Kryptoin ICO & Token Sale

With the growing complexities and risks of financial vehicles and cryptocurrencies, the Kryptoin ETF token has been created to simplify and to lower the risks inherently found. The ETF token for the cryptocurrency market, like an ETF in the real world, will not only represent a vast array of currencies and behave as such, but it will also incorporate blockchain smart contract capabilities as well. With the world having so much data and information available and becoming more interconnected, data analysis and the research of these new asset vehicles will increasingly be in demand.


The goal of the system is to create an ETF token system that will allow users, whom we anticipate will be Global Asset Managers and Individuals to assemble creation units or indices to fit their specific investment objectives and preferences.

About Kryptoin ETF

The Kryptoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain ETF system is a platform upon which ETF tokens can be created to track and encapsulate indices formulated to represent the evolving digital currency markets. The Kryptoin ETF System is a platform that allows for the creation of a digital token representing the valuation of a combination of cryptocurrencies belonging to the same set of blockchain nodes integrated into the application. The ETF token will help the newcomers and the general public to make it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies and understand the underlying technologies of each coin and further shield them from greater volatility. A blockchain and token combine to act as a contract and as a package representing the underlying assets for the creation unit of each ETF token.

Kryptoin Overview

Kryptoin ICO
Ended 109 Days Ago
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Bonus in Presale - 40%.
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Mar 01, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
Bonus in Presale - 40%.
Total Supply
114,311 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 01, 2018
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Kryptoin Team

Donnie Kim

John Tracey

Tariq Ali Asghar

Eojin Lim
Managing Director

Surendra Kumar
Chief System Engineer

Vineet Tyagi
Chief Blockchain Engineer

Shubham Dogra
UI/UX Developer

Jim Hong
Analyst and Advisor

Anthony Licausi
Investment Banker and Advisor

Jason Toussaint
ETF's Advisor Former CEO SPDR Gold Shares GLD

Kryptoin Rates & Bonuses

  • Bonus in Presale - 40%.
  • Bonus in Round 1 - 24%.
  • Bonus in Round 2 - 18%.
  • Bonus in Round 3 - 12%.
  • Bonus in Round 4 - 6%.
  • Bonus in Round 5 - 3%.

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Kryptoin Milestones

April 2017
June 2017
Whitepaper published
September 2017
Installation of 12 Coins
October 2017
Bittrex API Integration
November 2017
Kryptoin Big 10 Index and NAV
January 2018
Trading Desk
February 2018
Testnet on and off chain Kryptoin Big 10 ERC20 Test Token Megawallet and AUM
March 2018
April 2018
Update to Kryptoin AUM 2.0 Decentralized API Release of Emerging ICO ETF Coin Installation of 100 Coins Release of Kryptoin Mid 25 ETF Coin Installation of 25 Coins Release of official Kryptoin Big 10 ETF Coin Token Sale + Airdrop

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