently posting structural feedback. The holders of token would allow users to manage the platform thanks to regulating different relationships. The best thing of all of this is that it will take place without any direct participation of the people who founded the system – this is where the decentralized model is playing its most serious part.

About the Tokens and the ICO

The ICO has already started. It began on the 31st of December in 2017 and it is going to end on the 31st of January in 2018. The tokens which are being issued by the company are conveniently ticked as PROD and there is price which is set for the purchase of those tokens. $1 USD is going to get you 1 PROD. Throughout the entire sale, there were different available bonuses that early contributors could take advantage of.

The hard cap of the project is set to 198198 ETH. The only accepted currency is ETH, meaning that you would have to exchange every other currency you had in order to take part.

The blockchain upon which the entire ecosystem is built is Ethereum and these are ERC20-compliant tokens. The country of origin is Russia and there are no areas which are prohibited from taking part in the ICO. This is quite convenient, meaning that you would be able to participate regardless of your location.

Please notice that the promotional codes “fxempire” and “icoglory” give you a 20% bonus on purchasing PROD tokens

Darenta Overview

Darenta ICO
Ended 474 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Dec 31, 2017
End Date
Mar 31, 2018
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 28, 2018

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