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Not everybody is aware of how and when to invest in cryptocurrency. With the growing popularity more and more investors want to try their luck in the world of cryptocurrency by investing in it. But, cryptocurrency seems to be a complicated thing to crack, if proper guidance is not there.

Invest is one platform that is touted as the future of investments in the world of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is considered to be the lifeblood of blockchain technology and since its inception; it has registered its name as one of the fastest growing assets in the recent history.

About Invest

The target audience of the Invest platform is the experienced as well as the novice retail investors. The entry is a low barred one, but the return on investment is very high, so it is attracting more and more retail investors.

The retail investors are embracing the world of cryptocurrency with open arms making the future of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency very bright. Irrespective of their experiences, the cryptocurrency traders can use the fee-less platform of Invest to trade in cryptocurrency.

The platform allows the novice traders copy what the experienced traders are doing without losing the control over their funds. In the cryptocurrency world, everyone is welcomed regardless of their ethnic, geological or socio-economical background. They just need to have internet through which they can create a cryptocurrency wallet and start investing.

In 2014, Invest platform made its mark by opening the wallet so that the investors can start investing in cryptocurrencies. The main problem with the beginners is that they lack the knowledge of the trade; moreover, they don’t have the time to research properly before investing.

The Invest platform brings together the experienced and newbies on the same platform where the experienced traders can share their expertise through paid services to the newbies. This way both benefits from the platform and enjoys cryptocurrency trading successfully.

Advantages of Invest

There are several investment platforms present in the cryptocurrency world, but Invest is different. It doesn’t have any hidden fees; it is completely safe and has a community that helps each other in trading.

The users acquire ranking, depending on their skill and if the ranking is good, then they can gather subscribers and share their technical analysis and ideas through chat.

The users of the platform can use the INV Token for making payments while using the services of the platform.

InvestinBrokers Overview

InvestinBrokers ICO
Ended 268 Days Ago
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Public pre-sale: 30%
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 15, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 INV = 0.00013 ETH
Public pre-sale: 30%
Total Supply
15,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 26, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 15, 2018

InvestinBrokers Team

Mateusz Fraczek
Founder & CEO

Jonas Zeno
Mobile Applications and Blockchain Developer Formerly: MailOnline

Rafał Wlaz
CTO and Security Expert Formerly: Coders Lab

Alex Kowalski
Lead Backend Developer Formerly: GetResponse

Pawel Dedio
Android Developer Formerly: Samsung

Agnieszka Sasin
Marketing Expert Formerly: Unilever

Lukasz Jackiewicz
Senior UI/UX Designer Formerly: Subtl.

Marcin Kurzepa
Frontend Developer Formerly: WebGood

Simon Cocking
Marketing Advisor

#1 Expert at – Friendz, Experty Advisor

Jason Hung
Strategy Advisor

#7 Expert at – BitRewards Advisor

Adnan Javed
Blockchain Advisor

Expert at, Sapien, Zen, ETHLend Advisor

Andrew McGlan
Strategy Advisor

Senior Business Analyst at Barclays

Anthony Ginsburg
Technical Advisor Director of IT at Sky

Emma Adkins
Investor Relations Advisor

Head of Investor Relations at Ebay

Rumen Slavchov
Marketing Advisor BitRewards, BetterBetting

InvestinBrokers Rates & Bonuses

  • Public pre-sale: 30%

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    InvestinBrokers Milestones

    August 2017
    Conceptual creation of Invest Platform Market research and analysis Strategic development of the business plan Invest Platform proof of concept.
    February 2018
    Publishing the Invest Platform white-paper. Creation of a dedicated website. Team expansion and strategic recruitments. Business plan finalisation. The introduction of the Invest Platform to potential traders. Start of a first marketing campaign. Building the Invest Platform community. The presentation of the project for early investors.
    May 2018
    Launch second marketing campaign. The project presentation for all potential users. Smart contract implementation. Open registrations to Invest Platform. Create a traders database. Token Pre-sale.
    August 2018
    Launch third marketing campaign. Product v0.5 release and testing. Completion of Invest Platform demo. Public sale. Token distribution and unlocking. Exchange listings of INV token. Mobile application development.
    November 2018
    Launch fourth marketing campaign. Adding further functionality to the platform. (e.g. Trading alerts). Invest Platform product release v1.0.
    March 2019
    Mobile application release. Further improve the platform adapting to specific needs and wants of our users. Further pursue strategic partnerships with traders and exchanges. Continue launching marketing campaigns to promote brand recognition and attract users.

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