Finnoq ICO & Token Sale

Finnoq is a unique step to help people make better decisions. This is a platform that is formed based on the opinion of a market that is decentralised with human intelligence and wisdom thereby promoting better decisions. Picking wisdom from the crowd sounds like an idea based upon survey but it is much more advanced than that. Here, they take wisdom in the form of a collective opinion which is depicted in the influenced and uninfluenced bodies in the data. This data is pooled together to determine the best decisions made and from that, a rough scratch of the smartest decisions is created as precedent. This improves the accuracy for the people who would want to indulge in the same or similar events in decision making.


A common source of influence is seen from the popular faces who spread wrong and biased facts without actually considering the data behind the same. The aim is to solve this issue with careful data assessment that is based upon collective statements which would allow the future users to take better decisions.

About the Project

A clever way is devised by Finnoq to pool all the collective opinions of influencers which are based on real-life data. This is full-proof and would help the future users to make the most out of it in their decisions. This platform is based upon Ethereum blockchain that promotes smart contracts to be appointed at right places without any hassle. The ecosystem works with an ERC20 token called the FNQ token which has also voting rights embedded in it.


Finnoq Overview

Finnoq ICO
Ended 130 Days Ago
Vote For Finnoq
Private Sale 100%. Pre Sale 30%. Crowd Sale 20% (first 24h)
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 15, 2018
End Date
Nov 15, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 FNQ = 0.1 USD
Private Sale 100%. Pre Sale 30%. Crowd Sale 20% (first 24h)
Total Supply
20,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 30, 2018

Finnoq Team

Florian Kögl
Ceo & Founder

Georg Felber
Coo & Founder

Stefan Thallner
Head of Development

Smit Pandit
Full Stack Developer

Marc Melchor
Full Stack Developer

Jean-laurent Wotton
Head of Marketing

Philip Steiner
Marketing Operations

Suzana Jaramaz
Pr & Communication

Eszter Naghi

William Perlmutter
Correspondent / Analyst

Alexander Berger

Patricia Wenigwieser
Head of Hr

Jürgen Höbarth

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Tokenization. Limited

Chris Miess

Former Cfo Tenx, Ceo & Founder Iconic Capital

Yunsoo (Andre) Kim

Co-founder & Ceo, Blockchain I

Matthias Tarasiewicz

Board Chair of Riat

Max Tertinegg

Ceo & Co-founder Coinfinity

Michael Kaiser

Ceo & Co-founder Blocklancer

Shawn Tham

Founder/ceo Blockrypto Pte Ltd

Michael Petritz

Tax Partner, Kpmg

Oliver Stauber

Attorney, Jarolim & Partner

Philip Raffling

Attorney, Wrt & Partner

Markus Teufelberger

Protocol Developer Artis

Finnoq Rates & Bonuses

  • Private Sale 100%. Pre Sale 30%. Crowd Sale 20% (first 24h)

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Finnoq Press & News

Finnoq Milestones

February 2017
Foundation of Finnoq GmbH: The company Finnoq was founded by Florian Kögl and Georg Felber in Linz, Austria under the legal statute GmbH (limited liability company).
March 2017
Admission to the Tech2b Incubator Program: Finnoq was ranked among the Top 15 start-ups among all submissions. The Tech2b Center is one the leading incubators in Austria.
May 2017
Seed Round Financing from OÖ Gründerfonds: Finnoq received Seed financing from the OÖ Gründerfonds
September 2017
Launch of the Finnoq Consulting Platform: On this platform users can inform themselves about different financial topics and get in contact with finance consultants via modern communication tools. It is accessible under
November 2017
Conceptualization of the Finnoq Protocol: Drawing on our experience gained from the consulting platform, the concept and first steps to realize the Finnoq protocol - aimed at a decentralized and independent advisory process - were rolled out.
July 2018
Launch of Finnoq Alpha: The Finnoq Alpha version should visualize a first use case and give future advisors a first impression of the “opinion formation process”. Thereby, users can vote about different topics like rating crypto assets. The Alpha version is available on the Test net and after the voting, users who voted on the surprisingly popular answer receive rewards.
August 2018
FNQ Token Sale: The FNQ Token to be sold in a token sale to future users of the Finnoq ecosystem
January 2019
Finnoq Core Layer Testnet: The Finnoq Core Layer is available on Ethereum Testnet. Developers are able to test functionalities and bugs can be fixed
April 2019
Establish a Foundation for the Finnoq Protocol: In order to ensure the complete development of the Finnoq protocol as well as the FNQ holders, a legal foundation is established. The Finnoq GmbH serves thereby as a development provider for the project.
July 2019
Launch Finnoq Protocol: The first version of the Finnoq protocol will be published. Thereby, the first modules and Applications can be build on top.

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