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Realty Crypto Investment (RCI) hosts its ICO in an attempt to comprehensively gather the necessary funds for further investments into one of the best-known as well as understandable realty markets. The token is going to be supported by commercial property which is going to have either known or projected profitability.

This is going to allow users to keep the current token’s price but it is also going to help it increase through the distribution of dividends. The team behind the project consists of numerous experts in countries such as Russia, Spain, Georgia, the Czech Republic, and others of the kind. Most of them have over 20 years of experience in the field.

About the RCI Project

One of the most important things to be accounted for is that blockchain-based technology has already allowed the project to consolidated developers and investors. With this said, it is high time to gather the best practices and put them into the blockchain in an attempt to make a reliable and comprehensive product which is only going to protect future investments.

Understanding that tokens should have actual value on the market, the project will distribute profits which are gathered as a direct result of their work. 40% of the profits shall be kept by the team and 60% shall be distributed amongst token holders as an incentive.

What is more, those who take part will be given the chance to vote on different investment options. The company is only going to put its investment into realties chosen by the token holders. This is the main reason for which every single investor is going to have the necessary influence on the investment policy as well as the RCI token’s overall price.

At the same time, the top 20 investors will be able to use the hotels and apartments of the company for leisure purposes.

About the ICO

The official RCI ICO has started on the 22nd of February and it is going to run until the 7th of April in 2018. The country of origin is the Czech Republic. So far, there are no countries which are restricted and there is no KYC and no whitelist that you would have to be concerned with.

The hard cap of the project is set to $45,000,000 USD. The soft cap is $5,000,000 USD. The project has also put a minimum investment requirement of $100 USD. You would be able to make your contributions with LTC, XRP, BTC, and ETH.

The Token

The token is ticked as RCI. The official price during the main ICO phase is set to $0.50 USD per 1 RCI token. However, the project has already announced that there is a convenient bounty program. The platform which is used is the one of Ethereum. The RCI token is ERC20 compliant, which means that we are likely to see it being listed on a public exchange.

Realty Crypto Investment Overview

Realty Crypto Investment ICO
Ended 445 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Feb 21, 2018
End Date
Apr 06, 2018
Total Supply

Realty Crypto Investment Team

Anton Smetanin

15+ experience as a realtor

Mikhail Meshyarekov
Chief Assets Manager

11+ years' experience

Moskvina Natalia

22+ years' experience

Afrail Aliev

11+ years' experience

Moskvin Andrei

15+ years' experience

Artur Shatverov

4 years' experience

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