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A modern-day take on the lottery system with the integration of blockchain technology is what defines Donocle best. The team has devised a global lottery system that hosts a reward system by means of permutation combination method. This global project has undertaken over fifty different types of coins and they are all put into use in the lottery system for prizes and rewards. The open data flow (ODF) method enables the platform to host impartial and transparent lottery events for all the users. This monitors the flow of goods and resources which are mostly money and keeps an eye on anything that goes wrong.


To bring back the lottery events in modern time with the use of blockchain integration and fair policies.

About the Project

The project works around ways to revive the lottery system and to eradicate unfair means of existing systems. The major problem that is addressed is the issue of rigging and lack of credibility from the lottery system. Also, there have been reports of sky-high charges in terms of commission for hosting a lottery. The solution provided by them enables a clean process to be adopted and everything is transparent. There are systems with low charges and free cost entries. Lastly, their solution is fast and efficient, unlike the old traditional ones. The team wants to take the lottery industry to the top with cryptocurrency trades and transparent system of lotteries for the users.

Donocle Overview

Donocle ICO
Ended 173 Days Ago
Vote For Donocle
08 Oct - 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%
Casino And Gambling
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 08, 2018
End Date
Jan 31, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 DDL = 0.1 USD
08 Oct - 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 08, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 18, 2018

Donocle Team

Jaden Park
CEO, Co-Founder

David Han

Jake Jin
Co-founder Chief Strategy Officer

Seunggoo Cho
Cto, Chief Technology Officer

Kyungsook Ahn
Developer, Co-founder

Daehyun Lim
Cmo of Donocle

Cheoljoon Park
Lead Sw Engineer

Jinseo Park
Senior Sw Engineer

Namgon Kim
SW Engineer

Kwangseon Yun
Sw Engineer

Jinwook Lim
SW Engineer

Byeongseong Noh
Design Department Manager

Yonghan Kim
Design Department

Andrew Wong

Jang Mokhwan

Konstantin Kopitkov

Park Jong Ho
Technical Advisor

Jupil Joung

Donocle Rates & Bonuses

  • 08 Oct - 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%
  • 22 Oct - 04 Nov | Bonus = 50%
  • 04 Nov - 18 Nov | Bonus = 20%

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Donocle Social

    Donocle Milestones

    January 2018
    DONOCLE Whitepaper development. DONOCLE project designing and technical aspects research. MIB Blockchain Platform linkage research (SBP : SmartX Blockchain Platform)
    April 2018
    DONOCLE PTE.LTD Singapore branch establishment. DGBLS™(Donocle Global Blockchain Lottery System). DONOCLE Offcial website. DGBLS™ designing.
    July 2018
    DONOCLE Project. Pre-Sale start. IDCM Listing contract.
    October 2018
    HongKong branch establishment(DONOCLE International). DONOCLE Project Demo Demo. Lottery License acquisition.(Two foreign regions)
    January 2019
    Transaction starts on Exchanges(HongKong, Korea). Global Marketing. March : Trial service toward global users. March : POS System test. April : Main Service launch.
    April 2019
    DONOCLE business expansion. DONOCLE Donation Foundation establishment plan.

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