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Hala is an AI platform that currently automates IT and business processes for corporates. Business users communicate with Hala by using natural language. Hala understands the context of the problem and solves it inside the most common enterprise software. Hala uses SAP software for its business and very soon it will extend to all enterprise software such as ERP, CRM, HCM & SCM. Hala’s decentralized knowledge-based platform on the blockchain transforms the knowledge and industry expertise of the entire professional community into digital assets that can be used and reused by any company/business/firm.


  • Enables businesses to reduce IT service costs and use the money saved, for innovation and exploring new technologies.
  • It saves times and streamlines internal business processes by covering routine work.

About the Project

Hala will offer users a “one UI” where business users can get answers to their questions. It will help solve problems in enterprise software by making configuration changes, modifications, creating objects, gathering information and visualizing the data. Business users are able to start a conversation with Hala using keyboard, voice or images. The user needs to describe the problem for Hala in natural language. Based on user’s inputs, Hala can solve problems in various enterprise software. This is accomplished by the three main components of Halal which are AI Platform, Skill Store, and Knowledge share platform. Hala offers business users a completely decentralized universal knowledge sharing program and helps transform people’s knowledge and expertise into a business asset.

Hala Overview

Hala ICO
Ended 333 Days Ago
Vote For Hala
Pre-Sale: bonus 25%. Token Sale: bonus up to 15%
Artificial Intelligence
Token Type
Start Date
Jul 23, 2018
End Date
Aug 23, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 HALA = 0.1 USD
Pre-Sale: bonus 25%. Token Sale: bonus up to 15%
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 15, 2018
Presale End Date
May 30, 2018

Hala Team

Andrii Rudchuk
CEO & Founder

Mykyta Bazhenov
CTO & Founder

Iurii Kobernyk
Senior Full-stack engineer

Dmitriy Gerasimenko
Senior DevOps engineer

Dmitry Dementyev-Dedelis
Blockchain Advisor, Co-founder at DigiPulse

Hala Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-Sale: bonus 25%. Token Sale: bonus up to 15%

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Hala Milestones

June 2017
Proof of Business (pilots) Idea was born. Development was started. MVP was released for B2B clients; Delivered first Pilot Project in Germany; Joined SAP Startup Focus Program; Got investment from SWG; Participation in accelerator program SWG; Joined SAP & Skolkovo Co-innovation program.Pilot project in Ukraine.
May 2018
Hala Token Sale Period of describing the project, preparation white-paper, sales deck, web sites, building Ethereum Smart Contract for upcoming Hala Token Sale event. Marketing. Hala Token pre-sale and sale. Token distribution. Marketing.
October 2018
Initialization Start developing blockchain network considering capabilities of AI platform and future knowledge program. Grow the community of contributors that will become knowledge miners. Source the best team. Marketing activity. Onboard 3rd party providers. Delivering pilot projects.
April 2019
AI Platform Release of AI platform that include client portal, skills store, digital assistant builder and beta version of knowledge share platform. Involvement of knowledge miners in testing period and development. Delivering projects in Europe for clients, Grow skills data base and number of integration.
July 2019
Knowledge share platform Release global knowledge share program, grow the number of contributes to at least five thousands people. Smart contracts for miners. UI for training, testing and deploying skills for miners. Rating procedure and forum. Developing of AI, ML, NLP services. Sales. Marketing
October 2019
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Developing decentralized autonomous organization that is run through rules encoded as smart contracts. All financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain and available to everyone.

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