Peoplewave ICO & Token Sale

Peoplewave is an HR solutions company powered by Blockchain technology. It is one of the fastest growing company in HR industry having a core principle of making work fair and transparent. In a very short span of period, Peoplewave has become popular with its simple approach of putting people first in people management. Peoplewave was started in Singapore in January 2017 and has already amassed over 150 business from 15 countries and offices in 4 countries. The company has launched highly successful HR products which include First 100 Days – for employee onboarding, Performance Wave – for data-driven appraisals and HR Command Centre – an analytics suite for people data. All these tools are to be efficiently integrated into the upcoming Peoplewave’s new blockchain platform, Wavebase.

Peoplewave Solutions

First 100 Days – Onboarding

First 100 Days solution provide a smooth and structured onboarding experience for new employees while providing employers with an unparalleled ability to monitor the employees. This is made possible by introducing checklist for easy guidance and making the role clarify clearer to the employees. The pulse survey offered is useful for them to echo their feedback as well.

Performance Wave

Performance Wave is the fresh approach to performance management process where it quashes the old and unproductive way of typical reviews which happens once or twice per year. It not only focusses on employee’s goals and Key performance indicators but also pulls in other parameters like role purpose, skills update etc. This way performance wave receives consolidated feedback on 11 data points which allows giving an uncompromised picture of employee’s performance and engagement.

Benefits of Peoplewave Solutions

  • The issue on Performance data ownership for the employee is taken care by performing data integrity done using blockchain technology allowing the required data is always available whenever needed.
  • Peoplewave will help consolidate employee’s data from the various jobs he/she has done in a single place.
  • With the data consolidation and integrity powered by Wavebase blockchain under one roof, conducting background checks will be simple and a quick process going forward.
  • The data in CV or resume will not always show the complete information or potential of an employee. But with HR solutions from Peoplewave and data integrity it provides, no longer this will be an issue.

About Wavebase and ICO

Wavebase is a new blockchain platform which will be the core tool to integrate all HR products from Peoplewave and provide an ultimate solution for issues faced in HR industry. Peoplewave will be launching an ERC20 token for sale through an ICO on Ethereum blockchain to make this a reality.

Peoplewave Overview

Peoplewave ICO
Ended 412 Days Ago
Vote For Peoplewave
Up to 75% to 95%
Business Services
Token Type
Ethereum, ERC20
Start Date
May 31, 2018
End Date
Jun 06, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 PWV = 0.00014518 ETH
Up to 75% to 95%
Total Supply
20,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 06, 2018
Presale End Date
May 25, 2018

Peoplewave Team

Damien Cummings
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 years’ experience. Digital thought leader, speaker & award-winning marketer. Former Global Head of Digital at Standard Chartered, CMO at Philips, Regional Marketing Director at Samsung. Masters in Digital Management from Hyper Island

Phil Aldridge
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years’ experience in technology. Founder & COO of FunctionEight (IT services). SME & Start-up mentor, Committee Chair at British Chamber of Commerce (HK). Bachelor of Science, Applied Computing, The Open University of Hong Kong

Eugene Lim
Chief Investment Officer

Over 20 years’ experience in digital, e-commerce and start-up. Run his own ICOs and leads a fund that invested in some of the well-known cryptocurrency brands. Conducts blockchain labs for leading Fortune 500 companies. MBA from the University of Leicester and Economics graduate from Murdoch University.

Micky Lin
Vice President, Marketing

Leads all branding and marketing functions at Peoplewave. Formerly at Deloitte, Sports Singapore, and Marina Bay Sands. Masters in Digital Management from Hyper Island and Business Management Bachelor's Degree from Singapore Management University.

Yeng Wai Leong
Vice President, Product Management

Teacher and trainer with over 10 years with the Singapore Ministry of Education. Now data and product strategist, leading customer engagements at Peoplewave. Masters in Digital Management from Hyper Island and Bachelor's Degree (Honours) from National University of Singapore.

Stephen Walker
Vice President, Peoplewave Australia & New Zealand

Successful senior executive and entrepreneur, operating in the IT industry for over 25 years. Innovative sales strategist, start-up advisor, and guest speaker at Western Sydney University, Graduate School of Marketing. Honours Degree in Finance.

Aurelia Jessica
UX & Creative Lead

Jason Zhuo
Sales Director

Ariunaa Enkhamgalan
Digital Marketing Executive

Shaun Yim
Digital Marketing Executive

Emerald Faye Bagares
General Manager, Philippines

Rosemale-John II Villacorta
Development Lead

Norbert Feria
Project Manager

Francis Claide
Magallen Developer

Alvin Caralos

Kszyr Ver Cobrador

Arthur Yap

Cj Ronxel Cabug-os

Gemrald Calibara
Quality Assurance Analyst

Mallika Gadepalli
Human Resources

Former Executive Vice President, People at Lazada, HR Director at The Boston Consulting Group

Peoplewave Rates & Bonuses

  • Up to 75% to 95%

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    Peoplewave Milestones

    April 2018
    Launch presale
    May 2018
    Conclude presale
    June 2018
    Launch ICO
    July 2018
    ICO closes and funding received Apply for listing at exchanges
    November 2018
    Peoplewave launches in Indonesia
    January 2019
    Release first generation “My.Wavebase”
    February 2019
    Peoplewave launches in USA
    May 2019
    • Release first generation “Recruit Wave” talent acquisition platform. • Aim to achieve 100,000 users. • Release first generation “Background Wave” • pre-employment screening platform.
    June 2019
    Partnerships with key blockchains and strategic technology players
    October 2019
    Release Wavebase solution Phase 2. Aims to achieve 500,000 users.

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