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Frasindo is designed to be a self-sustainable startup incubator and a blockchain. The main company actually has an advantage compared to the wide range of ICOs which are currently coming on the market as it is one which is entirely functional and fully operational. It is one which is in the car rental space and it is also a supplier for online taxi. Frasindo has also been legally authorized by the government as a partner of GOCAR, GRAB and UBER in Indonesia.

It is also important to note that the company plans to be cooperating with some of the industry leading projects in the field such as the Stellar Foundation and the NXT Foundation. Thanks to its particularly ambitious roadmap which is definitely voted by backers, the project is going to speed up the ICO if there is a success. However, the company is also prepared for another scenario in which the support is not as tidal and it can go through a slower yet still self-sufficient approach.

The benefit behind this endeavor is that it’s not just a regular startup as it doesn’t have to bear the risk of going under as long as the ICO fails. Even if it does, the project is still backed up by a fully functional and active successful company.

What’s the problem?

The ICO is based on principals which are based on transparency and trust. It identifies some of the major issues with ICOs and attempts to rectify them all in order to yield the trust of its potential investors. The problems with ICOs are numerous and they include:

  • Fake founders and advisory board
  • Hiding behind privacy
  • Purchasing of senior bitcointalk accounts
  • Paying for great marketing to bait investors in

All in all, these are things which are going to be avoided with the Frasindo ICO. The company intends to be successful and it realizes that by upholding its core values, it is going to earn the trust of its investors which is paramount for the success of the project itself.

Now, when it comes to the overall crowd sale, you ought to know that the ICO is going to see the release of a total of 100,000,000 FRAS Coins ticked as FRAS. They are going to be available on the NXT, Stellar and Ardor Ignis blockchain. This is going to be used as the medium of exchange on the FRASINDO ecosystem.

There are going to be 7 rounds of the entire thing which is going to distribute tokens at different bonus rates. Each round is going to last for a few days with the days increasing gradually and the bonus decreasing in accordance.

The country of origin is Indonesia. The ICO itself is going to take part between the 15th of February, 2018 and the 15th of April, 2018. Of course, if the hard cap of tokens sold is reached in advance, the ICO is going to end preliminary – this is something quite important.


Frasindo Overview

Frasindo ICO
Ended 432 Days Ago
Vote For Frasindo
Round #3 open 6days, get 15% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 74.75%
Business Services
STELLAR, ARDOR, ETHEREUM (Multi-Blockchain Platform)
Start Date
Feb 14, 2018
End Date
Apr 14, 2018
Round #3 open 6days, get 15% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 74.75%
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 28, 2018

Frasindo Team

Sandy Budiman

He is founder of PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri, he was born in Palembang 1985, He’s a perfectionist and a good leader, and the least he’s also active as a humanitarian activist.

Frasindo Rates & Bonuses

  • Round #3 open 6days, get 15% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 74.75%
  • Round #2 open 5days, get 18% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 76.70%
  • Round #1 open 4days, get 20% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 78.00%

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