Imusify ICO & Token Sale

With the rapid growth of the digital media in the current world, there has been a drop in revenues for the content creators or artists. There is always a loophole in the whole process where the artist is not being paid sufficient royalty. This issue is addressed by the iMusify team along with other related issues. Usually, the artists along with the record producers, marketers, distributors and even the fans are not credited for their input at all. The platform promotes the eradication of the middlemen among the artists for whom the due credits and revenues are not being received by the respective parties associated with a project. They have also aimed at making this platform free from any outside interference.


To set up a platform where compositions are directly reaching the users from the artists without the loss of credits in between for the middlemen.

About the Project

The project works towards a unique solution that involves the users getting the content directly from the artists. This is carried out by means of protocols and some frameworks that optimises their aim of peer to peer distribution of music. It is also integrated with stage funding, social network streaming, sharing of media and crowdfunding to remove all the intermediary losses in the whole process. Making it an open source program for development, they are empowering the artists and their fans. All the parties in the platform are benefited with an effective reward system that addresses the needs of everyone in the loop.

Imusify Overview

Imusify ICO
Ended 115 Days Ago
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Presale : 3% to 30%
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 IMU = 0.05 USD
Presale : 3% to 30%
Total Supply
25,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 31, 2018

Imusify Team

David Walters
Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur & Artist, started writing songs at 8, recording in studios at 14, signed his first record deal at 16, released and featured on multiple singles and and LPs, toured through Europe, produced and managed multiple acts, later gained 10+ years experience in startups, finance and investment, managed a portfolio for Generali and now fulfilling a long time dream to create a platform which enables artists multiple sources of income. Passionate about creating disruptive sustainable ecosystems that make the world a better place

Tadej Krevh
Chief Technology Officer

Senior Lead Full Stack Engineer and CTO of two companies. 20+ years experience in software development, system design and architecture, cloud infrastructure, scalable and distributed applications and systems integrations.

Dina Yedigeyeva
Senior Finance Officer

Jennie Legary
Chief Marketing Officer

Artist & Entrepreneur. Design, marketing, and business consultant with a background in classical music, real estate, fintech, and early stage startups. Former Apple contractor, with global experience in creative projects focusing on combining music and technology

Nate Strang
Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneur, product designer, and musician. Leader of multi-disciplinary creative collaborations throughout the media industry. Prior experience includes humanitarian efforts at the intersection of business, technology, and creativity.

Luka Pregelj
Ico Manager / Legal & Corporate Affairs

Extensive experience advising corporations, early stage start-ups, and blockchain entrepreneurs, on matters of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and operations. Former Associate at international law firm, CMS Law & Tax

Alina Varkki
Compliance Manager

Gijs Verheijke
Business Development

Private Equity investor, 3 years launching and running a job classifieds portal for Rocket Internet in Asia. Former regional CEO of Asia for one of the most exciting companies backed by Rocket Internet.

Marco Aniballi
Product Designer

Veteran technologist, product, and program manager. Working across various industries and geographies for over 25 years; designing, building, and selling creative platforms, web and mobile systems.

Basit Raza
Backend & Blockchain Development

Full-Stack developer and engineer with extensive experience in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed app development.

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac

Experienced web and mobile applications developer with 7 years experience building state-of-the-art websites and scalable software applications. Educator and mentor at Google Developer Group Port Harcourt and Sugar Labs; GitLab CE contributor.

Vikas Kalwani
Marketing Manager

Channel marketing and digital media expert focused on organic growth to scale business goals for brands and organizations. Chief Marketing Officer at Coinscanner, Growth Hacker at, former co-founder of Mirakee, and emerging studio musician.

Gianluigi Guida

Practicing attorney, licensed in both the EU and US. Dual Master Degree in Global Business and IT Law. Over 10 years of experience with cross-border commercial/IT transactions within multinational corporations as well as legal guidance of early-stage start-ups.

Istvan Balinth
Ui/ux Designer

Web designer with a professional degree in Communication and Public Relations. Devoted to designing pleasant and lovely interfaces for an exceptional user experience.

Satyajit Das
Ui/ux Designer

Marketing Assistant

Significant success in sports and entertainment, worked in the NHL/ NBA, Managed a Grammy nominated artist. With Monumental Sports, ownership group of the Washington Wizards and Capitals, top-ranked revenue generator in my department.

Jonathan Finberg

16+ years experience, sales & marketing telecom companies, with a focus on product sales cycle at Motorola, Nokia & Vodacom. Founder of a global social artist collective, passionate about mentoring talent through to main stage.

