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Blockchain in itself has been able to solve a lot of macro-level problems, but not everybody has been able to make use of the blockchain technology. Its usage is restricted mostly to the technical people. There is no such platform that enables a non-technical person to conveniently use the cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Most cryptocurrency exchanges were made keeping advanced users in mind, hence when someone charts their path in this side of the world; they are daunted by the jargon. The lack of liquidity is another issue that plagues, existing systems. Ethx has already etched a name for itself amongst the traders. The users of the platform know that liquidity has never been an issue on this platform.


The aim of Ethx is to create a user-friendly exchange, which was fast, secure and also served as a wallet.

About Ethx

Ethx wants to make blockchain accessible to everyone which means that the users should be able to benefit directly from the technology. Ethx will start off with a global cryptocurrency exchange, which would give the users the freedom to exchange their virtual currencies into fiat and vice-versa. To add to the ease of use, Ethx will be adding a cPos system and a card which would further make the transactions using cryptocurrency super easy. The interface of Ethx is inherently very simple and easy on the eyes, along with the Live Chat and Ticket System for hand holding and support. For every resource that the user contributes, they would be rewarded in crypto-currencies.

Ethx Overview

Ethx ICO
Ended 201 Days Ago
Vote For Ethx
20% Discount on coin purchase during Pre-ICO
Token Type
Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
End Date
Jul 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 Ethx = 0.0005 ETH
20% Discount on coin purchase during Pre-ICO
Total Supply
9,377,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 07, 2018

Ethx Team

Tarusha Mittal
Co-Founder & COO

Tarusha is an award-winning entrepreneur. She has been working in the feld of technology for over 8 years, now. She has co-founded multiple tech ventures - some of whom have evolved and some have become self-sustaining machines, over the years. She was in the founding team of, as well. She takes care of Operations and Design. She has been a part of several accelerator programs and has won STEP 360 award for Technology, as well as, a DST grant award from the Government of India and IIT-Delhi. She actively mentors women entrepreneurs and is a part of the board for the WEE program in IIT-Delhi.

Mohit Madan
Co-founder & CTO

Mohit has been a Serial Entrepreneur all his professional life, with over 7 years of experience running multiple successful technology based ventures. He is an ethical hacker and has been award by IIT-Delhi and Bombay for his endeavours in the same. He was on the founding team for In 2017, he won the competition “The Ten Minute Million”, organised by Entrepreneurship Cell (eCell) of IIT Bombay and got on spot funding of Rs 15 Lakhs.

Dr. Sarandeep Singh
Strategic Advisor – Banking and Partnerships

Dr. Sarandeep, a Stanford alumni, is the Chairman and CEO of WEE (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) Foundation which is an initiative of IIT Delhi, supported by government departments like DST, MIETY etc. WEE Foundation is a pioneer in women entrepreneurship training in India

Miten Mehta
Investor & Strategic Advisor – International Partnerships

Miten is a consultant (Program Manager - Developer Relations Ecosystem) @ Google (through Adecco). Previously co-founded several successful start-ups including – KloudData, Spinta Global Accelerator, eComLive (InfoSpace) & MoConDi, UK (MobileMedia) and served on board of 63 moons Technologies, Atom and Exchanges incl MCX (Commodities) & IEX (Energy). Member of core team that set up SMX (Singapore) and Bourse Africa

Anirudh Damani
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Anirudh is a venture capitalist who has backed some amazing entrepreneurial ventures like OYO Rooms, Exotel, Tala, NowFloats, Purplle, LenDenClub, BabyChakra and others. He is now setting up an early stage venture capital fund (Artha Venture Fund I) sponsored by Singularity Holdings, Ramesh Damani and Ashok Damani.

Vikram Chachra
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Vikram is a venture Capitalist with an entrepreneurial background. Building and funding internet businesses across the world since 1999. He back founders creating digital and consumer goods category leaders in India. Seeded 26 seed to early stage startups over the last decade that have created more than a billion dollars of value for their shareholders.

