EMusic ICO & Token Sale

Music producers and artists, along with their fans have often missed out on a lot of things in music distribution. To bring upon a change in the music distribution process, EMusic has devised an excellent way of rewarding the artists and their fans in the most fruitful manner. They developed this platform on the basis of blockchain technology that manages royalties paid to the artists. In this system, even the fans get rewarded for their contributions. They feature a platform that is decentralised towards the distribution of original music by various artists. This brings up the scope for great music at a lower price and authentic content from various artists around the globe.


Their main aim is to remove all the hurdles of an inefficient system that does not pay royalties to the artists. This also includes decreasing all aspects that contain the potential of artists to make good music and also get paid reasonably. EMusic wants to build a platform that connects fans, artists and producers and reward each of them.

About the Project

A balance needs to be there between the producers, music artists and the fans in the nexus. This balance is understood by them and they want to implement it in one system or platform. This platform is powered by blockchain technology that rewards everyone present in the network contributing towards the distribution of music. All the transactions in the system can be made through EMU tokens which make the entire process reliable, transparent and extremely smooth.

EMusic Overview

EMusic ICO
Ended 25 Days Ago
Vote For EMusic
Nov. 20 - Nov. 25 / 33% Bonus (registered customers only)
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
End Date
Apr 30, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • BTH
  • BTH
Start Price
1 EMU = 0.35 USD
Nov. 20 - Nov. 25 / 33% Bonus (registered customers only)
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 24, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 30, 2018

EMusic Team

Tamir Koch

23 years of entrepreneurship and leadership; Two previous successful exits.

Michael Juskiewicz

Over 15 years investment banking experience. Specialty in public and private capital raising and M&A.

Matt Downing

More than 20 years of experience, including launch of SiriusXM Streaming Services.

Nir Peled

More than 16 years leading software and engineering teams.

Matt Robinson
AVP Product

Multi-platform product specialist. 10 years experience bringing B2C software to market.

Bryan Farevaag
Creative Director

10+ years of UX/UI experience, Oprah Magazine, guesterly and Random House. Faculty at SVA.

Lara Peterson
AVP Marketing

10+ years marketing for consumer brands. Amex, XM Radio, ooVoo

Ori Erez
Blockchain Expert

10 years leading technology projects in the fintech industry including invest.com.

Ram Avissar
Community Expert

Over 6 years community- building experience for a number of successful projects

Bill Campbell

Founder Barefoot Media, former head of digital for Sony Music, later UMG.

Yaron Adler

Founder We Group, Incredimail. Chairman of Crowdfunding platform Exit Valley.

Oded Federbusch

Crowdfunding expert. Advisor Exit Valley. Founder We Group. Owner, f.r.a.l.y holdings ltd.

Sebastian Stupurac

Co-Founder WINGS; Adviser to AdEx, Blackmoon Crypto, INS.world.

Stas Oskin

Co-Founder WINGS; Technology strategy & partnerships.

Julia Della Scala

Blockchain expert and Far East community leader.

Daniel Santos

CEO Token Advisors. Former executive with Citigroup, Barclays and Renaissance Capital.

Jeff Van Driel

Former CEO Naxos of America and Executive Producer at Suite 28 Records.

EMusic Rates & Bonuses

  • Nov. 20 - Nov. 25 / 33% Bonus (registered customers only)
  • Nov. 26 - Dec. 2 / 30% Bonus (public promotion, PR launch)
  • Dec. 3 - Dec. 9 / 25% bonus
  • Dec. 10 - Dec. 16 / 20% bonus

EMusicUser Reviews

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    First major music service to embrace blockchain
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    eMUSIC is coming
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EMusic Milestones

July 2018
Educate Current User Base. Train Customer Support
August 2018
Artist Outreach. Token/Blockchain Testing
September 2018
Pre-Sale SEPT 2018. Token Generation OCT 2018
October 2018
Content Purchasing. Self-Publishing Pilot Program
April 2019
Rights & Royalty Management
May 2019
Publishing Platform Launched
June 2019
Content Aquisition
October 2019
3rd Party Retailers Integration
November 2019
Clearing House for Large Labels
December 2019
Crowdfunding Launched

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