Shannon Donker
Content Creator

Freelance digital designer, content writer and crypto-enthusiast. Design, branding and concepting with a background in Communication and Multimedia Design, experience in CRM, SaaS solutions, and the car industry and a passion for innovation and startups.

Jeremy Khoo
Top 10 Rated Ico Advisor

Obsessively creative | Started in the ecommerce/retail/events space and exited 3 venture funded companies | Currently interested in blockchain/cryptocurrencies | Involved in ICOs and fundraising - raised > 80M so far | Bringing Group Public in 2018.

Elias Tan Neo
Singapore / City of Zion

Co-Founder of NEO Singapore, Director at by City of Zion, a Core NEO-Ecosystem Project backed by NEO Global Capital and NEO Council, Venture Capitalist Director at 256 Ventures, LLB in Laws, 21 years of professional Jazz Piano, performed for multiple presidents, prime ministers and diplomats.

Miki Hayama
Neo Japan

Spending a decade in London and being in charge of overseas Marketing in the automobile industry with the experience from 15 countries, Miki has been engaged in bridging the parties across the countries which naturally brought her to be an interpreter for top managers in Blockchain industry.

Anders Larsson
Blockchain Advisor / Top 5 Rated Ico Advisors

Worked in various CTO roles for 20 years creating the emerging technology behind 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IoT. Prior Vice President of Mobile Broadband in Southeast Asia & Oceania with billion dollar annual sales responsibility.

Joakim Holmer
Blockchain Advisor

Worked in various CTO roles for 20 years creating the emerging technology behind 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IoT. Prior Vice President of Mobile Broadband in Southeast Asia & Oceania with billion dollar annual sales responsibility.

Chris Hager / City of Zion / Red Pulse
Technical Advisor

Engineer, technologist, CTO of several companies, blockchain developer and member of the NEO Blockchain open source community City of Zion, developer of the award-winning blockchain middleware for imusify which won the CoZ dApp competition, and Director of Engineering at Red Pulse

Nikolaj Kuntner / City of Zion
Technical Advisor

Theoretical physicist, developer of the first NEO smart contract implementing user reward logic, member of the open-source developers group City of Zion, PhD at the German Aerospace Center and producer of an educational YouTube video channel focused on blockchain technologies, math, physics, and computer science.

Khaled Verjee / Dubset
Media Music Industry Advisor

Director at Dubset Media Holdings an innovative rights management platform that clears UGC for distribution to DSPs and ensures payment of royalties to rights holders. Prior to Dubset, he founded and ran a record label and publishing co as a JV w/Nettwek music group

Alexandre Orfevre
Community Growth Hacker

Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in International Project Management, Agile Project Management, mobile project, front-end development, servers and clusters administration and continuous integration.

John Gado / Legion of Creatives
Music Industry Partner

Marcus Brown
Music Industry Advisor

Blockchain enthusiast, musician and creative visionary with a well-documented track record of successfully fusing music, technology, and pop-culture. As a musician, he’s worked with a variety of brands including Def Jam, Universal Republic, Adult Swim, and Marvel Studios.

Wayne Rosso
Music Industry Advisor

A pioneering figure in the world of digital media. Worked with Bee Gees, Aerosmith, MCA Records, Motown Records. Former President of File-sharing platform Grokster.

Vincent Castellucci
Music Industry Advisor

As a former Senior Director at the Harry Fox Agency and the National Music Publishers Association, Vincent generated more than $556 million annually overseeing Mechanical, Film, TV, Advertising, all Synch and Index Departments.

Nadim Uddin
Ico Marketing Advisor

Dennis Chin
Music Industry & Strategic Advisor

Head of Corporate Development at EMI and Private Equity Financing at Societe Generale & CIT. Experienced in M&A, strategic partnerships, fundraising, and blockchain research.

Tommy Walters

Lucas Manuel
Data Science Advisor

Co-founder and Chair of Blockchain Adoption at Queen’s Blockchain Innovation Community. Currently working in an innovation lab investigating topics including AI, blockchain and IoT.

Imusify Rates & Bonuses

  • Presale : 3% to 30%
  • Main Sale: 3% to 12%

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Imusify Milestones

September 2017
Testing Business Idea
December 2017
Proof of Concept 1.0
February 2018
Proof of Concept 2.0 April 2018
April 2018
January 2019
MVP Launch
November 2019
Platform 1.0 Launch

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