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HYPD is a truly unique take towards the promotion and advertisement industry with the fans promoting a product. Fans become ambassadors and this structure has helped them to gain popularity in a short period of time in comparison to the traditional means. These ambassadors create content that is related to the product and it slowly grows within their personal circle. They also receive points for the most successful tasks related to the promotion which keeps them motivated to work better. These points can then be transacted as barter for merchandise, discounts, freebies and many more. These fans stay motivated by becoming a part of the product and promote it in a legitimate manner.


To create a promotion based business that uses the fans to achieve promotional tasks and reward them for the same.

About the Project

The ways in which traditional marketing functions has become old and saggy. Especially in the current time of cutthroat competition, it is important to stay connected with customers or clients. The HYPD model of marketing that engages the fans to be ambassadors and promote the product is of the grass root scale but very effective when the communication is strong. The users also get motivated to work better with the included rewards paid via HYPD tokens in a secured manner. Their business model is scalable and not at all complex to comprehend which is a great thing. The most important part is that the tokens released by them are all backed with software data which lowers the scope of losses.

HYPD Overview

Ended 115 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USD
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 HYPD = 1 USD
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 21, 2018


Florian Matthias Eckelmann dipl. Jur.
CEO & Founder

Siamak Ghofrani
Co-Founder & President

Farooq Haider
Founder & CTO

Fabian Thylmann
Technology Expert & Strategic Investor

Valentin “Sarazar” Rahmel
Gaming Advisor

Ahmed Aslam
Senior Software Engineer

Markus Kaschke
Chief Financial Officer

Matthias Kaschke
Head of Legal

Remco van den Born
Head of Sales Benelux

André Saad

Tara Courtney
Account Manager

Annika Frank
Community Manager

Lea Karwinski
Community Manager

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      HYPD Milestones

      February 2016
      Foundation. Founded as Ticketrunner.com
      March 2017
      Go Live: Platform launch with focus on festivals and events
      October 2017
      100+ Customers: Footprint within the Live Entertainment industry (DE, NL)
      April 2018
      Rebranding Hypd: Opening brand ambassador platform to brands
      July 2018
      Expansion Mexico: Kick-off Mexico Hypd
      September 2018
      Private Token Sale: Exclusive SAFT sale
      October 2018
      Public Token Sale: HYPD Tokens will be sold in ICO
      January 2019
      Exchange Listing: HYPD Tokens listed on major exchanges
      February 2019
      iOS App & Partnerships: Launching an iOS application for ambassadors and announcing major integrations
      March 2019
      Expansion North America: Setup of North America Office & Expansion

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