MuseumsChain ICO & Token Sale

A decentralised form of museum ecosystem sounds like something out of the box or kind of unique to most of the people. Though, the reason behind dedicating an entire project towards museum ecosystem is to spread the idea of the importance of museums. Museums are essentially a bridge between generations and ages. They help recognise the ones who came before us and make us realise the importance of history. Museums Chain works like a virtual platform for people to take a tour of the world’s best museums. It is based on the blockchain technology which renders 3D experience for people of all age groups to see and explore museums closely. In simpler words, we can call it a replica of the real world museum but with in-depth insights into every detail.


To keep alive the history and the curiosity to share knowledge about the past to the people.

They aim towards revolutionising the way people visit museums. And while spreading this noble vision, they want all the people associated with it to make a profit as well.

About the Project

This project is based upon the idea to make people realise the importance of museums. They render services that allow people to visit various museums of the world. The users can also get themselves MSM tokens that grant them the access to a lot of features and the privilege to earn a monthly income. Apart from that, the associated members can also take part in buying and selling of 3D artefacts and historical objects.

MuseumsChain Overview

MuseumsChain ICO
Ended 272 Days Ago
Vote For MuseumsChain
40% bonus for the first 7 days of the pre-sale. Next 7 days of the pre-sale receive a 30% bonus.
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 25, 2018
End Date
Sep 20, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 MSM = 0.2 USD
40% bonus for the first 7 days of the pre-sale. Next 7 days of the pre-sale receive a 30% bonus.
Total Supply
5,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 25, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 20, 2018

MuseumsChain Team

William Andrews

Joseph Hudson

Lucas Booth

Ryan Hill
Content Manager

David Walker
Senior Developer

Daniel Gray
Photographer of 3d Panoramas

Logan Iyod
Designer & Web Developer

Matthew Lee
Technical 3d Director

MuseumsChain Rates & Bonuses

  • 40% bonus for the first 7 days of the pre-sale. Next 7 days of the pre-sale receive a 30% bonus.

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MuseumsChain Milestones

January 2018
- Project idea (Decentralized Museum Ecosystem)
April 2018
- Concept, Design and Research was finalized.
June 2018
- Release of Our Official Website and Whitepaper.Account creation on Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Medium, Telegram etc.
June 2018
- Airdrop and Bounty program.
July 2018
- Pre-ICO of MuseumsChain Starts (25/07/2018).Token Creation.Smart Contract Development
August 2018
- Pre-ICO Ends (20/08/2018).Global Partnership Establishment.Partnerships with Museums around the World.
August 2018
- Initial Coin offering (ICO) starts (25/08/2018) .Marketing Activities.Website Update.Content Creation.
September 2018
- ICO Finish (20/09/2018) .Token listing on Crypto Exchanges.Submitting MSM to Exchanges.Blockchain Explorer Creation (MSM)
November 2018
- Release of Roadmap 2019. First MuseumsChain Conference.WhitePaper v2.0

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