LlunchMoney ICO & Token Sale

Restaurant P.I is using blockchain technology innovatively to create an online platform where the customers and restaurant owners will be mutually benefitted. The goal of the app is to improve the overall customer experience through feedbacks. The app will motivate customers to leave feedback on restaurants, bars and to meal providers and earn tokens in return. It is a profitable venture for both. Restaurant P.I eliminates problems like lack of food quality, poor hygiene, poor customer service, lack of incentives to the customers, healthy options and finite menus faced by the customers by submitting a feedback in the secretive app and thereby motivating the restaurant owners to improve their services and retain their loyal customers.


Restaurant P.I aims to connect all the restaurants and the customers in one global platform with the power of blockchain technology.

About the Project

Restaurant P.I. is a global platform which encourages all the customers to submit feedback on the restaurants and bars based on their experience in exchange for discounts and exclusive deals. Restaurant P.I is based on SaaS app and uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to create virtual tokens and achieve the same. This app is a win-win situation for both the customers and the businesses. The customers will be benefitted by every feedback they submit and the restaurant owners will get publicity, increase in customer base, retain loyal customers, increase revenue, scale their business and improvement of their services based on the feedback. The tokens earned by the users can be used as payment towards their meal and for earning more deals and discounts.

LlunchMoney Overview

LlunchMoney ICO
Ended 135 Days Ago
Vote For LlunchMoney
25 % Bonus Aug 18th- Sep 1st
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 05, 2018
End Date
Sep 05, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 LMY = 0.0016 ETH
25 % Bonus Aug 18th- Sep 1st
Total Supply
57,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 05, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 05, 2018

LlunchMoney Team

Jeffery varnado
Founder Of Restaurant P.I. Inc Co-Founder of Lunch..

Adrian Triplett
COO Restaurant P.I. Inc CO-Founder Of Lunch Money

Derek Hawkins
Trademark Attorney

Salman Qadir
Chief Strategic Officer/ Global development

Davorin Bebek
Social Media Managrer

Destiny Aigbe
General Counsel/Securities Counsel

Abdullah Al Mamun
UI Designer

Yaliwe soko
Brand Ambassador

Nikolay Shkilev
TOP ICO Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin
TOP ICO Advisor

Sonya Prstec
Legal Advisor

Jim Blasko
Stratagic Advisor

LlunchMoney Rates & Bonuses

  • 25 % Bonus Aug 18th- Sep 1st
  • 50 % Bonus Aug 5th – Aug 18th

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LlunchMoney Milestones

July 2017
Full Product Ready, Google Play Store Release, Gather Feedback, Create Awareness, Sign Up Users
October 2017
Blockchain Phase 1 • Research • Team Building w/ Blockchain Experts • Rebranding • Hire Smart Contact Architect
January 2018
Blockchain Phase 2 • Lunch Money Smart Contract • Whitepapers • Pitch Deck • Road Map • LunchMoney.IO Website • Expand the team
April 2018
Blockchain Phase 3 • Private Exchange • Token Pre-Exchange • Main Token Exchange • Distribution of Lunch Mon
July 2018
Business Development • New App Release • Launch Partnerships • Ship Marketing Kits • Referral Program
October 2018
Growth 1 • Issue Restaurant P.I. Diner Credit Cards • Expand Across U.S • International Outreach
January 2019
Growth 2 • Introduce Xtra Lunch Money Rewards • Implement Xtra Lunch Money Rewards

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