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Digital assets are not only a part of the modern financial system but mark a new stage of the global economic development as well. The disadvantage of cryptocurrency investment market lies in the lack of legal rules and mechanisms for attracting financial resources, denominated in fiat currency, adjusted for the legislation valid in the countries of issue. Information is the key competitive edge in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is woefully short of a brand new product that would provide a comprehensive informational and analytical platform allowing one to evaluate ICO and blockchain projects on the basis of unbiased information about the potential risk factors, clear to the classic investor from the world of fiat economics.


The aim is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency markets, required for making carefully weighted investment decisions and building long-term market strategies.

About Neironix

Neironix Ecosystem is based on a set of tools – the flow of content and information intended for use in operations with crypto assets and selection of ICO projects for investments. Neironix practices a comprehensive approach to drawing up the rating using no less than 75 key dynamic risk factors. This approach allows one to draw an objective picture as to the investment attractiveness of an ICO or blockchain project, and provide potential investors with unbiased information about the key strategic indicators and potential risks. The main principle of building Neironix ratings is a reduction in the share of experts’ judgments and an increase of the role of the algorithm and methodological constituent parts.


Neironix Overview

Neironix ICO
Ended 232 Days Ago
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Public Sale: 35%(1 Sep - 30 Sep), 15% (1 Oct - 31), 5%(1 Nov - 30 Nov)
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Oct 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 NRX = 0.5 USD
Public Sale: 35%(1 Sep - 30 Sep), 15% (1 Oct - 31), 5%(1 Nov - 30 Nov)
Total Supply
31,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Aug 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 27, 2018

Neironix Team

Ivan Marakhovka
Founder, Cto

Andrey Vengerets
Founder, Ceo

Aziz Akobirov

Eduard Khudyakov

Denis Ahmitzhanov

Andrey Demianenko
Risk Management

Sergey Sevantsyan
International Public Keynote Speaker & Investment Relations

Sergey Zinchenko
Blockchain Analyst

Anastasia Evdokimova
Specialist on Public Relations

Ikrom Ergashev
Project Manager

Vladislav Serov
Frontend Developer

Alexander Tsvetkov
Backend Developer

Ravil Akhmetov
Backend Developer

Vladislav Kochetkov

President Finam Supervisory Director Racib

Alex Sidorenko

Ceo Risk-academy

Victor Goncharuk

Vice President of Acceleration Racib

Konstantin Babaev

CRO Rostelecom

Alexander Vissarov

CEO Bank Future

Roman Karimov
Ico Advisor

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast

Neironix Rates & Bonuses

  • Public Sale: 35%(1 Sep - 30 Sep), 15% (1 Oct - 31), 5%(1 Nov - 30 Nov)

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Neironix Milestones

April 2017
Generation of project idea
July 2017
Analyzing market conditions, project development outlook, goals and mission of the project, building financial model of the project; Working out methodology for the identification and management of investment risks typical of ICO and blockchain projects; Building the first version of risk tree and scoring matrices.
October 2017
Consulting skilled fiat and institutional investors; Designing the key product modules and databases; Drawing up the first version of White Paper draft.
January 2018
Legal architecture; Approval of project stages and functionality, resource evaluation; Development of automated algorithms for ICO projects analysis; Integration with the sources of required analytics; Attraction of first venture investments for the project; Launch of MVP with ICO listing; Involvement of first exchanges and funds in the project; Alpha testing of scoring matrices and rating mechanisms; Identification of risk factors and accumulation of historical data; Continuous monitoring of risk factors, analysis and identification of statistical relationships
April 2018
Development of marketing strategy; Development of Smart Contract; Implementation of the project’s legal structure; Development of personal ICO account; Linking the required data sources, aggregation and accumulation; Development and implementation of OLTP architecture, interpretation and analysis of data accumulated.
July 2018
Pre Sale; Data updating, history check; Aggregation and accumulation of historical data; Launch of mobile application for iOS and Android; Development of aggregation concept for data related to financial markets; Development and implementation of OLTP architecture, interpretation and analysis of data accumulated; Launch of Multidimensional Scoring for ICO Projects module, assigning first ratings; Testing logical-mathematical and process cluster of the system.
October 2018
Token Sale; Scaling of competencies, HR; Launch of financial model; International project localization; Concluding agreements with data suppliers and exchanges; Launch of partnership programs.
January 2019
Listing; Data updating; Launch of News and Financial Information module
April 2019
Scaling project geography (opening offices in the USA, South Korea and Japan); Expansion of product range.
July 2019
Scaling project geography (opening offices in South Korea and Japan).

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