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A team of professionals who are working towards reshaping the future of work and employment by integrating blockchain with it. Quidli works towards areas like Entrepreneurship, recruitment, security in jobs and remunerations. The entrepreneurship is benefited by their launching of start-ups and business ventures. It is carried out by connecting the passionate entrepreneurs to potential partners and colleagues. They also help the human resource managers and CEOs to recruit employees with more agility. Further, they look into matters of remuneration by aligning the needs and requirements from both the employer and employee perspective. Lastly, the workers are offered work that they genuinely want to pursue thus, creating a secure workplace.


They split equity in a unique way by the use of blockchain and invest in labour. The major goal is to reshape the way employment and work are carried out by enabling the companies to reward anyone who offers value to the business.

About the Project

A blockchain system that works towards the benefit of an employer and paving a new way of assigning work. This protocol connects the companies and workers. With a vision to become a new norm for work, Quidly offers a service that acknowledges the workers for their values. All the efforts are towards lowering the burn rates of the workers and keep them motivated with rewards. They help the companies make the best out of the flexible equities that they gather. It is powered by Squidcore and this block chain integrated system aims to rewrite the work culture.

quid Overview

quid ICO
Ended 142 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 QUID = 0.00002 USD
3% to 25%
Total Supply
23,500,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 10, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 10, 2018

quid Team

Florent Bolzinger

Florent is a former co-founder and CTO of Skylights, a VR platform for inflight entertainment that participated in Y Combinator in 2016. Skylights is also where Florent was first introduced to the concept of ‘work-for-equity,’ which the company used to scale up to 20 employees. He holds a PhD in Biomechanics from Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France), as well as an MBA from HEC Paris (France).

Justin Ahn

Justin has extensive business and product development experience at technology companies in Europe and Asia. He was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Rocket Internet where he built procurement in the launch of ZALORA Vietnam. Justin started his career as an M&A analyst at KPMG in Seoul, South Korea. He holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a BA from the University of Maryland, College Park (USA).

Gagandeep Singh
Co-Founder, Tech

Narjis Hachilif
Co-Founder, Tech

David Servais
Business Development

Gael Gendre
Business Development

Francisco Cordeiro

Edwin Martinez Content

Hunter Wiese
Marketing, Communications

Hannah Kim
Design, Engineering

Camille Picot
Design, Graphics

David Dicko

Stanislas de Quenetain

Michael Mills

Adrien Soumagne

Cyprien Pannier

Cyprien is a full-stack engineer, formerly CTO of adtech company BeOpinion and Lead API Developer at video advertiser Teads.tv. His experiences in web technologies and development are comprehensive as he has worked on integrations and solutions in e-commerce, CMS and database systems. He is a graduate of the Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers (Toulouse, France).

Guillaume Marcenac

quid Rates & Bonuses

  • 3% to 25%

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    quid Milestones

    January 2018
    Determine product description, technical architecture. Release abbreviated white paper. Launch Quidli product page.
    April 2018
    Release full white paper (ver. 1.0). Commence development on internal Quidli platform (off-chain). Secure, scalable app for companies & workers to calculate & distribute equity. Kick-off 1st pre-ICO bounty program.
    July 2018
    Open Quidli platform (off-chain) to other startups/companies. Commence development on core Quidli transfer protocol (on-chain). Receive external audit on Quidli ICO smart contract. Launch business development in first market (US). Incorporate Quidli Pre-sale
    October 2018
    Token sale. Propose first legal framework to convert token into binding equity distribution (off-chain). Deploy continuous calculation & distribution of equity as contribution extension. Public release of Quidli protocol/transfer platform. Alpha release of core API for external developers Push open source Quidli smart contracts on Github Release technical documentation on architecture & API utilization
    January 2019
    Add core improvements (decentralized storage, blockchain electronic signatures, etc.). Provide an onchain template for simple equity transfers. Expand business development into other countries. Receive external audit on Quidli smart contracts. Enable QUID transactions by listing on exchanges
    April 2019
    Deploy tax extension to calculate & pay income and/or capital gains taxes. Launch an open marketplace to connect companies & labor pool (workers). Integrate lawyer portal to enable all equity transfer types on-chain. Commence Quidli Fund, Phase :1 Grants to encourage external initiatives
    July 2019
    Deploy community version of platform with decentralized governance elements. Deploy buy-out extension to allow users to propose buying/selling any holdings gained on Quidli platform. Deploy equity & cash settlement extension to offer mixed compensation packages. Commence Quidli Fund, Phase 2: Full investment fund for external initiatives Accelerator to increase direct support
    October 2019
    Commence phasing out of core team. Establish Quidli DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Build governance flows & permissions into QUID. Deploy a dedicated management App for governance. Setup tools & communication channels for users involved in platform governance. Deploy HR extension to allow companies to manage entire compensation needs.

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