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The token-based economy is a paradigm shift. The tokens with real usage and backed by a genuine business model will gradually bring and maintain value within the network. The tokens are generally used for paying product fees or transacting on the crypto platform. The token holders of any platform have the access to several benefits that the platforms provide. Every platform tries to attract users towards them by providing some out of the box ideas. Sometimes there are some platforms where the winner of the gaming or gambling industry is awarded through tokens. Some of the platforms also allow common people to invest in the crypto world by providing them with expert advice. They ensure that the users are attracted towards their line of experts and invest on their platform.


The aim is to expand the ecosystem and create an even greater service within the crypto business world.

About Pungo Token

Pungo Token is the digital token that Peer2group uses to empower the users to interact with the product of this platform. Blocktech Services LLC issues Pungo Token in a fixed, finite, noninflationary amount. The Pungo blockchain is a distributed ledger forked by Komodo. New features will be given to the token by projects integrating it. More existing products and services using Pungo token ensure a solid ecosystem and it leads to an increased token valuation over time. Pungo helps to share the newly added value with all token holders. Safety is of utmost important and so they have partnered with Openingchain.org created by Inlea Foundation to guarantee full transparency.

PungoToken Overview

PungoToken ICO
Ended 130 Days Ago
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Before 30th September: Get 20% discount @ 0.4 USD/PGT
Business Services
Komodo Independent Chain
Token Type
Komodo Independent Chain
Start Date
Sep 15, 2018
End Date
Nov 15, 2018
Start Price
1 PGT = 0.5 USD
Before 30th September: Get 20% discount @ 0.4 USD/PGT
Total Supply
10,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)

PungoToken Team

Sergi Compte
Founder & manager

Ana Schlüter

Raul Haro
CDO & Project manager

Alex Zhukovsky
Blockchain engineer

Denys Pasishnyi
Senior Backend Developer

Emilis Bliudzius
Backend Engineer

PungoToken Rates & Bonuses

  • Before 30th September: Get 20% discount @ 0.4 USD/PGT
  • Before 15th October: Get 10% discount @ 0.45 USD/PGT
  • Until the end (November 15th) @ 0.5 USD/PGT

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