Onasander ICO & Token Sale

Onasander ICO will be the first decentralized investment bank which will be legal in the United States of America. The high-level plan is to collect funds through crowdfunding and open up an investment fund first. Asset Price Analysis Software will be the key component of this fund and future bank. The growth of the institution will be based on this trading software. This piece of software is the company’s unique way of analyzing asset prices and forecasting deals. With time, growth, and experience, the plan is to turn the fund into an investment bank.


To execute a very successful ICO, open up an investment fund, and take advantage of the upcoming stock recession, volatility, and price swings, all along benefitting the investors with dividends, and high token valuations.

About the Project

The trading software collects prices of all the assets which are being tracked.  Based on those collected prices, it calculates if the asset is overbought or oversold. Then, the prices of them are analyzed and investment plans for the most optimal gains are created which is a dynamic process. As time goes on, the most optimal investment plan changes as the prices of assets change. The trading team monitors the Onasander market calls and adjusts the portfolios, and trading positions so that they are aligned with the most optimal plan. Onasander market calls provide us with the exact price for the trade entry and exit, along with precise timing. Finally, the software can also predict trade entry points into the future for decades.

Onasander Overview

Onasander ICO
Ended 149 Days Ago
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Real Estate
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Jan 22, 2019
End Date
Feb 23, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
  • USD
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 ONA = 0.4 USD
Total Supply
50,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 22, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 23, 2018

Onasander Team

Andrzej Wegrzyn
Founder & Ceo

Andrzej is an inventor and visionary leader. He has 20 years of experience in trading and investing in varies assets. Over that time span he managed family related funds, and estates. He dedicated 18 years of his life to world financial analysis, price behavior, trading software development, and anything related to asset prices while working at Morgan Stanley, and for his own company.

Minbo Min
Entrepreneur/ico Advisor

Advising on blockchain and crypto projects is not just about getting the funds in through an ICO (though too many focus solely on this element.) Really valuable projects have a big challenge ahead, and the ICO is just a step on the plan. This is where MinBo Min comes in and broadens are Blockchain and ICO view so that we can take a full advantage of our talents.

Anna Kravitz - Cfo

Anna comes from a corporate background. She ran companies in New York City and was a Chief Financial Officer at Robert Grant Group (US Grant). She holds a CPA license and will be our go to person when it comes to running our accounting, taxation, and internal finance. Her efficient way of running the finances will help us manage Onasander without wasting resources.

Raj Singh
- Social Media Manager

Raj lives, eats, and breathes social media. He is our person to go when to comes to Social Media Advertising, Social Media Advise, Bounty Program Managements, Marketing Strategy and Coordination. He is the person responsible for running Onasander Bounty Program.

Adam Wagner
- It Lead and Development

Adam is a developer who will be responsible for developing all reporting software for the company. His talents and leadership will be utilized where he will lead a team of developers to build dividend payment system for our ICO clients, back office applications, intranets, internal Onasander token exchange, and many more IT projects.

Sivalika Arumalla
- Ico Advisor

Sivalika has a long history of managing ICO projects and turning ICOs from ideas into successful ventures. She is a manager for a video streaming ICO, and her recent project was Launch My ICO. She will advise us on overall ICO managment and best practices.

Robert Muer
- It Security and Development

Victor Ekpo
- Content Writer/marketing Advisor

Mike Brown
- Blockchain Enthusiast/ico Advisor

Jessie Derecho
- Administrator

Jessie became our Media Administrator and Moderator. His role is to oversee all our Social Media communications. All of Onasander communications channels are managed by him.

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      Onasander Milestones

      January 2018
      Hire ICO Team
      February 2018
      Write the Whitepaper
      February 2018
      Onasander Website
      March 2018
      Develop Onasander Smart Contracts
      June 2018
      Prepare Marketing Plan
      June 2018
      Register Legal Entities for the company
      July 2018
      Reach to Investors
      July 2018
      PRE ICO 1 / Pre-Sale
      July 2018
      Apply for SEC Regulation A+ compliance in USA
      September 2018
      PRE ICO 2 / Pre-Sale

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