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The gambling business is always considered ‘house edge’ where the organizer or the casino has the advantage. Even if you win, you end up paying a commission to claim your winning amount. This is clearly not fair for the players but there was no choice. Some people think that casinos are not their cup of tea, so they prefer the traditional lotteries to casinos. The lottery host sells tickets and allocates around half of the earnings to the prize pool. The remaining goes to the host. The truth of the matter is that the traditional lottery is a complete negative expectation game. Therefore, overall, it seems that gambling is out and out losing affair where the allure of big money is there, but most people end up losing money in some way or the other. Neogame, on the other hand, is a completely different game.


The aim is to make people gamble without intermediaries and claim their winnings without paying commission so that they get the most out of it.

About Neogame

The Neogame project is a complete contrast to traditional lotteries, where the main objective of the platform is to prove how blockchain technology can become a game changer. Neogame is a lottery with no host, no owners or third-party beneficiaries. The project makes the lottery non-profit and autonomous, capable of continuous operation and achieving full transparency through Ethereum blockchain. It will allocate all funds down to the last penny, by using a clear algorithm, which is written into the lottery’s smart contract.

Neogame Overview

Neogame ICO
Ended 177 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Oct 31, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 TKT = 0.0005 ETH
Total Supply
200,000 ETH
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      Neogame Milestones

      April 2018
      Concept: The team developed the initial concept, drawing inspiration from fairly decentralized blockchain projects
      July 2018
      Smart Contract: We have drafted a test version of the lottery smart contract and hosted it on Github. The code is written in Solidity, a programming language for Ethereum smart contract development.
      October 2018
      Crowdsale: 31 October at 6pm Central European Time we start the crowdsale of Ticket Tokens. Maximum emission volume is TKT 500 million. During the token sale, tokens will be offered at about $0.1. Crowdsale will run for one month. TKT tokens are mintable and unsold token will not be generated.
      November 2018
      DApp Release: By the end of November our version of DApp will be fully workable on Ethereum testnet with a pre-release lottery smart contract.
      December 2018
      Ad Campaign : We start the initial advertising campaign before the lottery launch and it will be ongoing for several months. The pre-release part of the campaign will be targeted at early players that can take part in the very first draws. After the budget for the initial campaign runs out, direct advertising of Neogame will stop permanently to follow the ethical mission stated above.
      January 2019
      TKT Buyback : We are planning to crowdfund up to $40 million in Ether. No more than $2 million in total is allocated to software development, listing on exchanges, legal advice, or marketing. Up to $38 million remains for prize fund formation. A few weeks before the first draw, we will start spending the up entire budget on Ticket Token buyback to form an initial Neogame prize pool.
      February 2019
      Launch : The project will be open for account registration and player acceptance a week before the first draw. As of the launch date, the Neogame project becomes autonomous and independent of the project team and any third party, exclusively governed by the lottery smart contract with no possibility of further human intervention.

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