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Hubezoo is the internetwork of the future. The new technology introduces a single smart platform for search, social media and e-commerce. The current internet is based on old algorithms ageing over 20 years old. Hubezoo has a quantum power. Hubezoo dynamic smart design infostructure is a powerhouse for economic acceleration.  Twenty-two niche market hubs and mobile apps interlink and organize bigdata from cities, states and countries into one great powerful internetwork of the future. Hubezoo platform can be centralized and/or decentralized.

Within the core of Hubezoo is Bankezoo. It is the global financial internetwork.  The Hubezoo has official cryptocurrency UNAGOLD. It unites traditional banking and cryptocurrencies through a quantum blockchain. It is a mathematical calculation to measure, assign, store, exchange, and trade anything of value. UNAGOLD and Bankezoo interfaces within Hubezoo.


The Bankezoo platform is designed to provide the fastest and most effective ways to find information regarding monetary support and to finalize transactions.  Bankezoo accelerates consumers and corporates. The aim of Bankezoo is to provide a complete internetwork for monetary support. Bankezoo platform and quantum applications allow banking institutions to exchange with individuals.

The vaults work with high security to maintain holding and transactions.  The digital vault security system allows online transactions without security hazards. A security window is used to ensure that all transactions are made through the e-wire with proper exchanges. Vaults are divided into categories. The Govezoo, Bankezoo and Shopezoo create trust and transparency with an interlinking system. Individuals have the capacity to interchange from the digital vault to their personalized bank.  Wallets are used for smaller transactions and allow individuals or corporations to exchange money for trading.


  1. Bridging All Financial Activities
  2. Expanding Monetary Interchanges
  3. Mainstreaming Cryptocurrencies with Legacy Banks
  4. Fast, Secure and Convenient Online Transactions


UNG is the utility token used by Hubez00. Presale starts on 15 FEB 2018 and ends on 30 APR 2018. The main sale starts from 15th May 2018 and ends on 30th Aug 2018. USD and EUR are the currencies and BTH and ETH are the cryptocurrencies that are accepted.

Babaji Maharaj is the Founder of Hubezoo, Brooke Hart is the Co-Founder, Steven Krohn, Ismail Malik, Sean Everett, Petr Sosik are the Advisors, Alexander Karichensky is the Director for Technology Management.

Hubezoo has risks on Liquidity, Credit information, Reputation and Currency.

Hubezoo Overview

Hubezoo ICO
Ended 326 Days Ago
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Artificial Intelligence
Token Type
Start Date
Apr 30, 2018
End Date
Aug 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 UNG = 1.5 USD
Total Supply
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Hubezoo Team

Babaji Maharaj
Founder, Interim CEO

I dedicate myself to the Techno Guru mission: to create technology by design; which will promote unity, opportunity, peace, equality and prosperity on the infinite continuum infrastructure of a global smart society.

Brooke Hart
Co-Founder, Interim CMO

Strategist, marketer, innovator and entrepreneur. Co - founder of Hubezoo and responsible for business development, marketing strategy and implementation.

Marc Lipskier
ICO Advisor / Legal

Marc Lipskier is known as a disruption lawyer. He is founder of the legal firm, Bamboo & Bees. He is also president of the World of Blockchains and founding member of the blockchains governing forum.

Steven Krohn
ICO Advisor, Marketing

Krohn is one of the top 5 influencers in ICOs, specializing in marketing for new companies. He has also worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 26 years.

Ismail Malik
ICO Advisor / Strategy

Ismail Malik specializes in strategy for ICOs. He is the editor in chief of ICO Crowd and founder of Blockchain Lab, as well as several other forward - thinking technical developments and companies relating to blockchain development.

Sean Everett
ICO Advisor

Sean has assisted many global tech company turnarounds with product operations and customers. He has founded two companies focused on augmented reality and robotic simulation and holds several patents in forward - thinking technologies.

Alexander Karichensky
Technology Managing Director

16 years of experience in IT solutions and service development and delivery. Partner of Intellica Group.

Petr Sosik
Financial Advisor

Financial expert with a focus on equity growth, restructuring and group finance.

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    Hubezoo Milestones

    June 2014
    Omatrix Center begins to develop and incubate the concept of using technology to empower the global community and stimulate the economy.
    February 2018
    Pre-Sale for Hubezoo begins.
    April 2018
    Hubezoo ICO Begins.
    June 2018
    Demo of the technology triad will be available for examination before the ICO.
    August 2018
    Tech triad of Hubezoo finalized with a revenue generation model available to finalize Phase 1. Govezoo – Bankezoo – Shopezoo will be fully functioning with an interlink between the social – commerce – info.
    January 2019
    Globezoo – Healthezoo – Eduezoo – Foodezoo – Sportezoo launched with revenue generation model. Phase 2 of first hubs will receive upgrades with transactions, including vault, banking, wallet introductions and quantum security upgrades.
    July 2019
    The Family series of hubs introduced, including Familezoo, Kidezoo, Millenizoo, Livezoo and Lovezoo. Upgrades to past five hubs with quantum blockchain completely functional and beginning to add layers to security, IDs, commerce and tokens.
    December 2019
    Helpezoo – Entezoo – Glamezoo – Techezoo – Bizezoo – Artezoo – Partezoo introduced as a final phase of hub development. All hubs are interlinked to each other with complete quantum applications and social – commerce – info interlinks. Total of 15 – 20 cities / countries are actively usingю

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