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Today an individual, entity, or brand, looking to acquire a specific dataset will have to spend extensive time and resources locating sources that meet its target audience, negotiating costs, and establish privacy standards for the transferring of the data. Data owners do not trust outside organizations to properly store, manage and monetize their data. Many new and existing businesses are embracing blockchain technology. will provide a robust interface between the business or individual and the data sources. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.

Goal aims to provide a comprehensive solution that serves as both an upgrade to the demand and supply side of the data industry and solves two key market flaws: disparate data sources and lack of transactional transparency, both in utilization and payment, to data owners.

About will revolutionize the data list industry by eliminating unnecessary middlemen and creating a more efficient data sourcing and delivery process. The backend agent (Ethereum/ Smart Contract) will keep track of all sources used to provide the data to the entity. will collaborate with a network of diverse data partners contributing billions of data points from thousands of sources. The approach will streamline and maximize profits for all parties involved. has a competitive advantage due to the massive data assets of MediaDirect, Inc. that has spent years gathering, sorting, validating, analyzing and enhancing its data above and beyond industry standards.

DataBlockChain Overview

DataBlockChain ICO
Ended 231 Days Ago
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Pre-Sale: $0.12 w/ 50% bonus
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 10, 2018
End Date
Oct 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD
Pre-Sale: $0.12 w/ 50% bonus
Total Supply
50,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 27, 2018

DataBlockChain Team

Scott Hirsch

Scott a serial entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in digital data marketing. Scott pioneered many commonly utilized data technology concepts including opt-in email, e-appending, affliate marketing and DIY application development.

Jesse Brown

Jesse is an accomplished Blockchain Architect with exceptional decentralization, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise complemented by hands-on Token Generating Event (TGE) experience.

Sunny Rajpal

Sunny is Chief Information Officer for Media Direct, in a role he has occupied since 2009. He is responsible for the strategic use of Information Technology (IT) resources for DigDev Direct. He is also responsible for Data Integrity and Business Applications. Mr. Rajpal spent many years in a broad range of IT positions, including Software Development and Database Administration.

Dennis John

Dennis has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years. In 2008, he joined Google as a programmer and was later promoted to Principal Digital Strategist specialized in telecom, search and paid campaigns.

Adam Mittelberg

Adam is an expert in sales and marketing with more than two decades of experience in online sales, digital data, direct marketing, mass media & lead generation. He is an innovator who has successfully created customized marketing solutions for several highly successful businesses, utilizing the latest tools and technologies.

Brad Mitchell

Brad was previously the President of Entiera Data Services which was sold in part to FICO. Prior to Entiera, he served as President and GM of the PRIMIS MarketModels Division. In 1999 he co-founded MarketModels and served as President and Director until its acquisition by PRIMIS Marketing in 2005.

Dr. Kate Webster, Ph.D.

DBS, Inc. Dr. Webster serves as Chief Statistician of Marketmodels, Inc. She has worked with MarketModels since 2003, providing statistical analysis toward the development of predictive and segmentation models that include analysis into acquiring new customers, selling additional products or services, retaining existing Customer base, increasing possible usage, converting leads to orders-orders to dollars, predicting future customer behavior, determining the size and success of a campaign, and segmenting populations for campaign management and marketing strategies.

Dr. Peter Surprenant, Ph.D.
Data Aggregation

Peter is Founder of Datagraphix, LLC a leading and innovative data mining and compilation company, most recently expanding into proprietary software and product development specifically geared to be utilized in file builds and data integration across numerous real time and non-interactive media platforms and data streaming feeds.

Joshua Hirsch
Database Development

Joshua has served as Media Direct Inc.'s Chief Data Officer since 2013. In this role, he is responsible for the compilation, development, and management of all of Media Direct's data solutions.

Dr. Jeff Wilkins, Ph. D

Jeff Wilkins has founded and sold seven tech start-ups in the enterprise software, e-commerce and Internet advertising industries. He served as the founding CEO and a Director of Motili, Inc. Motili currently services over two million homes and properties for clients such as AIMCO, Altisource, Amazon, Bainbridge, Brookdale, CBRE, Fannie Mae, Fresenius, Hilton, Jones Lange Lasalle, JP Morgan Chase, O'Reilly's, Subway, and Tricon American Homes. Motili was acquired by Daikin Industries LTD in July, 2017.

Nathan Christian

Nathan is an engineer and blockchain evangelist, he leads a part of a dynamic team, that builds applications on Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains, writing Smart Contracts and launching ERC20 tokens.

Tyler Sanford

Tyler has over 7 years of experience working with successful Tech-Startups in marketing and sales roles, allowing him to use those experiences and apply them to blockchain technology and ICOs. His passion is helping new and existing businesses surpass their goals and deliver successful projects.

Rick Tapia

P.B. Stanton

P.B. is a highly experienced ICO advisor in securities law and banking law. As an attorney, his practice specializes in ICO & Cryptocurrency legal advisory work. Formerly, he worked as a JAG Officer.

James Whelan

James Whelan is a nationally recognized expert in Distributed ledger technology, SCRUM and Agile software development management. He is a blockchain evangelist and active in the Hyperledger Project at the Linux Foundation. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelors in Marketing from Florida International University.

Preston Junger

Preston is a former early Yelp employee, previously worked for Yahoo!, IAC, Apple and currently is Co-Founder of Mile Square Labs, working with domestic and international startups on sales operations and growth objectives. He joined Yelp in 2008 as hire #82, opening & expanding the first NY office, bringing the company through IPO, while significantly growing Yelp revenue as VP of Brand Solutions.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick is a Blockchain Technology Advocate with a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and recruiting the world’s most talented technologists. He is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Agility, LLC. His focus has been building teams to successfully harness emerging and leading-edge technologies.

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  • Pre-Sale: $0.12 w/ 50% bonus

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DataBlockChain Milestones

October 2017 Founded
January 2018
UI Alpha, With Access To Media Direct Data. Data Source Acquisition Phase I.
April 2018
MVP* Demo Release. Smart Indexing Engine Development. Data Source Acquisition Phase II.
July 2018
DBCcoin Wallet Development. Onboard Data Source Partners Phase I.
October 2018
DBCOracles And Smart Contract Integration. UI Beta.
January 2019
Full System Beta Test. Onboard Data Source Partners Phase II.
April 2019
Live Release.
July 2019
DBCCoin Rewards Program. Airdrop Promotion to Appsbar Users.

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