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ORIS Space is a project which intends to enable consumers to earn money from their own profiles created on the native ORIS Mobile App by answering questions of a range of market research organizations and certain opinion polls. They would also be able to benefit from other services, from proper forecast exchanges and from bookmaking offices. The intention of the project is to drive the currently existing lack of value towards more positive ends and to enable the customer to receive the maximum for his spending.

The goals of the ORIS Project

We can summarize the goals of the ORIS project in two convenient sections. The first one is the tactical goal. It is to create the aforementioned ORIS application that the users will be able to take advantage of and to obtain the answers to their questions from a large pool of people.

The second goal is the strategic one. It’s to create the DAO.ORIS.SPACE. This is something which is going to increase the overall awareness of people through the development of very convenient capabilities in order to ensure the formation of value. This is the main intention of the project as we mentioned in the beginning.

The ultimate goal of the ORIS Space project is to render the barrier which is currently existing between the consciousness and the subconscious a lot more transparent. The idea is that only through taking a look beyond this particular barrier it would be possible to obtain the absolutely genuine information which is not dependent on frameworks, clichés, and various modifiers of our consciousness.

The aforementioned shall be achieved through the creation and analysis of the questions which are being asked in the mobile application and the answers which are being received directly within the system. This will allow the project to bring value in the eyes of the customer and also, enable him to earn more money by answering the questions which are being asked.

About the ICO

Starting off, the project has decided to call the tokens which are issued for sale Orgon tokens. They are ERC20-compliant and the blockchain which is used for the creation of the infrastructure is Ethereum. The entire thing is structured in a way which rewards everyone who is making a contribution to the platform in any way.

The tokens themselves are ticked as ORGN. There is a price which is announced for the official final sale and it is set to 0.001ETH per 1 ORGN token. However, the sale is tiered and there are numerous rounds where you can access tokens at a discounted rate.

The only currency that you can use to buy ORGN tokens is ETH and if you have any other, you would have to exchange it.

This does seem like an interesting token sale and a project which attempts to resolve some serious issues which are currently currently underlying and populate a serious area of our consumer lives.


ORIS.Space Overview

Ended 377 Days Ago
Vote For ORIS.Space
Stage 1. First 10 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00080 ETH)
Token Type
Start Date
Apr 18, 2018
End Date
Jul 06, 2018
Stage 1. First 10 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00080 ETH)
Total Supply
3,100 ETH
Presale Start Date
Apr 02, 2018
Presale End Date
Apr 02, 2018

ORIS.Space Team

Alexandr Kolokhmatov
Co-Founder, ORIS app developer

Alexandr Ozerov
Co-Founder, Head of Technical Department

Galiya Akhmetzhanova
Co-Founder, Financial Director

ORIS.Space Rates & Bonuses

  • Stage 1. First 10 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00080 ETH)
  • Stage 2. 10 000 - 20 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00082 ETH)
  • Stage 3. 20 000 - 30 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00085 ETH)
  • Stage 5. 40 000 - 50 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00090 ETH)
  • Stage 6. 50 000 - 60 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00092 ETH)
  • Stage 7. 60 000 - 70 000 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00095 ETH)
  • Stage 8. 70 000 - 72 500 ETH ( Price for 1 ORGN = 0.00098 ETH)

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