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Odyfund is a platform where people across the world can donate funds for NGOs, charities using blockchain technology. Majority of donations are made on the Internet today, and a recent study has shown that the biggest inspiration to donate is social media. Though donations have increased yearly, the trust on the different charities or NGO has decreased due to lack of transparency. Odyfund will address this issue. With the use of Odytokens (ODY), anyone can make donations on the platform.


To create an all-in-one platform that will allow individuals, charities, and NGOs to launch their own humanitarian fundraisings.

About the Project

Odytoken is our fundraising campaigns’ currency. Internal Exchange will offer the possibility to our users to directly buy Odytokens on their dashboard. On its dashboard, the user can select which cryptocurrency he/she wishes to send. The conversion is free of charge, as it has been designed as a service to the Community. After it has been confirmed by the user, Odytokens are immediately credited to the Odywallet and can be used to donate to a fundraising campaign. Multiple safety measures have been set to protect assets deposited by users. If the user changes mind, a withdrawal from the Odywallet is possible. Donating to a fundraising campaign does not require to open an account with Odyfund. A fundraising campaign can be easily created by choosing a name, a description, category and the goal amount. After launching the campaign, the system automatically publishes a Smart Contract on behalf of the fundraiser on the Ethereum Blockchain. The fundraiser can withdraw funds regularly, even if the goal is not achieved. The fundraiser must manually end the campaign when he/she considers it has raised enough funds.

OdyFund Overview

OdyFund ICO
Ended 251 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Jun 15, 2018
End Date
Jul 15, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 ODY = 1 USD
10% to 50%
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 15, 2018
Presale End Date
May 15, 2018

OdyFund Team

Renaud breviere
Ceo - co-founder

Renaud has a 10 year experience as asset manager for major french banks and has been the ceo of a crypto-business for 3 years.

Steven Desmet
Cfo - Co-founder

Steven is a financial expert who has a 5 years experience as the CFO of a French company. He is the guarantor of our Transparency Policy.

Vicktor lisenkov
Solidity developer

Vicktor has a 15 years experience in web development and is now an expert in blockchain & smart contracts since 2013.

Arnaud duboust
Fullstack developer

Arnaud is a fullstack developer. He has 7 years of experience. He has worked with great french companies and has studied with hetic, the top french web school.

Emmanuelle morand
Designer - communication

Emmanuelle is a communication and event expert. She has been working since 1998 for corporations, non-profits and labels. She is also our chief happiness officer.

Raphaël lefebvre
Community & partners relations

Raphaël has been a community manager for the past 8 years and is working for one of the biggest entertainment company in france. Social networks have no secrets for him.

Jovanel herlem
Funds & reserves manager

Jovanel has graduated from edhec, one of the top business management school in france. He worked for the past 8 years as a financial advisor. His insight is precious for the management of our funds & reserves.

Mykola vdovychenko
Legal advisor

Mykola is a lawyer specialized in blockchain, it and cyber law. He has consulted many blockchain companies and icos.

OdyFund Rates & Bonuses

  • 10% to 50%

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OdyFund Milestones

January 2018
Beginning of platform development
April 2018
Token Generation Pre-Event
April 2018
Launching Beta Platform
June 2018
Token Generation Main Event
November 2018
Global launch of platform
November 2018
First community event
November 2018
Global campaign to promote fundraising campaigns
December 2018
Integrating API for banking transparency
January 2019
First audit report is published
February 2019
Launching iOS undefined Android apps

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