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Nature is often referred to as the mother, but in reality, it can be termed as a creditor. She is now demanding the repayment of debt. The intense forest fires and other natural calamities are just a form of threatening that nature is giving us so that we own up to our responsibilities. We should start taking care of our environment soon; else, we are inevitably waiting for a global planetary collapse. We will have to do something drastic to restore nature else, we have to leave earth and start staying in some other planet. Money is required to mend things, but not everybody has the same income. The uneven distribution of income is one of the reasons why not everybody is contributing to the mending of the environment. Now with the introduction of cryptocurrency, things are slowly changing for the better.


The aim is to unite all the subjects of the ecological eco-community on a common online site and increase investment in green projects and tokenization of investment activities.

About EcoStart

EcoStart is a startup that is being developed on the technology of blockchain that will make a modest contribution to the preservation of the planet using a fundraising platform and an ecological lottery. The core of the EcoStart platform will be the new cryptocurrency –TerraEcocoin. EcoStart is a blockchain based public distributed cryptographic platform. EcoStart will be a reliable platform for creating applications for funding in green projects, in the sphere of ecology and sharing the economy.

Eco-Start Overview

Eco-Start ICO
Ended 82 Days Ago
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PRE ICO: 30% Bonus.
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 10, 2018
End Date
Jan 31, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 TER = 0.1 USD
PRE ICO: 30% Bonus.
Total Supply
59,250 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 19, 2018
Presale End Date
Dec 09, 2018

Eco-Start Team

Olga Bergen
CEO and Co-founder

A corporate strategist with many years of experience in the advertising and information technology industry. In recent years, is engaged in accelerating startups. «I have been engaged in accelerating the startup projects for several years. EcoStart is definitely a powerful project with great potential.

Michael McKee
Chief Visionary Officer

Before starting out into ICO Advisory, Michael spent 13 years as Social Media Influencer and Digital Marketer for several dot com startups. After a successful career helping various clothing companies and aspiring musicians, Michael now advises ICOs and Startups on how to market their projects on social media and through SEO.

Teymur Nurullaev
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Chief Operating Officer, a successful businessman, a programmer, one of the first adepts of the blockchain “I support the project EcoStart because the Cryptocurrency will gain momentum in the event that we start creating as many projects as possible on blockchain. I manage a whole army of bots - they will help us in this project too!”

Nataly Nurullaeva
СМО (Сhief marketing officer)

«My element is marketing communications and project management. In EcoStart I see global opportunities - the project will help to unite not indifferent people around the world around a great idea. It's just a marketer's dream!»

Aleksandr Goldobin
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The financial director responsible for managing the financial flows of the business with vast managerial experience in a wide range of industries. “My motto is think globally-act locally! That is why I proposed to bring the project Ecostart to the international level. I believe such initiatives are important for the world community.

Olga Gershenzon
Head of Aerospace Monitoring

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer at RBCSignals «From the solar system, we still cannot get out for a long time. Therefore, one must learn to live on earth and better on ecologically friendly»

Dina Korn
PR manager

The Idea of this project was inspired by Champion of the Earth Afros Shah from Indian Mumbai, who in his home town cleared a beach more than 2 km from garbage weighing 5,500 tons. Such initiatives deserve our common support!

Dhana Timilsina
Chief strategy officer

Dhana is an innovative and dynamic world citizen and serial international entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, engineer, trader, businessman, founder, co-founder, owner, investor, researcher, and promoter. Dhana wears several hats and works and supports for several startups, companies, ICOs and projects across the world.

Olga Glagoleva
Eco enthusiast Creator Brand GO Authentic

Olga feels responsible for the fate of our Earth, believes in a cyclical economy. Clothing for Olga is primarily a concern for the Planet, a culture of consumption and the ability to influence the world. And she creates models of clothes to improve the environment, while calculating the carbon footprint, using recycled raw materials from recycled plastic bottles, organic-certified materials or second-hand clothes.

Artyom Akopyan
CCO (Chief Community Officer)

Artyom is an experienced projects manager of major international event such as Olympic Games, F1 Grand Prix and FIFA World Cup. "I saw a big potential of this project since it touches upon all of us, our children and future generations, and nobody could stand apart"

Aleksandr Myshkin
Solidity developer

Vasiliy Gavrilovich
VP Software development

CEO Prof-it - it's IT-company for development of the web and mobile applications, BLOCKCHAIN solutions, software and software-based solutions.

Dr Mohamed Karim
Leader of advisors & CEO of Mirak AS

When we started with distributed computing 15 years ago, we never could dream that the whole world will be where we are today. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, we can now build projects and concepts beyond all imaginations

Vladimir Gershenzon
Expert in Earth remote sensing systems

Leading Research Scientist Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering

Beduil Dauis
Advisor for exchange listing of tokens

Managing Partner at List a Token and exchange listing manager at Tokenget. Full - stack business developer, executive management and strategic partnerships within the Blockchain, ICO's, and crypto exchanges, also member of the GBA (Government Blockchain Association) and strategic partner at Tokenmatch

Carlo Buonpane
Expert in Earth remote sensing systems

Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. He has gained various experiences in different digital startups which concerned real estate investments and personal and financial growth. Since he met the blockchain he has been thunderstruck by his potential.

Eco-Start Rates & Bonuses

  • PRE ICO: 30% Bonus.

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Eco-Start Milestones

November 2018
November 2018
Listing of tokens on the exchange
December 2018
ICO: Start ICO
February 2019
PLATFORM: Alpha version
June 2019
PLATFORM: Launching a mobile application
May 2019
TECO: Release of TECO Blockchain. PLATFORM Beta testing platform
July 2019
PLATFORM: Open API for developers
October 2019
PLATFORM: Finish of the project
December 2019
COMMUNITY: Formation of an ecological community on a platform

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