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Company’s idea:

Efir.io is an essential platform for the native advertising market development. Efir Ecosystem is the infrastructure for P2P projects that facilitates all sides of relationships between the members of the market. This includes the Advertisers, Bloggers, IT-Services, Media-specs, Agencies and QZ-investors. The main aim is to develop a product to boost the stakeholder’s facilities with advantages that change the world of native advertising. An infrastructure is created for coin circulation in the ecosystem where the coin is a payment instrument and not an asset.


  • To facilitate all sides of relationships between the members of the market.
  • To introduce and facilitate the change in native advertising.
  • To start projects in demand or high priority.

About the project:

The Mission of Efir is to multiply native advertising market and make it transparent and break all the barriers. The Advertisers select the bloggers with intellectual search and set up the conditions for advertisements. The bloggers publish the price rates and contact details along with their statistics. The Information Technology-Services join the platform through open API and make money selling services and oracles to the market players. The Media specialists publish the portfolio and offer bloggers lessons or partnership assessing their content. The QZ-Investors buy tokens on the stock exchange. The Agencies find advertisers and bloggers and sell their services and automate their business processes. The products are developed to boost the stakeholder’s facilities with advantages that change the world of native advertising which includes the intellectual search, global reach, Open API, Free platforms, Results from Monitoring and Full-Stack Ecosystem.

Efir Overview

Efir ICO
Ended 262 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
May 14, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 QZ = 0.01 USD
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 24, 2018
Presale End Date
May 24, 2018

Efir Team

Denis Shayahmetov
CEO & Founder

Russia, Moscow. 9 years in IT. 4 years in large federal IT projects management. Certified IPMA project manager

Askar Abildaev
Efir.io PM

Russia, Moscow. 8 years of IT experience. Federal level projects web and mobile applications developement control

Vicky He
Regional Consultant (Asia)

Magic Wallet co-founder, Broad Harvest Holdings Limited administrative partner, Chief Operations Officer at GTStоkеns Chief Operation

Dr. Sanjaya Kanthan
Regional Consultant (APAC)

Australia, Sydney. 8 years in Investments and 4 years in blосkсhain

Vladimir Koveshnikov
Marketing & Product Development

Russia, Moscow. 13 years in IT. Projects design and implementation at the leading Russian and foreign companies

Michael Belyakov
English speaking segment supervisor

Russia, Moscow. More than 30 years in the Ministery of Foreign Affairs and foreign companies

Anna Kozlovskaya

Russia, Moscow. Ph.D. 10 years in IT jurisprudence

Nikolay Yakovlev
Data Scientist

Data Scientist. More than 15 years of experience in financial departments of leading transnational industrial corporations such as “Procter and Gamble”, “Oracle”, “Uponor Rus”, ”Alfalaval”. Partisipation in projects of World Bank and EU

Inna Rudaya
PR manager

Russia, Moscow. International Youth Projects organization and promotion experience

Anton Elovikov
Product Designer

Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Former brand-designer in hackRussia (the first and biggest all-Russian hackathon) and co-founder in Cassiopeia Labs.

ElizabЕТН Kornaukhova
Manager of the CIS bloggers

Ilya Holnov
Agencies.efir.io PM

Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Successful development of Russian digital projects

Anastasia Zotova
Production.efir.io PM

Russia, Moscow. Digital sphere projects control and promotion experience

Dmitry Vinokurov

Russia, Perm. 8 years in IT. 3 years of management in successful Russian start-ups

Danil Vishnyakov
Software Engineer

Russia, Kotlas. 9 years IT experience. Successful implementation of IT start-ups. 6 years of experience. Implementation of MVP efir.io (qaazqaaz.com)

Kirill Dolmatov
Front-end developer

Russia, Moscow. 5 years in IT. Interface development in successful Russian start-ups

Alexander Gerasimov
System Administrator

Russia, Moscow. 8 years in IT. Management of industrial servers. 5 year experience

Sergey Potekhin
blосkсhain developer

Backend developer and blосkсhain enthusiast. Now working as IT manager at SoftBlocks Co

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    Efir Milestones

    October 2017
    Private Exchange: 250 ЕТН collected in 12 hours 250 private QZ sold with 100% bonus 36 contributors 36 contributors
    December 2017
    Pre-Exchange 1000 ЕТН collected in 7 days 1000 pre-QZ sold with 50% bonus 56 contributors
    April 2018
    Main Exchange LIVE 15000 ЕТН to collect Funds withdrawal is possible by escrow only
    June 2018
    Post Exchange Listing is anticipated. 50% of funds will be sent to Efir ltd for the project realization. 50% will be transferred equally in 3-month intervals over the 9 months following tоkеn Exchange completion (after each a quarterly report will be published).

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