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DATAREUM is a very convenient project which wants to give back the data ownership to the individuals. It is a decentralized marketplace for data which is going to provide the user with the chance to determine where and how his personal information will be shared. What is more, users will get paid for it.

The project shall introduce a very reliable platform which is designated to host only high quality, verified information. The providers of such data will be able to earn the DTN tokens as the information they provide is being resold. It is a very convenient business model which yields continuous and long-term earnings for the users.

About the project

The project is going to involve both data providers and data requesters in a convenient process of exchange. The former will be able to deliver verified and high quality information while the latter would be able to use it as per their request. The transactions are handled on the platform of DATAREUM which is entirely decentralized and based on the blockchain.

With this said, the project wants to introduce an entire ecosystem where users would be able to take advantage of verified information for the needs they have specified.

It brings back the control over personal information to the individual and it addresses this serious issue which is currently underlying. While the concept has already been addressed by a few other projects, this one seems to be backed by a reliable team and it includes the so-called verification channel.

This is an “obstacle”, so to speak, that the submitted data needs to go through in order to be usable. This guarantees the actual curation of the information which is being shared and used on the platform and it is one of the main features of the same. It guarantees that everything is handled as per the highest standards.

The best thing about the project is that it provides regular individuals throughout the entire world to monetize on their own information. What is more, we are already sharing a vast amount of it through social media and other digital platforms without getting a dime for it and, oftentimes – without even having given our permission.

This is a permissioned platform which is entirely decentralized and it has no intermediaries. It’s a convenient solution to a serious issue.


The presale is going to begin on the 28th of April in 2018 and it is going to allocate the tokens with a serious 20% discount. However, in order to take part, you would have to make a minimum contribution of 5 ETH.

The token which is to be sold is ticked as DTN. It is ERC20 compliant and we are likely to see it listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges at some point. This is going to provide the user with instant liquidity to their investment which is quite beneficial.

Datareum Overview

Datareum ICO
Ended 293 Days Ago
Vote For Datareum
Token Type
Start Date
Jun 01, 2018
End Date
Aug 05, 2018
Start Price
1 DTN = 0.03 USD
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
May 07, 2018

Datareum Team

Jorge Perez
CEO, Co-Founder

I love to manage teams and drive companies to prosperity. My experience as a leader is proven with more than 10 years of managerial work history.

Maximiliano Garcia

Experienced technical manger with more than 10 years of successful work history within multiple industries. I love to explore innovative technologies and implement them in oraganizations I work with.

Jonathon Ainsworth
Head of Operations

I'm a results driven professional project manager with a proven track record of delivering exceptionally high quality service. I'm a creative thinker and problem solver with experience in managing projects from initiation to close in fast-paced and high pressure environments.

Anna Mikhailova

Experienced Finance manager to ensure that overall financial targets are met. Strong in business budgeting and created strategic plans to improve profitability and tools to monitor benefits realization. Direct and develop financial models, space and capacity planning.

Justin Hale

I'm an innovative and creative marketing professional. I've developed and implemented multiple campaigns within both classic and digital marketing fields. Focusing on marketing integration and automation, I work alongside business leaders and key decision makers to help them achieve success and a drive company to the top.

David Meszaros

I provide services such as legal review of White Papers, legal research, legal compliance, legal translation, as well as business and legal consulting.

Adis Begic

Ethical Hacker - Blockchain, Distributed Systems & Cyber Security Wizardry

Sebastian Weil

Sebastian Weil has 20 years experience as a private equity investor, expert consultant and business angel investor for various companies around the world. He is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and spark ideas that may shake up the industry.

Oleksandr Radchuk

BIONIC University Luhansk National Taras Shevchenko University. Blockchain advisor.

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