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Odeep is packed drinking water harvested on the high seas, 300 meters deep, where the marine environment is pure and rich in minerals. The unique qualities of this new resource bring the very best to serve taste and wellbeing. It is possible thanks to the technology of the bottling vessel which helps in collecting water at such deep levels. The ODEEP ecosystem wants to develop a humanitarian bottled water platform at the closest to emergency needs like the port city of Aqaba. The ODEEP token will be a springboard to deliver up to 20,000,000 litres of water to NGOs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

ODEEP Token Model

100,000,000 ODEEP tokens will be issued part of the token sale. Then, 0.25L per sold token is dedicated to the deployment of the humanitarian actions. It concerns prospection of NGO partners, selection of a warehouse made available for NGOs to take delivery of 5L bottles.

Exchange of ODEEP tokens on the crypto-platforms will take place. Ocean Fresh Water offers three buyback period of ODEEP tokens. These buybacks are in no way dividends. They aim at making the token attractive to everyone, mainly for ODEEP holders not motivated by the exchange or speculation of the crypto-universe.

By 2020, the ODEEP ecosystem will integrate the ‘token to water’ swap function. It will enable token holders to convert their tokens into bottled water.

Stakeholders in ODEEP token

Token Holders

The ODEEP token focus on improving the access to safer water for all. The ODEEP token virtually represents 1.25L of bottled water. An ODEEP token holder will be able to swap his token for a litre of Odeep. The litre of Odeep will then be shipped to the EXW delivery conditions.

The remaining 0.25L is donated to humanitarian action. It should be noted that the humanitarian water is different in its composition than Odeep’s one. They meet humanitarian standards, without marketing or commercial interventions.

Non-Governmental Organizations

ODEEP is partnering with selected NGOs and local associations involved in the supply of food and beverages in the Middle East & North Africa. Non-Governmental Organizations and local associations do not take part in the token exchange or purchase mechanisms proper to the ODEEP Token Sale. They remain logistical and operational partners only.

ODEEP Token Sale

Ocean Fresh Water issues a total of 100,000,000 ODEEP tokens. Any unsold ODEEP token will be burnt. The ODEEP token emission will be structured in two parts, starting with the pre-sales and followed by the Main Sale. The sale price for ODEEP token during the Token Sale is fixed at 1 USD = 1 ODEEP.

Odeep Overview

Odeep ICO
Ended 243 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Jun 13, 2018
End Date
Jul 23, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
Total Supply
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Presale Start Date
May 14, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 13, 2018

Odeep Team

Jacques Le Moigne
Head of business development

Régis Revilliod
Head of blockchain & odeep ecosystem development

Régis is a true seafarer and entrepreneur. Having been an officer of the merchant navy for 15 years, he was a commander in the off-shore sector. In 1995, he founded Optimum Consulting, an industrial software company specializing in offshore and agri-food processes. Pioneer in traceability and utility software, he created a blockchain department in 2006.

Patrick De Courreges
partnership development with humanitarian ongs

Patrick is a specialist in economic intelligence and greentech project financing. He worked for 15 years in various economic intelligence firms including Reed Public Policy and Kroll Associates. As a network activator and financial advisor for innovative projects, he founded his consulting firm PADECO in 1999.

Yamine Bennouar
IT developer & customer managment

Yamine is a seasoned developer with an extensive experience in IT customer support. He is in charge of the entire back-end of the app and deals with the tracking and traceability aspects included in the ODEEP ecosystem.

Boucif Chabani
mobile & smart contract developer

Boucif is a versatile developer with an extensive experience in IT customer support. He is in charge of the development of smart contracts based on the Ethereum norms as well as the server and security structure.

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