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Natmin is an application which is decentralised to accommodate escrow services and is exclusively built upon blockchain technology. This application aims at lowering the generic escrow services rates by the use of blockchain technology. This is one of the few if not the only application to integrate blockchain into escrow service industry. Natmin functions like a regulating system that works on its own by connecting buyers and sellers. This removes the scope of middlemen and unwanted transactional fees which not just benefits the buyers but also the sellers to make more business. All this is regulated by means of smart contracts which is extremely secure and transactions are completely transparent in nature.


Natmin aims at building a system that performs without the need for mediators or brokers who increase the escrow service rates. In this platform, buyers and sellers are given the optimum opportunity to make business and thus, profit out of the same. The long-term goal would be to take Natmin to the feats of the best escrow services based on blockchain technology.

About the Project

Natmin has introduced their own token called as NAT which is based on Euthereum blockchain and uses ERC20 or the ERC223 standard for providing the users with optimum security while making transactions. After the agreements and upon the buyer funding the account, the seller forwards the items like a normal transaction. The influx of fraudulent activities has contaminated the buying and selling platforms which are eradicated with Natmin’s ecosystem. The token distribution with reasonable capping is to be carried out by 2018.

Natmin Overview

Natmin ICO
Ended 84 Days Ago
Vote For Natmin
Day 1 - 3 : 35% Bonus
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 NAT = 0.00005 ETH
Day 1 - 3 : 35% Bonus
Total Supply
12,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 16, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 16, 2018

Natmin Team

Jaco Swanepoel
Managing Director

For the past several years I have been the owner of a successful cloud application development company. We specialize in the Blockchain / Decentralized applications, Smart Contract develop

Rebecca Swanepoel
Head of Marketing

I have a background in Social Media Marketing and a Bachelor of Education degree from UNE. I enjoy creative writing and dabble in JavaScript, HTML and Website Design.

Frederik Lund
Legal Adviser

As an attorney at law I have significant experience within company law and general business law. I help international companies to establish and do business in Norway.

Lisa Cashen
Community Manager

For the past two decades I have had extensive experience in various aspects of customer service, and I genuinely enjoy helping people with any questions or problems they may have. I have also been involved in content writing and editing for the last five years.

Monika Shaw
Head of Accounting

Being a Registered Tax Agent and also a member of the National Tax and Accountants Association, allows me to share business advice that can help take the stress out of accountancy.

Jason Jones
Senior Developer

In the last five years I have been predominantly involved in the full Microsoft stack, developing using Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET WebForms (MVC with Web API more recently) with C# and WCF as application/middle/top layer technologies and Microsoft SQL Server variants at the data tier.

Olga Kuznetsova
Marketing Specialist

Olga has over 12 years of marketing experience in various industries. She has directed a number of marketing teams and implemented many national-wide marketing strategies, using both traditional and digital tactics. Olga has extensive experience implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including customisations, user training and adoption.

Timo Trippler
Investment Advisor

Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and manages multiple crypto fund portfolios. He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice.

Boris Otonicar
Blockchain Advisor

Boris Otonicar has a master’s degree in psychology and economics from University of Zurich. He has also a certificate as a Blockchain Specialist BVS. He consults companies in Blockchain issues and do ICO Advising for different projects like Coinlancer, Districts, Bitxoxo etc. He is listed as an expert and advisor on different platforms like ICO Bench, IDACB etc.

Darrell Emmanuel
Asset Management Advisor

Mr. Emmanuel has more than ten years’ experience in the financial industry, He was introduced to Venture Capital in 2001 he worked as an associate for Brooklyn Capital. He also has deep knowledge of the tech world in 2000 in the height of the era he co-founded a company called internet buying He has worked for Global Maxfin Investments as the district manager for the city of Vancouver. He has also worked for RBC Royal Bank, Investors Group and Freedom55, before starting DE Asset Management.

Jun Hao
Strategy Advisor

Founder of - Top Advisory for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms in Singapore. Consulted for more than 30 Initial Token Offering (ITO). Build a total community of more than 200,000 across multiple token sale projects. Raised more than $300 Million for all projects collectively. Passionate about Cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, blockchain. Deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Amassed over 16,000 followers on Telegram (

Natmin Rates & Bonuses

  • Day 1 - 3 : 35% Bonus
  • Day 4 – 10 : 25% Bonus
  • Day 11 – 17 : 20% Bonus
  • Day 18 – 30 : 15% Bonus
  • October & November : 10% Bonus

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Natmin Social

    Natmin Milestones

    April 2018
    Demo Platform launched on private Ethereum Blockchain
    July 2018
    Token Generation Event (TGE)
    January 2019
    Team expansion after successful TGE
    April 2019
    Closed alpa of the web app will be launced for testing
    June 2019
    Beta release of web app
    January 2020
    Production release of the web app and smart contracts
    April 2020
    Platform / Client Integration API
    July 2020
    Mobile app release for Android
    October 2020
    Mobile app release for iOS
    January 2021
    Adding Fiat conversion to the platform to increase wider popularity
    April 2021
    Additional features to be added to increase functionality

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