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The business model uses the blockchain technology to trace precious metals beneath the surface of the earth. They impose a certain set of steps that make sure that the process of tracing is seamless. It not just traces the raw inputs but extends the refinery to the commercial distribution of the metals. Lastly, the business model becomes complete when the products are distributed via E-commerce websites and partner stores around. One of the major objectives of this business is to make the consumers aware of the origin of the metals. It includes the origin of the specified metal to their purity, it also includes the legality of the said metals and thus prevents money laundering and similar practices.


The team’s ultimate goal is to make sure that the metals like gold and other rare metals are much more accessible to the general public via cryptocurrency.

About the Project

The transactions in the platform are carried out through the INX, which is their very own cryptocurrency. The reason that there are fewer chances of fraudulent practices is that all the transactions are made via these crypto values and they are registered at all points. It is a hundred percent decentralised currency with security measures to keep it functioning. Their projects include a mining project of gold, silver, zinc and are carried out ecologically. Their process is capable of refining 200 kilograms of gold a day and the E-commerce business runs with INX which makes it a complete ecosystem.

Innovaminex Overview

Innovaminex ICO
Ended 150 Days Ago
Vote For Innovaminex
Phase 1 2018-11-26 30% Discount
Own blockchain
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 26, 2018
End Date
Jan 26, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 INX = 0.5 USD
Phase 1 2018-11-26 30% Discount
Total Supply
52,500,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 23, 2018

Innovaminex Team

Fernando García Sanz
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Rafael Enríquez
CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)

Dr. Baloch Asif
Blockchain Director

Paco De Benito
CCO (Chief Communication Officer)

Paco Montero
CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)

Julio Pérez-Tomé
CMO (Marketing Officer)

Ignacio Naveilhan
Full-Stack Developer

Jaime Valero
CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)

Jaime Krahe
Trade Manager

Raúl Berlanga
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Richard O'Rourke
U.K. Market Representative

David Olaya
CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Vincenzo Giorgioni
Head of institutional relations

Iván García
CIO (Information Director)

Manuel del Palacio
DPD (Data Protection Director)

Rafa Páez
Brand Manager

Andreas Oti Nilsson
Market Analyst

Samantha Aranda Bendicho
BENELUX Ambassador

Kate Bublik
Marketing Advisor

Innovaminex Rates & Bonuses

  • Phase 1 2018-11-26 30% Discount
  • Phase 2 2018-12-10 24% Discount
  • Phase 3 2018-12-24 16% Discount
  • Phase 4 2019-01-07 10% Discount

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    Innovaminex Milestones

    November 2018
    Initiation of the assembly plant at the Guayaquil project. Additional explorations conducted into the Vizcaya project. The hoarding of minerals begins.On the 26th the official sale of INX begins. There will be 4 phases with different types of discounts up to 30%. It will last until January 21st.
    December 2018
    INX will be listed in several exchange platforms and ATMs worldwide.
    January 2019
    Our e-commerce for the sale of gold and silver is launched (launch of the marketing campaign to create awareness for our innovative products).
    February 2019
    Initiation of the refinery and start of the refining of gold with other mines and associations.
    April 2019
    Beginning the assembly of the Bolívar 2 project plant. This is the second plant of InnovaMinex. InnovaMinex ATMs: Precious metals commercialization and start-up of the first ATMs selling gold, INX and other cryptocurrencies.
    May 2019
    Opening of the mine entrance for the Vizcaya project and hoarding of minerals.
    January 2019
    The plant at the Guayaquil 1 project starts operation and the construction of the beneficiation plant at the Bolívar 2 project begins, in addition to mineral hoarding.
    August 2019
    The assembly of the beneficiation plant at the Vizcaya project starts. The rehabilitation and construction of the main galleries at the Antioquia 3 project begins.
    September 2019
    Commercialization of our gold and other precious metals, processed by our refinery.
    May 2020
    The extraction and stockpiling of minerals at Minex 7 begins, as well as the construction of the main galleries, extraction and stockpiling of minerals in Minex 12.

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