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The Hero Capital Market Platform is going to be a contemporary blockchain which is going to take advantage of smart contract technology to enable a network of marketplaces for financial services. They are to be comprised of a series of mutually reinforcing as well as interdependent projects span across the market in Southeast Asia and focused mainly on promoting transparency, efficiency and inclusion as well as the provision of capital for businesses and individuals. The aim is to help entities which are currently excluded from access to efficient and transparent financial services.

What’s the underlying issue?

A wide majority of the people in Southeast Asia don’t really have a bank account. In fact, it is estimated that about 27% of them do. This number drops down to 5% in countries like Cambodia which are known to be rather poor. In other words, there are more than 438 million people in this region which are essentially unbanked. The Philippines, for instance, are amongst the countries in which this rate is substantially low. More than 70% of adults (people who are over 15 years of age) are unbanked.

There is a smaller amount of people who have credit cards which leads to the current, inappropriate reality – there are more than 18,000 pawnshops in the Philippines, just because they serve as the main credit source.

The problem with that, however, is that there are unreasonably high interest rates and unconventional and commonly illegal ways of collecting debt. The yearly interest rates could easily reach more than 100%, which is absolutely staggering.

The solution

Blockchain-based technology is to facilitate the access to financial services to businesses and individuals who have failed to get them or are left without any convenient way of getting capital. This is the main designation of the Hero Token project.

The company is going to invite people who show interest to contribute to the operation and development of the platform through an ICO.

About the ICO and the Token

Now, the ICO itself is going to start on the 1st of February in 2018 and it is going to end on the 28th of February in 2018. The token itself is ticked as HERO and there is already a price which is announced for the ICO period.

You will be able to get 200 HERO tokens with 1 ETH. The total supply is set to 50,000,000 tokens. You will be also able to purchase the tokens with BTC, ETC, and ETH. If you have any other cryptocurrency or you have fiat, you would have to exchange in order to make a contribution.

The project originates from the Virgin British Islands and there is currently no information about any countries being restricted.

This is a project which is specifically aimed towards assisting individuals who are excluded from efficient and transparent access to a lot of different financial services. It is a tough and challenging path but it is important that quick actions are taken.



Hero Token Overview

Hero Token ICO
Ended 477 Days Ago
Vote For Hero Token
Presale 1:00H to 3:00H +30%, 3:01H - 24:00H: +20%
Start Date
Jan 31, 2018
End Date
Feb 28, 2018
Presale 1:00H to 3:00H +30%, 3:01H - 24:00H: +20%
Total Supply

Hero Token Rates & Bonuses

  • Presale 1:00H to 3:00H +30%, 3:01H - 24:00H: +20%

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