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Cryptocurrency is making its presence felt in the online gaming arena too. Players who earn enough Crypto Crystals in a season will be eligible to earn payouts based on their levels. A player’s level in a Reward Pool challenge depends entirely on how many crypto crystals they turn in. The more advanced a player’s colony, the more crypto crystals they have to submit to the reward pool challenge. Skilled players know the most efficient ways to layout and advance their colony. Depending on the volume of monthly active users a portion of the ETH mined at the farm will be allocated as a monetary reward. Fees taken from facilitating the mining farm can thus also be added to the Reward Pool for additional payouts.


It aims to build a network that can not only solve the scalability and UX problems but is also flexible enough to be used for other blockchain games as well.

About Hash Rush

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game developed by Latvian studio VZ games. Hash Rush is being built from the ground level to be playable by newcomers in the blockchain space as well. In this game, players must harvest resources, manage their workforce, and build their mining colony. They must defend their expansions against an ever-increasingly hostile Crypto Virus. This virus wants nothing more than to knock the player back down to their humble beginnings. Hash Rush is considered to be the pioneer in the RTS space where they intend to treat all the players, gamers, and blockchain fans alike.

Hashrush Overview

Hashrush ICO
Ended 239 Days Ago
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PRE-SALE BONUS: 10% to 30%
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 21, 2018
End Date
Oct 20, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 Rush = 0.4 USD
PRE-SALE BONUS: 10% to 30%
Total Supply
4,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 12, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 20, 2018

Hashrush Team

Kris Vaivods
Ceo & Co-founder

In 2013, Kris built his first Bitcoin mining rig and is now running two mining farms. He feels it has been great journey being a part of the crypto community and seeing how it has grown in the past few years, but we all know that this is just the beginning. It is important to introduce this technological revolution to new people and bigger crowds. He can definitely say that the Hash Rush project is aiming to do just that.

Nathan Ziedonis
Creative Director & Co-founder

Nathan has been a gaming fanatic for almost 20 years and now tries to use all of his experience to create something truly special in Hash Rush. Not only stunning visual graphics or nifty gameplay mechanics catch his eye, but rich lore and storytelling which he considers one of the cornerstones of any successful game.

Archie Cans
Executive Producer

With his mind always going in the direction of numbers, analytics and management, Archie has found himself led to business school, a couple of years in business advisory and heading sales and marketing of one of the largest cultural institutions in Latvia.

Craig Ritchie
Director of Marketing

A consultant in the digital space since the 90s dot com boom, Craig has held marketing and brand management roles for the likes of graphics hardware market leader NVIDIA and online videogames specialists CCP Games. His resume includes virtual reality launch title EVE: Valkyrie, massively multiplayer epic EVE: Online, and PS3 free-to-play shooter DUST 514.

Jethro Naude
Cfo & Game Economist

With over 20 years of experience in the field of finance, Jethro oversees the financial management of the organization as Chief Financial Officer. Corporate planning and the long-term strategy are front of mind leveraging experience gained both through his professional engagements at the likes of Tesla, Cisco and Alliance Capital, and as the leader of three different startups with two successful exits.

Rob Nicholls
Lead Game Designer

Rob has over 20 years experience in the video game industry and has 24 published titles to his credit, such as Kinect: Star Wars, The Conduit, America’s Army: True Soldiers, and MechAssault. As Lead Designer, Rob is the "vision keeper" for the game and leads the development of game concepts, design documentation, and gameplay mechanics.

Rick Gush
Narrative Designer

Rick's a story and grammar geek and spends a lot of time brainstorming with Nathan. Known for his work with Westwood Studios and games like Lands of Lore, Dune II, Kyrandia and Command & Conquer, Rick is Italian these days, and lives on the edge of a cliff in Liguria, from whence he travels up to Riga to play with his favourite Latvians.

Rudolph Doskins
Game Producer

Rudolph has a very wide range of expertise, starting from digital marketing and project management, to a creative copywriter and analyst. His experience managing local and international teams for different kinds of digital projects in large and medium teams is a great fit in Hash Rush.

Laura Petkevica
Hr Manager

Laura is passionate about people and communication and her special talent is to see special talents in others, make right connections and take opportunities. She is an open minded and curious type - any challenge is accepted! With previous experience mostly in bold corporate companies, she is motivated to create an unique and desirable workspace, positive internal culture and relationships, and by taking good care of her powerful team of professionals and enthusiasts so they can fulfill their ambitions.

Matthew Chuen
Online Marketing Manager

Matt has over 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Content and Social Media. He has worked with a range of agencies along with being in-house for various large international brands. Prior to joining Hash Rush he was consulting for brands such as Miami FC and New Era. A passion for all things digital fuels his fire for innovation in both the marketing and social landscapes.

Laura Dombrovska
Finance Specialist

After trying her luck here and there Laura finally found her place in between excels and Ernacks. Now using the best of her knowledge and education in being a useful right hand to the CFO, Jethro, by keeping every small financial detail organized, accounted and accessible when needed.

Oskars Berzins
Junior Game Designer

Oskar is new to the development of video games but has already demonstrated a passion and drive for the project that rivals any industry veteran. He is a key member of the Design team and is bringing his own special insight to the areas of balancing and game-play. While this is Oskar's first project, it will definitely not be his last.

