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The past couple of years have witnessed a growing trend not just in the products’ history but also through all industries. It is often dubbed as ‘the millennial effect’. A changing customer demographics in the premium industry presents an opportunity to innovate. At the same time, it requires the traditional premium brands to forgo their age-old selling strategies and innovate to stay relevant. Customers want brands to associate with their personal values and passion. The young customers take nearly one-third of the time to make a purchase compared with their older counterparts. Retail stores have dominated the premium segment industry for a couple of decades, and they continue to do so in the current environment as well.


The aim is to create a global online marketplace that utilizes the security, immutability, and the frontline tools offered by the blockchain technology.

About Luxreum

Luxreum Global addresses some of the primary challenges faced by online e-commerce with the use of blockchain technology. Creating an online marketplace using the latest technologies makes Luxreum a relevant shopping destination. It is a perfect shopping destination for the tech-savvy, millennials, and global cryptocurrency adopters. Luxreum will accept cryptocurrencies as its primary payment option, limiting the overhead charges customers pay for banking transactions. Luxreum will capitalize on the lower transaction charges, near real-time processing capacity, and security offered by cryptocurrencies in its marketplace. Luxreum Global aims to create an ecosystem that caters to the changing or rather evolving perception of consumers around the globe.

Luxreum Overview

Luxreum ICO
Ended 235 Days Ago
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Pre-Sale Round-1 30% Bonus
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 17, 2018
End Date
Oct 24, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 LXR = 0.1 USD
Pre-Sale Round-1 30% Bonus
Total Supply
30,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 16, 2018

Luxreum Team

Kenn White
Executive Team

With over 30 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the luxury/premium markets, Kenn will guide Luxreum among the many opportunities that lie ahead for the company.

Frank Clinton
Executive Team

Frank Clinton recognized among the top Automotive Dealership General Managers across the USA, will be the Managing Director overseeing all aspects of Luxreum's International Automotive Group division. Bringing over 30 years of global automotive industry experience to Luxreum's upper level management team.

Sean Marsh
Executive Team

Sean brings years of experience with your most recognized travel brands and will help oversee Luxreum's ongoing operations and procedures.

Dr. David Meszaros
Chief Legal Officer

International lawyer dually trained legal professional and a doctor of law. David has knowledge of many legal systems all over the globe, including but not limited to the EU, US and UK.

Dustin Marsh
Business Development

Corporate finance and economics professional, specializing in Fintech. Previously, Dustin had a senior auditor/advisor role at Chase, led retail and banking sector engagements. He has an BA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from INCAE/Harvard Business School. Dustin is Fluent in 3 languages including, Spanish, Mandarin and his native English.

Prakash Pandey
Business Strategist

Prakash Pandey is a blockchain veteran having an in-depth understanding of the technology. His work has been featured at all the major publishing platforms including Marketwatch, Nasdaq, CNBC, USAToday, and similar venues. He holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science and has an extensive experience in the blockchain industry.

Lucy Peng
Global Marketing Consultant

Lucy has been involved in all aspects of brand client marketing while also performing in television commercials representing some of the most prestigious global brands. She has worked extensively throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the USA. Lucy is fluent in 5 languages including Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

Dillon Marcus
Blockchain Software Engineer

Dillon is a Software Engineer skilled with Desktop UI development. Specialized in WPF, C#, .Net technologies he is now exploring decentralized applications. Dillon brings with him experience from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Cisco.

Jay Austin
Blockchain Developer

Jay is a Blockchain developer with experience in Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Geth, and React along with designing and integrating decentralized architectures and services.

Vishal Savaliya
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain & Technology specialist with 10 years of experience in full stack development, IT solutions and blockchain development.

Erika Faye
Senior Web Developer

Erika is a web developer with more than 15 years of experience. Erika has worked in a diverse range of web projects including gaming, auctions, retail and infrastructure.

Kate Limashevskaya
UX designer/UI engineer

Kate specializes in brand design, promotion and derivative design of Luxreum to enhance the corporate and brand image.

Christy Usi

Certified medical tourism multilingual professional Christine will oversee the launch of our medical tourism offering. This will open up global opportunities for both organizations and crypto affluent clients.

Rowe Cosentino
Luxury Brand Specialist

Rowe comes from an extensive background going back over 30 years in interior designing and consultancy. She has worked with some of the largest hotel chains, custom home designers & builders, resort developers, yacht & RV manufacturers. Joining the team has been a natural fit bringing much excitement to the company.

Adam Yared
Managing Director

Adam is the Managing Director at and is an AMSA Master 5 qualified skipper that has over 10,000 miles of commercial sea time and experience . Adam has also chartered vessels and sailed to the Maldives, Indonesia, Samoa, Hawaii and has spent over 10 years of his life in Fiji in commercial charter operations.

Keith Chan
Strategic Advisor

Keith Chan, Strategic Business Thinker, Ex AGM of Grey Global Group Hong Kong, 20+ Years FMCG, Banking, Real Estate Exp, Strategic & Cross Discipline Thinker.

Gary Knight

Gary Knight is the owner of Knight International which specializes in super car sales based out of the UK and Dubai.

Antonio Rossi

Yachting Professional, Business Strategist & Philanthropist with more than 40 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry. Antonio will advise Luxreum and help establish partnerships with some of the world's largest luxury yacht manufactures.

Luxreum Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-Sale Round-1 30% Bonus
  • Pre-Sale Round-2 20% Bonus
  • Pre-Sale Round-3 10% Bonus

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Luxreum Milestones

April 2017
Idea discovery
July 2017
Company Formation Business Planning Core Team Assembly
October 2017
Research & Development Merchant Surveys Focus Groups
January 2018
Whitepaper V1.0, Legal Study, Product & Marketing
April 2018
Seed Capital Round, TGE Website Testing
, Marketing, MVP Development, Exchange Exploration
July 2018
White Paper V1.3, TGE Site Live, Private Sale, App & MVP Testing, Pre-Sale, SEC Filing
October 2018
Main-Sale, USA Office, Payment System, Beta Testing, 
 Merchant Processing
January 2019
Beta Testing, Early Merchants, Dealership Integrations, Additional Exchanges
April 2019
Customer Service Center, Marketplace Grand Opening, Multi-Currency Wallet Release, Powersport Dealer Integration, Product Merchant Processing, Global Payment System Online
July 2019
European Office, Currency Exchange/Interchanger, POS Hardware Release, Goal of 250 Merchants

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