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A unique take on the social media influenced audience who seek everything to be sorted before they access it. This is an app that is essentially a game but very relatable to the everyday activities since it shows real-time data that has been going on around you. The public opinion option makes it possible to cater the audience with authentic data about the popularity of anything that is listed. The popularity index of something along the way that can influence people’s mindset is present in this project which makes it unique.


The main goal is to set up an application or a social game that takes up the real-time data on the basis of public opinion to create an opportunity for fame and fun.

About the Project

There are some groundbreaking features of the application, out of which the popularity list is the primary. It lists the popular people around you and the comparison chart of how popular you are among the other listed people. It has mapped all the people there and created a compilation of the people with all their public information. This is then forwarded to the influence list. There is a unique take on social gaming that is based on the influences and rise of popularity. This is then carried out with a democratic system which keeps the whole game fair. It runs on the AMINGO reward tokens and any revenue earned by the platform is split up into equal parts for the users.

LIST101 Overview

Ended 166 Days Ago
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Pre-sale: 25% additional tokens. Public Sale: 25% additional tokens
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 26, 2018
End Date
Dec 11, 2018
Start Price
1 LST = 0.3 USD
Pre-sale: 25% additional tokens. Public Sale: 25% additional tokens
Total Supply
21,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 19, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 25, 2018

LIST101 Team

Robert Hintze
CEO & Founder

Holds a degree in Marketing from the Danish Interactive Media and Marketing Academy. 20+ years of experience with concept and business development, marketing and roll-out strategy. Robert is a passionate advocate for the disruption and decentralisation of governmental and corporate powers.

Kasper Hjorth
COO & Creative Director

Holds a degree in Digital Design from the Danish Interactive Medi and Marketing Academy. 20+ years of experience with UX-centered brand building, corporate identity and communication. Kasper spends his spare time studying Mutual Credit Systems and barter-based economies.

Søren Markersen
CTO & Head of Security

Holds a Master in Computer Science from the DTU (Technical University of Denmark). 20+ years of experience with software development, backend architecture as well as system and Blockchain integration.

Michelle Dejonghe

With 15+ years of experience as accountant, financial controller and strategic planner. Michelle is our precious President of Paperwork

Ulrik Nørklit
CSO & Head of Commercial Strategy

Holds a degree in Business and Management. 15+ years of experience in international charity and fundraising with an exceptional business network.

Marina Medyantseva
Project Manager

Holds a Bachelor B.A. in Finance and LL.B in Law from University of Haifa. Scrum Master with 10+ years of experience managing development teams. She is a strong believer in the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

Mikhail Bashmakov
Backend Tech Lead

MS.c in Computer Science from Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. 15+ years of experience as a backend .NET development consultant with a special interest in Blockchain technology.

Anton Romanov
iOS Tech Lead

Along with a Master degree in software engineering Anton has 10+ years of experience in app development, from cross-platform map rendering engines to mobile social media applications. Xcode/Swift expert with an eye for detail and passion for frontend development.

Oksana Skorniakova
Android Tech Lead

Holds a Master degree in economics as well as in software engineering. Oksana has 8 years of app development experience for the Android platform.

Vladimir Vlasiuk
Backend Senior Developer

Holds a Master degree in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering. A strong analytical mindset has served Vladimir well in his 8+ years as a full-stack software developer. His major passions are software engineering and cryptography.

Stig Abildsø
Investor & Advisor

As an exceptional IT entrepreneur with a number of successful exits and ICOs under his belt, Stig is a recognised Danish business entrepreneur and a valued investor and advisor to LIST101.

Pernille Lotus
Investor & Advisor

Often referred to as the “Queen of Influencer Marketing”, Pernille has built one of Scandinavia’s leading influencer marketing agencies, SMAC Agency, representing some of the most prominent, online superstars of our time. Pernille is an expert in the mechanics behind thriving social media communities.

Lars-Christian Brask

Career in international finance and professional board member and chairman of a number of high profile companies. Experience includes: Director of institutional Client Division at Merryl Lynch; Partner, MD, Europe and head of Capital Markets at Bank of America; Founder & CEO of investment bank Brask & Co Ltd.; Director Key Client & Business Development at UBS Wealth Management

LIST101 Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-sale: 25% additional tokens. Public Sale: 25% additional tokens

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LIST101 Milestones

April 2015
Founder, Robert Hintze, conceptualizes LIST101 and raises funds from a group of 10 angel investors to start developing the app.
April 2016
A team of 12 developers is assembled and development of iOS app initiated.
July 2016
Development of Android app initiated.
July 2017
Beta launch of LIST101 iOS app.
October 2017
Official launch of LIST101 iOS app in the first market. Launch party in Copenhagen, Denmark.
April 2018
Beta launch of LIST101 Android App.
June 2018
LIST101’s backend architecture is rewritten to support Blockchain technology at its core. Official launch of the LIST101 Android app.
September 2018
The Crypto Currency Utility Coin, “AMINGO” is created and offered in pre-sale to crypto investors.
January 2019
International launch of LIST101 iOS and Android apps. Starting in the UK.
April 2019
Further expansion into new territories. USA and Asia.

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