Dendy Dhamier
Concept Artist

Dendy is a professional concept artist who has worked on various types of entertainment projects; such as videogames, film, board games, card illustration, and more. Dendy has an amazing imagination which is visible through his passion for creating diverse, living worlds. Dendy is responsible for creating 2D visual concept of the game; from the overall environment, characters, creatures, buildings, plants, down to pebbles.

Nicholas Ng Hanyang
Concept Artist

Nicholas is a professional concept artist working in the entertainment industry. He has a very good mind in designing and creating believable worlds including characters, creatures, environments and many more. He also spends his time after work to hone his skills to be a better concept artist.

Dita Burve
Office Manager

After gathering wide experience working in different companies - starting from big corporations and little offices - Dita is the kind witch (as her surname suggests translated from latvian) of the Hash Rush office. She is always magically making needed items appear, caring for life elixir stock to be endlessly full (also known as coffee) and helping every colleague when in need. And of course, doing it all with a smile and warm heart.

Tenzin Chiodak
Community Manager

Tenzin has over 10 years of experience managing communities for online games, including senior community management roles, launching the MMOTCG Hex Shards of Fate and the MMORPG Therian Saga to the European markets. As a community manager, Tenzin ensures that community will always have a voice in Hash Rush.

Yoshikazu Osada
Japanese Community Manager

Yoshi is a multi-talented translator, specialising in game localisation, apps, and all things Blockchain and Crypto-based. Since his first encounter with blockchain back in 2015 he has strived to fully immerse himself within the industry and establish himself as an expert in his field. Having been a representative of a Japanese company leading several projects in the region his knowledge of the South Asian gaming landscape is invaluable to the team.

Cristian Cristea
Lead Developer

As an early computer enthusiast, he started programming at the age of 12. In college he dived in the world of game development, building his own 3D engine. Since then he contributed to a few dozen games, on numerous technologies, developing for desktop, mobile and VR. Alongside game development he also worked on serious business to business applications for various clients.

Adrian Bugnar
Art Director and Lead Animator

Adrian has a Master’s Degree in Video Arts and he has been working in the CG industry for more than 10 years, leading our art department to reaching cornerstone achievements and competition prizes. Adrian’s key competencies include character animation, mechanical animation, cinematography, art direction and project management.

Andreea Cristea
Business Manager and Qa

With more than 10 years of hands-on running her business, Andreea is a great addition to our team having in-depth knowledge on topics such as business development, management, marketing, PR. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Economics, her main purpose is to ensure the team delivers on time top-notch quality, while enjoying the process.

Horea Trinca
Game Designer and Graphic Designer

With one of his feet in a boat called ‘Computer Science’ and the other in a boat called ‘Computer Graphics’, Horea has been sailing the waters of game making for a long time. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has been working in the field of computer graphics for over 10 years. Man, this boy is getting old. His vast expertise covers 3D sculpting, rigging and animation, 2D compositing and green screen keying, C# scripting and shader programming.

Radu Corbu
Gameplay Developer

Radu is a passionate gameplay programmer and strong new addition to the Tractor Set GO! team. Deeply interested in learning about the inner workings of the virtual world of video games and in using that knowledge to develop believable and intricate game worlds. His professional skillset includes knowledge of: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, OpenGL. Radu worked on several personal games and a therapeutic research project at an University in Cluj-Napoca.

Paul Gyalay
Unity Programmer

Paul is a Unity3D programmer that is interested in learning the various skills that are needed in game development including design, writing, programming and procedural generation techniques. His professional skill set includes knowledge of Unity3D and HPL3 game engines and level design. Previously Paul worked on personal HPL3/SOMA mods which were played by more than 15,000 people.

Matei Iacob
3D Artist and Animator

Matei graduated from the University of Arts and Design of Cluj Napoca with a Bachelor's Degree in traditional graphic techniques , and more so traditional animation. Being interested in animation, his main focus and task is in providing animations within the Tractor set GO! studio. Some of Matei's main activities outside the TSG team ranged from character design, short story illustration, and animations, notions which play role in breathing life into the characters and story.

Claudiu Furau
Game Developer

Claudiu is very passionate in creating video games and he dedicates all his time for it. Also he is up to date with the latest news in game industry to improve his knowledge to develop better games. Claudiu's professional skill set includes Unity3D and also, in his free time, he is working on his own experimental game projects.

Sebastian Damian
Sound Designer and Music Composer

Sebastian is a talented and tech-savvy sound engineer with a great passion for film and game score composing. Over the years he worked on numerous indie films and games, tackling audio assets from sound effects and voiceovers to ambient scapes and music.

Hashrush Rates & Bonuses

  • PRE-SALE BONUS: 10% to 30%

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Hashrush Milestones

October 2017
Sucessfully completed ICO raising over $1.8m
December 2017
Pre-alpha launched for pre-sale and early ICO investors
July 2018
Alpha launches to 2000 players
September 2018
Closed beta Launch
December 2018
Early Access Launch
January 2019
Hero units introduced to game
April 2019
Launch of the Player Avatar system & Introduction of second playable faction "The Marauders"
July 2019
Introduction of third playable faction "The Highborn Elves"
September 2019
Hash Rush launches on mobile
November 2019
Introduction of player Guilds, Co-Op PvE mode and PvP game mode

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