Pranav Khanna
Investor & Strategic Advisor – Customer Relations

Pranav is a dynamic professional and start up specialist – able negotiator and communicator - with 17+ years of experience in Apparel Exports and Ethical Fashion Retail.

Devesh Chawla
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Devesh is an ingenious strategist, a mentor, an efcient leader, a wealth manager, a consultant and to sum it all, an all-rounder! A highly sought after speaker and yet a very good listener. He is known and highly regarded for his brisk planning and execution. He is deeply committed to add value to the start-up ecosystem and revolutionize entrepreneurship picture in India. ‘

Sachin Tagra
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Sachin is a management graduate with eighteen years of prolifc business experiences and deep understanding of consumer , retail and media businesses. Have driven P&Ls of large businesses and made signifcant contributions in various organizations from the start-up phase of the businesses to proftable scaling up.

V.C. Karthic
Investor & Strategic Advisor

He is an active angel-investor, leadership coach and mentor in the Indian startup ecosystem.He has multiple media experience across the spectrum including radio, print, television and the web. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully launched 6 businesses.

Taha Nabee
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Taha is an active angel investor with Mumbai Angels and India Angel Network

V. Srinivasan
Investor & Strategic Advisor - Finance

He is an expert in fnance and has held several CFO ofces for SMEs and Startups.

Umasankar Nistala
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Umasankar Nistala is a Managing Director and Global Corporate Technology, Corporate and Investment Bank Head in JPMorgan. Uma is a hands-on technologist who specializes in design, architecture, development and launch of industry scale, highly secured application services for consumers and business for banking, fnancial and payment verticals.

Anand Ladsariya
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Mr. Anand Ladsariya is the CEO and promoter director of Everest Flavours Ltd., a privately owned company, manufacturer and exporter of Menthol, Peppermint Oil, favours and fragrances. He is a Graduate, topper and gold medalist from Bombay University and Post Graduate MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. He is also involved in various social activities. He is ex-Chairman of CHEMEXCIL, a premium export promotion organisation established by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, for promotion of exports.

James Sowers
Strategic Advisor – Public Relations

James is An experienced angel Investor, featured speaker @ MIT Media labs and blockchain strategy advisor. He is a mentor at alchemist accelerator and Director at GreaterGood Society. He is also a mentor at CS359B at Stanford University designing decentralized Applications on Blockchain. He is the founder of mission Reunite.

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  • 20% Discount on coin purchase during Pre-ICO

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Ethx Milestones

September 2017
Ethereum Exchange for India: was launched as a closed beta for users in India, it started only as an exhange and wallet for Ethereum but gradually other currencies were added.
November 2017
Exponential Growth: Even though ethx was in closed beta and registrations were only possible by invitation, ethx managed to acquire over 10,000 users in just a few weeks from launch. Daily unique user logins at this point were over 5,000+.
January 2018
Bitcoin and Litecoin Added to Ethx: Ethx grew from being a single to multi-currency exchange. With the addition of Bitcoin and Litecoin on the platform, the volume surged.
February 2018
Organic user growth: As soon as ethx became a multi-currency exchange, we were flooded with user requests. Ethx was still in closed beta and over 100,000 users were waiting in queue for an invite and we crossed 25,000 registered user mark.
March 2018
Time to go Global: Over the last quarter, we received numerous requests from international traders to join ethx. Hence the development of a global cryptocurrency exchange began.
June 2018
Secure Multi-currency Wallet: On 15th June 2018, we opened the doors for the world by launching a global cryptocurrency multi-currency wallet.
July 2018
Join the revolution: We are conducting a Pre-ICO between 1st and 7th of July, 2018 with a 20% discount.
August 2018
Global Crypto-to-Fiat exchange: We are working on bringing to you a global exchange which would enable you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency using your credit card, debit card and bank transfers. Our launch date for this milestone is 1st August 2018.
August 2018
Ethx DataBlock & Ethx Ninja: We would be launching an enterprise suite that would enable small-to-large enterprises to get on blockchain with a click of a button.
October 2018
Buy Goods & Services with Crypto: We're currently building and testing a merchant solution that would enable users to conveniently buy goods and services using cryptocurrency.

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