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Global agriculture needs to produce 70% more food by 2050 to meet the demands of the growing international population. This is alarming as an increase in atmospheric CO2 has been proven to negatively impact these already precious resources – most noticeably through water availability and food quality. Net Zero Enterprises with its extensive track record of over 200 capital intensive project developments, risk mitigation and value maximization of their assets developments, utilizes a proprietary model for their risk mitigating and structuring of projects to ensure that each of their projects carries seamless and holistic project insurances from the construction. In addition, NETZ provides full transparency as to the performance and financial results through unaltered blockchain reporting.


Their aim is to improve the world’s degrading food quality; reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions; conserve water, and keep up with food production demands.

About NETZ

NETZ is a security token (STO) that is fully compliant for both US and international investors. NETZ invests in and develops Green Energy Power Plants within waste to produce energy and aquaculture with underlying collateral and highly profitable renewable energy assets, which gives NETZ a tangible and real-world asset value in contrast to other cryptocurrencies. NETZ will payout high dividends to all token holders on a quarterly basis through blockchain technology enabling transparency of performance and financial metrics to NETZ Investors. NETZ is launched and developed by Net Zero Enterprises, a renewable power plant asset developer originating from Sweden with a 36-year track record of developing and delivering risk mitigated, best in class Power Plant Assets.

Netzcoin Overview

Netzcoin ICO
Ended 166 Days Ago
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1st Block - 200,000 Million Token Sold at $0.55 Cents (Bonus is 30%).
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Jan 01, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 NETZ = 0.55 USD
1st Block - 200,000 Million Token Sold at $0.55 Cents (Bonus is 30%).
Total Supply
374,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 01, 2018

Netzcoin Team

Kim Forssell
Chairman & CEO

Kim has an extensive background within Capital-Intensive projects, both from the funding, as well as the development side. Kim has successfully built companies from the ground up, until sold company.

Anders Lennartsson
Group President

Anders has a diverse background spanning from multinational Commercial Management at Ericsson Inc to Real Estate Investment, Land Development, Risk Mitigation and Project Finance. Has played a vital role over the last 5 years in developing and risk mitigating Net

Li Nam
President, Asia

Li started his career at HSBC and later moved into the project finance sector with the Milbank Corporation in Singapore. His areas of expertise has primarily been in solar and wind farms. Li holds an MBA in corporate finance from the Business School of Melbourne, Australia.

Anpan Thiages
President, Africa & India

Anpan has an extensive track record within Business Development with Ericsson. Since 2009, Anpan has identified and established sustainability projects in Africa, India and Europe. Anpan joined Net Zero in 2015. Anpan has both a BSC and MSC in Engineering.

Ron Sleight
President, Waste 2 Energy

Ron started out as plant and production manager within both power plants and mining companies, where Ron has managed over 1,000 people. In 2001 Ron started his W2E journey with the purpose of creating the most efficient W2E conversion and solution in the World. Today there are existing plants across the globe and the process is now combining water treatment, waste to energy, plastics to biofuel.

Lucas Nelson
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Lucas has his background as a licensed broker for financial services and has served as CIO and CFO. Lucas later branched off to structure financial instruments, facilitate projects financings and to develop his own portfolio of land development projects.

Giorgi Batiashvili
Lead Developer

Lead Developer at United Capital Investments S.A. Designer at iShook Inc. Former Frontend Developer at Omicronsoft. Freelancer

Roman Kisilenko
Lead Blockchain Developer

Roman has 15 years of software development experience including blockchain applications, information security, SaaS application development and cloud infrastructures. He specialize on blockchain applications and skilled in distributed blockchain applications, smart contracts, and distributed applications.

Antoun Toubia
Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments

Antoun is an investment services professional with years of experience in Private Equity investments, venture capital and Blockchain Technology. He is currently building a new type of Private Equity Portfolio Fund based on the Blockchain technology and has already secured several project agreements including government backed contracts. Through his extensive network, he is bringing high value projects to the STO market.

Maroun Mourani
Regional Manager at United Capital Investments S.A.

Main activities: International Business development and Sales, Software and hardware expertise, technical Sales, pre-sales, project management, software architecture and design, building, programming, development and deployment of applications, website and complex portals as well as defense C4I and Tactical deployment. Expert in commercial, military, defense technologies for the middle East and African market.

Yaser Ali Mohra
Regional Manager at United Capital Investments S.A.

Co-founder of & Expert on decentralized Blockchain technology. Creator, Dreamer, Serial entrepreneur, this half of the Mohra Brothers (read The Blockchain Brothers) is also the Co-Founder of Dubai International Blockchain Summit the region’s flagship blockchain event.

Joakim Holmer
Co-Founder, allcoinWiki

When Joakim completed the delivery of a 500 team member strong project, he gave a T-shirt to each of the 500 team members that said: “Everything is Possible”. This is Joakim. That project was the major delivery to AT&T in California and THE BIG ONE for Ericsson Group (NASDAQ: ERIC) that year, delivered on time, which everyone stated was impossible.

Anders Larsson
Co-Founder, allcoinWiki

Anders has worked for two decades to create the emerging technologies of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IOT in 10 different countries for Ericsson Group (NASDAQ: ERIC) and today the 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions exceed the world population.

Mark Friedler
CEO, Gigex

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain leader, ICO advisor and investor. He has a sales and marketing background in B2B cloud services, games and digital currencies. He was founder/CEO of, acquired by AOL/Time Warner. He?s founded 4 companies and been an executive at TimeWarner/AOL and Philips.

Netzcoin Rates & Bonuses

  • 1st Block - 200,000 Million Token Sold at $0.55 Cents (Bonus is 30%).
  • 2nd Block - 100,000 Million Token Sold at $0.85 Cents (Bonus is 25%).
  • 3rd Block - 80,000,000 Million Token Sold at $1.15 Cents (Bonus is 20%).
  • 4th Block - 60,000,000 Million Token Sold at $1.45 Cents (Bonus is 15%).

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    August 2018
    Aqualife 1
    September 2018
    Pyrolysis 1
    October 2018
    Coal to Liquid 3
    November 2018
    Pyrolysis 2. Waste to Energy 1
    January 2019
    Aqualife 2
    February 2019
    Waste to Energy 2
    February 2019
    Pyrolysis 3-6
    March 2019
    Waste to Energy 4

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