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The project aims at the rarest and one of the scarcest metal that is found in Earth called Osmium. It has been developed over the time and is made to be stable and non-toxic such that it can be used in the jewellery industry. A rough estimation would show that Osmium is about four thousand times rarer than gold and would have a sizable amount of customer throughout the world. Considering these legit facts, they are using the same to safeguard investments and also grant a way of opportunity for people to earn huge returns on this. This is arguably going to be one of the biggest parts of the global economy when it is up and running.


To mint and establish the metal Osmium in the jewellery industry and make it profitable for investors.

About the Project

The project lets investors be a part of the Osmium sale and distribution market with the help of Oi coin. This coin is the basis of trades on the platform and allows the holder to be a part of the trades related to this metal. The coins are Ethereum based and ERC 20 tokens which ensure a high grade of reliability along with secure transactions. A hefty ten per cent of the total sale is offered to the investors which are a great deal considering how big this industry is going to get. It is led by a team of experts in the jewellery industry and business who would ensure amazing returns for the holders.

Oicoin Overview

Oicoin ICO
Ended 157 Days Ago
Vote For Oicoin
+ 5% Bonus tokens
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 09, 2018
End Date
Nov 15, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 OiCOiN = 0.001 ETH
+ 5% Bonus tokens
Total Supply
125,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Aug 26, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 09, 2018

Oicoin Team

Michael Karl Gasser
MBA MPA - Head of ICO Management Group (Advisory team)

Michael is a well-known expert in the crypto market. He lectures crypto issues in the Chamber of Commerce of Austria as well as in miscellaneous other educational institutions.

Karl M. Walder, MBA
Project Developer

Karl has been working in international marketing and IP projects for many years and oversees legal and project issues of the ICO.

Ulrich Zwirchmaier, MSc.
Head of Marketing

Ulrich oversees the marketing team of the ICO internationally.

Barbara Pauer, MSc.
- Head of Communication

Barbara is looking after social media and connection to influencers in the ICO area. She is the face of the ICO team.

Dipl.-Ing. Ljuba Jakic
- Head of development office

Ljuba is CEO and head of the development office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Filip Ribarovic, BBA
- Social Media Expert

Filip is member of the social media team for keeping the worldwide investment group informed.

Damir Srpcic
- Blockchain Programmer

He is specialized in the programming of the Smart Contract.

Ingo Wolf
- Founder & GM

GM of the Headquarter, the German Osmium Institute. Holds all global rights on the process of crystallizing Osmium. Has worked as head at science TV-stations. Worked in mining business and global metal wholesale. Profound knowledge in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Financial expert.

Elisabeth Greischler
- International Partner Management

Elisabeth oversees all international affairs concerning the worldwide establishment of Osmium institutes. After working in a lawfirm she has excellent knowledge of smoothening processes between the HQ and the national Osmium institutes.

Scarlett Clauss, BA
- Director Public Relations

Born and raised in the US, Scarlett is in charge of training and organising new institutes outside of Europe. She travels to local partners and implements all necessary structures. She is also looking after public and press relations.

Denise Ludwig
- International Social Media

Denise co-ordinates social media of the HQ. She holds contact with all worldwide influencers for the Osmium markets. She has been working at KPMG Germany as “Employer Branding and Social Media”-Manager. She will build up a group of over 100 influencers in 30 languages over the next two years.

Michael Raupenstrauch
- Head of IT

As Michael has been a computer professional for many years, he is in charge of all IT issues within the company.

Dr. Jörg Saxler
- State Institute Australia

Jörg is CEO of the Australian institute and oversees as lawyer all legal issues internationally. His task is also the international co-ordination of tax and import matters. As physicist he is also technical board member of the HQ.

Dr. Yingying Zhang
- Regional Partner China

Living in Australia she co-ordinates the buildup of the Chinese market. Working together with Jörg Saxler in the Australian institute she uses her excellent networks in Australia and Asia. Multilingual she can combine her knowledge to substantially support the Asian Osmium

Matteo Fortin
- CEO Osmium Institute South Central China

Located in Zhōgnán he is building up the regional area for investors. Through exceptional networks he will be an anchor for the whole Chinese market.

Marion Langenscheidt
- CEO Osmium Institute Spain

After years in banking and real estate Marion joined us and founded the first Osmium institute outside Germany.

Oicoin Rates & Bonuses

  • + 5% Bonus tokens

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Oicoin Milestones

June 2014
Hublot is first customer in jewelry market.
March 2015
Plan to broaden product pallet (ingots, discs, stars) for investment.
October 2016
Start of global marketing.
June 2017
Founding first Osmium Institutes internationally.
September 2018
June 2019
Preparation of listings on exchanges after first revenue share to Token Holders. Start of Development os new regions - 4 new Osmium institutes per quarter to be established until 100 institutes are set up.
June 2020
Start of aggressive sales to jewelry market.

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