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Private users and businesses are increasingly affected by nontransparent data tracking methods and inaccurate data. Important documents such as financial reports rely on data as one of the main information sources.  If these data are incorrect, companies can suffer from fines, lack of trust of shareholders and wrong decision-making. Common practices in this regard, for example, reconciliation or manual data errors corrections, are time-consuming and therefore, very costly. Digital practices are scattered across different platforms and services that do not offer transparent data insights and are often incompatible with one another. With increased complexity, the risk of data errors rises as well.


The aim is to revolutionize accounting practices by making use of new technological possibilities.

About Intrachain

They offer individuals the required personal behavioural data to reflect on their usage of smart devices and analyze their time spent. Intrachain want to automate accounting practices such as reconciliation with the help of blockchain and smart contracts. Intrachain solves the common concerns of large companies by automating accounting transactions and avoiding manual reconciliation. Intrachain Private tracks personal user behaviour and offers the possibility to store the data on the blockchain. Intrachain Business also keeps track of user behaviour data and transfers them into the blockchain. Intrachain is thereby positioned in a sweet spot between the fully automated and semi-automated ERP market. Intrachain operates with the Intrachain Token.  It gives access to the Intrachain application and can be used to run transactions through the private blockchain. All transactions are made through the Intrachain blockchain.

Intrachain Overview

Intrachain ICO
Ended 147 Days Ago
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BONUS Pre-Sale - 25%
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 03, 2018
End Date
Dec 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 ICT = 0.14 USD
BONUS Pre-Sale - 25%
Total Supply
13,539,972 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)

Intrachain Team

Arne Reimann,

Within the role of CEO at Intrachain, Arne is responsible for defining Intrachain’s vision, overall strategy and business development. He is also the CEO and one of the founding partners of timeBro, an automatic time capturing system. His focus lays in testing management, launch preparation, sales pitches and investor communication.

Dr. Klaus Preisner

As CFO, Klaus is in charge of accounting and finance-related topics at Intrachain. With a background in HR and Legal, he is currently Head of Finance at timeBro. He is liable for tax related questions, contact person for all financial and legal topics, and responsible for continuous structuring and optimizing these divisions.

Mislav Boras

With his immense enthusiasm for disruptive ledger technologies, Mislav has accompanied Intrachain since its foundation as CTO. He has a background in Computer Science (M.Sc.), web development and IT consultancy and has previously worked at risklab and Metafinanz, both belonging to the Allianz Group.

Niclas Preisner

Niclas takes on the management of Intrachain’s marketing department as CMO. In addition to his degree in Business Administration, Niclas has gained extensive practical experience in the field of marketing in renowned communication and marketing agencies such as the Serviceplan Group and BBDO.

Bastian Brodbeck
Core Developer

Bastian has a Diploma in informatics and is currently Core Developer at Intrachain. During his seven-year career in software engineering and as lead developer, he gained wide experience in innovative companies such as Zalando or 20steps. He is a driven Front-End software engineer who enthusiastically follows and embraces innovative technologies - such as blockchain and smart contracts - right from the very beginning.

Leonid Astakhov
Core Blockchain Developer

With over 20 years of experience, Leonid is a software development veteran. Graduating with a master’s degree in information technology, he paved the foundation for his further career: A key role as a software architect included working for Kaspersky Lab and in the area of platform integration/ application services working for Deutsche Bank.

Ugo Bechis
E-payment & Sepa Advisor

Ugo is an e-payment & SEPA adviser specializing in the financial sector, especially for emerging and digital start-ups and financial institutions. He has forty years of proven track record in banking - thereby he went through various sectors: Securities Trading, Payments Services, Trading Online, Corporate and Retail Payments, Corporate and Trade Finance amongst others.

Henrique Centieiro
Ico Advisor and Blockchain Advocate

Blockchain Product Manager Zwoop. Henrique is a widely experienced ICO Advisor and an advocate of the blockchain development. Presently he is Blockchain Product Manager at Zwoop, a company that introduces a blockchain e-commerce assistant.

Peter Dodell
Digital Transformation Influencer

Manager Siemens Finance Innovation Lab. Peter specialties are finance and accounting related topics. Peter is currently Financial Process & Organization Manager in the Siemens Finance Innovation Lab. His goal is to bridge the gap between financial processes and technological innovations and promote a new way of thinking to create sustainable added value from modern technologies.

Sebastian Kollmannsberger
Creative Strategist

Head of Project Management david+martin. Sebastian is driven by his creative and visionary mindset. His unique competencies cover strategic positioning and brand management, creative conception and realisation of integrated campaigns. At this point Sebastian is heading Project Management at david+martin, a creative agency that specializes in communication and brand strategies.

Wojtek Misiewicz
Social Media Innovator & Start-up Advisor

Partner at LINGNER.COM. Wojtek has immense experience in Marketing, Social Media, PR and Big Data advisory. He is an early stage advisor for various companies. Besides being Partner at LINGNER.COM, a digital agency and creative consulting for B2B future communication, he is lecturer at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (HHN) in the field of eBusiness.

Firras Sabbah
Digitalization Expert

Head of Digital Platforms Allianz. Firras’s core competence covers the digital sector. He is currently Vice President and Head of Digital at Allianz General Insurance Thailand in Bangkok. Prior to that, he worked for Allianz in Singapore as a visionary and Digital Product Owner in the area of Digital Transformation for the APAC region. His interests in block chain and related technologies started in 2016.

Intrachain Rates & Bonuses

  • BONUS Pre-Sale - 25%

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    Intrachain Milestones

    November 2017
    Process Mining Engine. Intrachain Server
    January 2018
    Intrachain Engine. Regulatory Approval
    March 2018
    Intrachain API
    May 2018
    Local Database: Used to store configurations, Ethereum addresses, and rules for ERP adapters.
    July 2018
    ERP: A process management software which automates and integrates e.g. core business processes.
    March 2018
    Intrachain UI: A web interface to interact with company-specific users and initiate or approve some transactions.

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