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Million Coin forms a large platform of companies which helps in using cryptocurrencies in everyday life to purchase any goods and services without the hassle of multiple transactions and fees. The platform widens the technological knowledge in cryptocurrencies, bookkeeping, legal and tax settlements for all users. Many different applications will be integrated into a single platform to enable currency operations in a single database of clients. The user will have to transfer the funds only once which will be available for purchasing goods, services, other currencies, counselling services and all different applications available on the platform.


Million Coin aims to develop a platform which will enable users to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life thereby making life easier.

About the Project

Million Coin platform will operate applications targeted at sale and purchase of good and services, use of legal-tax, bookkeeping-accounting counselling, quick payments, use of software services and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The trading platform will work on C2C model using cryptocurrencies with MON tokens purchased during ICO. This process will eliminate transfer fees which is charged while transferring funds between private wallets. AT.System Bot and API service will be used for automation of cryptocurrencies which will not need the user to follow the exchange listings. SaaS software will be used to automate trading which does not require any service fees and is highly secure. MillionCoin intends to create MON token amounting to 34.000.000 (hard cap) during the course of ICO to perform the automated trading across different applications incorporated into one single platform using a single wallet keeping in mind the privacy of the user and the security of the transactions.

MillionCoin Overview

MillionCoin ICO
Running Now174 Days left
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Token Type
Start Date
Aug 18, 2018
End Date
Dec 17, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 MON = 0.000266 ETH
Total Supply
20,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 17, 2018

MillionCoin Team

Krzysztof Perek
CEO at One Million Group

Responsible for creating and implementing short-term and long-term strategy of the company. He has over ten-year long experience in sales and marketing as well as managing human resources. As one of the first entrepreneurs in the world he dealt in trading luxury goods for cryptocurrencies.

Marcin Walkowski
CEO at AT.Systems

He has been active on the cryptocurrencies market since 2009 which allowed him to study thoroughly the problems connected with this field. Co-founder of One Million Group. He is experienced in market analysis and project management within cryptocurrencies.

Michał Błaszczak
CSO (Chief Security Officer) at AT.Systems

Co-founder of Automated Trading Systems, security expert and experienced IT administrator. He has many years of experience in designing and improving IT security systems for the biggest global corporations.

Karol Starukiewicz
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AT.Systems

Co-founder of Automated Trading Systems, IT administrator, programmer and security expert. Fascinated in computers since early life. He has done multiple implementations of management and security systems into corporate infrastructures.

Adam Przybyła
Sales Director at One Million Group

He has been connected with the financial market for ten years, experienced at managing positions. Within this project he is responsible for building and developing the sales network, creating marketing and product plans.

Szymon Jaworski
Head of the Technical Department at One Million Group

He has many years of experience in logistics as well as preparing and realizing technical plans. His task is to supervise the proper functioning of the company and the quality of technical equipment available to the users.

Dawid Walkowski
Customer Relationship Manager at One Million Group

He is responsible for supporting marketing activities, sales process and any activities connected with customer service. His task is to coordinate the process of contacting the client and building long-term relations.

Marcel Wandas
Development Assistant at One Million Group

He is responsible for supporting activities connected with innovative implementations as well as organizing and coordinating supporting works. His main feature is professional attitude to every task, stoic patience and diligence.

Piotr Kubasik
Marketing Assistant at the One Million Group

It supports and implements daily marketing activities of the organization and long-term marketing strategy of the company. His task is to implement online marketing campaigns, monitoring and reporting the effectiveness of marketing communication.

Mariusz Bieniek
Project Manager at One Million Group

Responsible for supervising OMS project, compiling the schedule of implementations, defining the tasks within the platform and managing changes. Ten years of experience in managing a group of Front-End Developers.

Adam Sitko
Frontend Developer at One Million Group

Member of the team with four years of professional experience in the field of Front-End. A fan of simple, but satisfying solutions. He always claims that the website is supposed to work and look good irrespectively of the device it is opened at.

Witold Budzioch
Frontend Developer at One Million Group

Front-end developer fasciated with dissecting everything. He puts as the main aim of his activities the compatibility of systems he has been working on as well as their trouble-free operating on all the devices. He has been active in this industry for six years as a hobby, professionally for three years now.

Jakub Białoń
Software Engineer at AT.Systems

Expert on implementing innovative ICT solutions, supporting and coordinating back-end developers and developing the current programming infrastructure. He has many years of experience in designing IT systems, he has taken part in implementing numerous innovative solutions on Polish and foreign markets.

Piotr Watoła
Software Architect at AT.Systems

Over ten years of experience in IT industry. He knows all the tricks of Internet engineering and anything connected with zero-one systems. In the company he is responsible for designing, development and maintenance of the essential software for the whole enterprise.

Dariusz Tomasiak
Senior Back-end developer at AT.Systems

He puts his heart into programming which is also his profession. He has been interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies for a few years. He has been active in the industry for over eight years, still eager to learn and look for new, innovative solutions. Working for Million Group for him is an opportunity to develop and connect both fields of his interest.

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    MillionCoin Milestones

    December 2016
    - Establishment - Activation of prototype
    January 2017
    - Research Analysis - Development of code
    April 2017
    - Legal-bookkeeping trainings - Bot as SaaS service
    April 2017
    - Legal-bookkeeping trainings - Bot as SaaS service
    July 2017
    - Establishing business relations with producers and service providers - Creation of Software House
    October 2017
    - Successful transaction for sale of cars with payment in cryptocurrency - Internal tests for 0.9 BOT version (for a closed group of users)
    April 2018
    - BOT 1.0
    July 2018
    - Shop 1.0
    October 2018

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