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Data-driven bodies have been longing for a decentralised system of data trade for a long time. Data X Chain is implementing a solution to this in its take on this particular issue. The data owner uploads various forms of data to the platform and further, it is enrichened, and transformed into digital assets for the data users. This platform helps a lot of data users to get the most refined data. A clever smart contract mechanism is enforced upon the upload and the credits are transferred without any interruption to the data owner. Further, the users who would be making use of the data are provided authorisation from the platform in order to use and share the data for genuine means.


To set up a data service system with the integration of blockchain technology for the users in a platform.

About the Project

The project emphasises on the use and distribution of data for the data-driven bodies. This has become easier with this project because of the effectiveness in gathering the data owners and data users under one plane. The service is user-friendly with regard to the upload feature and the potential to be uniform across all platforms like mobile, PC etc. The mechanism is clever with its intelligent data management system that keeps the catalogue in check. Along with that, there is agility and flexibility in both storing and sharing of data. Lastly, they have an accurate security measure to keep the users safe.

DataXchain Overview

DataXchain ICO
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Pre Sale: 4Q ’18 84,375,000 DXCT w 35% Bonus
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 29, 2018
End Date
Dec 09, 2018
Payment Method
Start Price
1 DXCT = 0.06 USD
Pre Sale: 4Q ’18 84,375,000 DXCT w 35% Bonus
Total Supply
30,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 08, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 28, 2018

DataXchain Team

Mr Yong Chang Baek
Chief Executive Officer, ToBeLet

Mr Yong Chang Baek was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Tobelet in June 2018. Prior to this, he was the Senior Managing Director in Dinnoplus, managing sales and marketing of IoT, Edge/Cloud Computing and Big Data solutions. Before that, he was managing the sales and marketing of IT solutions in overseas markets such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Mr Woo Yung Lee
Chief Strategy Officer, ToBeLet

Mr Woo Yung Lee is the Chief Strategy Officer of ToBeLet and the current Chief Executive Officer of Xiilab, a strategic partner of ToBeLet. He founded Xiilab in 2010 and the company has since grown into an industry leader in the field of big-data technology and services as well as Artificial Intelligence in South Korea. Xiilab is currently listed on Konex and has a market capitalization of KRW1.1 billion.

Mr Young Hun Choi
Chief Marketing Offer, ToBeLet

Mr Young Hun Choi is the Chief Marketing Officer of ToBeLet, in charge of building the brand of the DataXchain platform and driving awareness and adoption of DataXchain. He is also the current Managing Director of Xiilab, ToBeLet’s strategic partner, managing the Service Business department

Mr Frank Cha
Chief Operating Offer, ToBeLet (Possible Dual Position with CMO as well)

As the Chief Operating Officer of ToBeLet, Mr Frank Cha is in charge of the overall operation of ToBeLet’s business as well as the DataXchain platform, ensuring the implementation of various strategic and tactical plans and business activities.

Mr Seong Gon Gim
Director of Business Development, ToBeLet

Mr Seong Gon Gim is the Director of Business Development of ToBeLet. He is also currently managing Finance and Investor Relations at Xiilab, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of business consulting firm Polarplan. With strong experience and expertise in finance, his previous experience includes managing Business Strategy at Xiilab as well as being a financial controller in a leading investment and securities firm.

Mr Ki Song Chung
Core Contents Developer, MFU

Mr Ki Song Chung will spearhead the development of core content for Music For You (MFU), working partner of DataXchain’s Data Enrichment Program. He brings to DataXchain close to three decades of experience in the Korean music industry, both in music development and education. He has been a director of the Korea Music Copyright Association since 1990, an outsourcing producer for SM Entertainment since 1999 and an outsourcing guitar session and arranger for the Keumyoung Group since 2001.

Mr Jin Hee Park
Core Developer - Service, Xiilab

Mr Jin Hee Park is a highly experienced developer of data analysis platforms and applications, having worked on projects for Samsung and Xiilab. At Xiilab, he developed various social media or web crawling-based data analysis platforms such as Gruppii Service, Buzzbee Service, as well as survey data-based reward APP Cheese Counter service. For Samsung, he developed data analysis platforms for the SDS Big Data Project and the Samsung R&D United Kingdom Energy Analysis Project.

Mr Jun Seok Seo
Core Developer - Blockchain, Xiilab

Mr Joon Seok Seo has worked on the development of several significant big data analytics platforms and applications since 2014. He helped develop SK Telecom’s Analytics Platform for Intelligent Operation (APOLLO), particularly the Next-generation Mobile Web Platform and the Fast Data Platform

Mr Jin Hwan Kim

Patent Speciallist Patent Legal, Co Managing Partner at GV IP Law Firm

Mr Jeff Markham
Technical Advisor

Technical Director, APAC at Hortonworks

Mr Sung Wook Kim
Patent Speciallist

Local Representative, China at Tobelet

Dr Sun Moo (Svenna) Kang, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor

Kyung Hee University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr Rado Kotorov, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor

CIO and VP at the Office of the President at Information Builders

Mr Young Soo Park
Technical Advisor

Director of Contents, MFU

Mr Phan Ming Quang

Director of Business Development Founder, vlink

Mr Ho Min Kim
Finance and Accounting Specialist

KICPA/Partner, Induk Accounting Corp. Finance and Accounting Specialist

DataXchain Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre Sale: 4Q ’18 84,375,000 DXCT w 35% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 1: 4Q ’18 81,250,000 DXCT w 30% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 2:4Q ’18 78,125,000 DXCT w 25% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 3:4Q ’18 75,000,000 DXCT w 20% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 4: 4Q ’18 71,875,000 DXCT w 15% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 5: 4Q ’18 68,750,000 DXCT w 10% Bonus
  • Main Sale Round 6:4Q ’18 65,625,000 DXCT w 5% Bonus

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    DataXchain Milestones

    June 2018
    To Be Let Establishment.
    April 2018
    DataXchain Teaming.
    October 2018
    Private ICO. Pre-ICO / Main ICO. Token Issue. Alpha Build.
    April 2019
    Beta Build.
    July 2019
    Soft Launch.
    October 2019
    DataXchain Full Service Open.

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