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Today, digital platforms operate as closed-off ecosystems and brands are fragmented, operating in silos with little accessibility. As the online gaming and social media spaces continue to grow rapidly, there is an untapped opportunity for digital platforms such as video games, social networks, and messaging services to enhance their product offerings by collaborating with brands to produce branded virtual goods. The problem with creating a thriving branded virtual goods marketplace is fragmentation. BLMP is solving this complex business problem by creating a vast collaboration network of global brands and digital platforms to facilitate the licensing process.


BLMP plans to test a variety of enterprise software solutions that will solve the problems of transaction scalability and confidentiality ranging from existing proofs of concept to upcoming new blockchain frameworks to a hybrid public/private permission-based blockchains.

About Epiktoken

The EPIK token gives consumers the ability to purchase licensed virtual goods and also earn tokens from both brands and digital platforms. EPIK tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens that are integral to the Air-system. It acts as a medium of exchange to transact and process changes in ownership of virtual goods. The BLMP platform uses a proposal based system to create short-term collaboration licensing agreements between IP holders and digital platforms. EPIK tokens are consumed when initiating proposals in the system to disincentive bad actors and reduce network spam. Once a proposal is accepted by an IP holder, the proposal is finalized on-chain and additional smart contracts tokenize the licensed virtual good items on the blockchain using ERC-721.

EpikToken Overview

EpikToken ICO
Ended 325 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
End Date
Aug 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 EPIK = 0.00032051282 ETH
BONUS: 20%
Total Supply
15,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 31, 2018

EpikToken Team

David Uy
Founder, CEO

David Uy co-founded BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) in 2018 to solve critical issues in the licensing and virtual goods industries. David is an experienced businessperson who has raised, managed, and generated millions of dollars in previous companies and has more than 15 years of experience as an inventor, entrepreneur and computer programmer. D

Casey Lau
Founder, VP of Licensing and Brand

Casey Lau has a track record of turning his passion for pop culture into successful businesses in Asia. Casey’s love of pop culture reached its peak during the Dotcom boom when he launched the very first online toy store in the Asia-Pacific region called Actionace.com.

Darren Smith
VP of Digital Platforms

Darren Smith is the former Director of Nintendo America and a video game industry veteran. While at Nintendo, he developed, produced games, applications, online services, eCommerce systems and game platforms

Eli Y. Park
Creative Director

Eli Y. Park is a seasoned professional in design, branding and solutions driven product management with a focus in emerging technologies, software-as-a-service (“SaaS”), and mobile applications. As the former Product Manager of VRenetic, Eli conceptualized and designed Vresh, the very first live-stream virtual reality (“VR”) social media mobile platform.

Arthur Mastropietro
Lead Blockchain Developer

Arthur Mastropietro is a computer programmer with over 9 years of experience in both back-end and front-end development. Arthur brings a solid software development foundation to the BLMP team as a full-stack engineer in a range of industries such as healthcare and software consulting with previous experience in blockchain. At BLMP, Arthur works full-time to lead the internal application development team and in his spare time he enjoys making crypto games for fun.

Bao Le
Quoc UI/UX Designer

Tam Tran
Front-end Developer

Athar Hafiz
Marketing Project Manager

Francesca Bautista
Graphic Designer

Ritzlynd Lee
Graphic Designer

Kirsten Thompson
Communications Manager

Herman Lam
Community Manager

Herman Lam joins the BLMP team full-time with a tremendous amount of experience creating engaging online communities. Herman previously built an online community for the competitive Hearthstone scene as well as one of the largest online communities for the tournament platform, StriveWire.

Benjelloun Oussama

Jon Bryan
North America Partnerships

Chris Ellis
Strategic Partnerships

Darius Bucinskas
Full-stack Engineer

EpikToken Rates & Bonuses

  • BONUS: 20%

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EpikToken Milestones

May 2018
Air Beta testnet Launch Crypto Games Conference, Kiev, Ukraine Blockchain Gamer Connects, San Francisco, CA Licensing Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2018
Blockchain NW, Seattle, WA Asiagamefest, Singapore, SG Air Beta mainnet Launch ICO Announcement E3 Expo, Los Angeles IP and Game Content Seminar, London, England LIMA Mindmix, London, England
July 2018
Rise Conference, Hong Kong, HK Comic Con, San Diego, CA
August 2018
ICO main sale (TBA) Token Issuance ChinaJoy, Shanghai, China Gamescom, Cologne, Germany PAX West, Seattle, WA
October 2018
Alpha release of BLMP Enterprise production-ready platform: Helium “Alpha” v 0.1
December 2018
Helium Beta v 0.2
January 2019
Helium v 1: Expand brand dashboard, Release API for Publishers Oxygen “Alpha” v 0.1: Release advertising within digital platforms functionality
April 2019
Helium v 1.1, Oxygen “Beta” v 0.2
July 2019
Helium v 1.2 Heliox Alpha v 0.1: Platform upgrade, Integration of Helium v 1.2 and Oxygen v 0.2
October 2019
Heliox Beta v 0.2: Integration of Helium v 1.2 and Heliox v 0.1 Assemble Business Data Analyst team for market data on purchasing habits and industry trends

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