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The crypto world is a fascinating place and it is attracting almost everybody now. The main problem that most people are facing is the lack of knowledge. They want to join the bandwagon and invest in cryptocurrency or use cryptocurrency in trading, but the main issue is that they don’t possess the technical knowledge for that. It is not easy to get a hang of it. There are several platforms that boast of helping the amateurs in trading by providing them with expert advice, but not many fulfil the promise. Many startups want to make use of the crypto world, nevertheless, they don’t know whom to approach and how to go about the process. Digital currencies are a technology, which can improve the world. In order to ensure that everyone’s first experience with cryptocurrency is a good one, Project Elysian Coin provides the best services.


The aim is to bring the world closer to cryptocurrency by providing guidance and advice regarding the creation of your own coin.

About Project Elysian Coin

Project Elysian Coin is an ERC20 token build on the Ethereum blockchain. The team of Project Elysian Coin is composed of experienced developers and traders. They sell packages for the creation of a coin and guidance during an ICO. They have three packages with varying content and by selling these packages, they will generate profit. This profit will then help them to buy back the coins to create a rise in the price. The coin is tradable and fractional divisible, which means that the creator can choose how many decimals there could be after the comma.

ProjectElysianCoin Overview

ProjectElysianCoin ICO
Ended 146 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 10, 2018
End Date
Jan 30, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 PEC = 0.1 ETH
Total Supply
10,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 10, 2018
Presale End Date
Jan 30, 2019

ProjectElysianCoin Team

Egemen Kayadibi

Lionel Filemon
Chief Technology Officer

Head of Interior Design

Blockchain Specialist

Onur Ortaakarsuci
Chief of Marketing

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      ProjectElysianCoin Milestones

      October 2018
      Start ICO Sale: October 10th start of the ICO sale.
      December 2018
      Custom coin sale: First projects are going to be made for customers
      January 2019
      END ICO: The ICO will be closed on 30 January. Publication on exchanges: Project Elysian Coin wil be available on Binance & Hitbtc.
      February 2019
      Investors: Profit from Project Elysian Coin will be invested in the growth of the currency.
      February 2019
      Sales Target: 50 customers have their own cryptocurrency.
      March 2019
      Reorganization: Expansion of the team and activities.
      April 2019
      Online Wallet: Launch web wallet Project Elysian Coin.
      June 2019
      Mobile Wallet: Launch mobile wallet Project Elysian Coin.
      August 2019
      Netwerk: Large network of cooperating customer.

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