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This is a platform that brings membership services all over the world closer to the use of blockchain technology. It brings the platform business together with the integration of blockchain in it which would eventually lead to the grasping of the entire market. The mileage and point markets are to be revamped in this procedure for good. The tech giant, the Oracle, has been one of the first implemented service holders of the M2O which is not a one-off interaction because of their ambitious approach. They are willing to set up the platform to a point where the operators and the users would be satisfied at both ends. The major objective being the utilisation of the available resources in the said markets.


To create a paradigm shift in the point and mileage market by utilising their potentials and taking it to a higher level.

About the Project

The project revolves around various underlying aspects of the mileage industry among which service of payment has been prominent. The platform allows the customers to exchange mileage points and interact with the operators directly. This contributes to the real economy which is one significant objective of the project. They have focused on the world’s reserve market which is estimated to be valued at two trillion dollars in the current time. The integration has been working its way to create a new reserve with better efficiency. Lastly, the service offers great returns with exchange services of mileage points, to M2O tokens, M2O coins and also other coins.

M2O Project Overview

M2O Project ICO
Ended 149 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Oct 29, 2018
End Date
Nov 23, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 M2O = 0.0083 ETH
Total Supply
56,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 31, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 17, 2018

M2O Project Team

Henry Kim

Kwang-il Kim

Tae-won Kim
Management Advisor

Dong-rok Go
Management Advisor

Sung-jin Kang

Su-bok Hwang

Song-hui Moon
Marketing Director

Sang-muk Choi
Strategy Planning Director

Do-hyun Ahn
EMEA Country Manager

Byoung-soo Kang
Development Director

Gap-soo Seo
Leader of advisory group, Investment Advisor

Jeong-bae Lee
Chairman of Advisory committee Investment, Education Advisor

Yang-mee Kim
Member of Advisory committee, Platform policy

Yeong-bae Mun
Member of Advisory committee, Blockchain technology

Gun-il Wang
Member of Advisory committee, Cryptocurrency, exchange

Seok-bong Jeong
Advisory committee, Point Platform policy

Rober H Kim
Member of Advisory committee, Blockchain technology

Dennis Teo
Member of Advisory committee, Business strategy

Nerses Isajanyan
Isajanyan-law Member of Advisory committee law

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      M2O Project Milestones

      March 2018
      White paper open
      April 2018
      M2O wallet development
      May 2018
      M2O Hyperledger Token development
      June 2018
      Wallet platform development. API system development
      August 2018
      Payment system development
      September 2018
      Mastercard Release
      November 2018
      Public Exchange Listing (OPEN)
      December 2018
      M2O dApp undefined Prepaid Card Service launch (Beta)
      July 2019
      M2O Membership Platform Open

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