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Repay.Me is a platform which is thoroughly convinced that profits generated from the user data belong to the consumers themselves. The entire community behind the project is centered on the spirit of completely fair trade. The majority of the advertising revenues of the platform are quickly repaid to the community in the form of cashback.

The REME Coin is the one which is securing the network. There are plenty of benefits that ought to be taken into convenient account when it comes to using the platform and its native token, so let’s have a look.

Why use Repay.Me?

The first thing to account for is that the platform’s native currency – REME Coin, is actually backed by real value. Every single REME coin is going to provide the user with a fixed amount of advertisements which are available on the marketplace of the platform. The advertisements are always going to hold a certain value which is only going to increase as the platform becomes more and more used.

The consumer is going to be able to receive quick, high, and easy cashback returns. Most of the people spend at least 2 hours per week to scan for cashback deals, special offers or for certain coupons. With the REME Coin, all of the purchases, regardless of whether they are made online or offline, are going to qualify for cashback as soon as you pay with the coin.

You would be able to claim the profits that your information is yielding – this is also something quite convenient. People are starting to become more and more cautious about the way their own information is being used and, as such, you need to know that getting rewarded for the sharing of information is definitely something to consider.

Of course, there are additional perks that you have to keep in mind. For instance, users are going to gain exclusive access to advertising formats which are brand new, they will able to take advantage of the number one payment method for various marketplaces and others of the kind.

About the ICO and the Token

The public sale is going to begin on the 1st of March and it is going to last until the 15th of May or until 375,000,000 REME coins are sold, which represents the hard cap for the project. Of course, this event has to precede the official end date.

The price which is set for 1 REME coin is currently 0.40 CHF. You would be able to purchase them with BTC, CHF, and ETH. The minimum investment is 250 REME coins.

The country of origin is Liechtenstein. If you are currently within the USA or China, you wouldn’t be able to take part in the official sale. There is also a KYC to be considered.

The project does seem like something of substantial interest. It is backed by a team of serious professionals with a lot of experience in the necessary fields.

Remecoin Overview

Remecoin ICO
Ended 199 Days Ago
Vote For Remecoin
50% BONUS 500 CHF – 4.999 CHF
Ethereum Ether ( ETH )
Start Date
May 02, 2018
End Date
Dec 31, 2018
50% BONUS 500 CHF – 4.999 CHF
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Jul 18, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 18, 2018

Remecoin Team

Sascha Jonas

Sascha is CEO/CTO of ( GmbH + FL GmbH). He holds a master’s degree in Applied Computer Science from the HTW in Berlin. Sascha is an expert in machine learning, cryptographic currencies and software architecture. Before joining as a software architect, he worked as a software developer at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Axway AG, Neofonie GmbH and Portfolio Invest AG.

Mario Peter

Mario is CEO of ( GmbH + FL GmbH). After completing his training with distinction, he went all the way to top management at one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies. There, he can look back on many successful years with stations in various areas, such as controlling or as a manager. As head of various centers, Mario was entrusted with a high level of personnel and budget responsibility. He brings these positions and his experience as regional manager of the Deutsche Bank Group to

Klaus Stark

Klaus Stark is CEO of ( FL GmbH). He is a licensed Liechtenstein trustee and member of the Liechtenstein Institute for Trustees and as well as the Association of Auditors, Accountants and Tax Consultants in Liechtenstein (VBBS) and a member of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). He has many years of experience in the Liechtenstein trust and financial service sector. Klaus studied Economics at the HWV St. Gallen and holds a diploma in Trustee Management (TEP) in Liechtenstein. Klaus Stark is a co-founder of the Liechtenstein Blockchain-Meetup and crypto expert.

Dominic Trautwein

Dominic is marketing manager at He holds a degree in Business Administration and wrote his diploma thesis for the board of directors of Tenovis. Dominic studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and marketing at the private French university ESC Bordeaux. He worked as a commercial assistant to the management at SPM Technologies. He was also responsible for public relations at Suzuki International Europe GmbH. Prior to joining, Dominic worked as a marketing and SEO expert advising several large companies and SMEs.

Henry Raupauch

Henry is a product manager at He studied Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In the areas of new media, online and direct marketing, Henry has accompanied and implemented projects for many companies. Later, as Senior Product Manager and Team Leader at Air Berlin, he expanded his experience in e-commerce, which he can now apply directly to

István Cocron

István Cocron is a specialist in the area of consulting for start-ups and companies in corporate and capital investment law. Attorney Cocron has been working on the latest developments in the field of IT, in particular blockchain and cryptocurrencies, for several years now. He has extensive experience in supporting ICOs and has already advised a number of major proceedings for investors and consumers throughout Germany. István Cocron is a member of several creditors’ committees and is also a member of both national and international associations of lawyers. Attorney Cocron is a founding partner of the law firm CLLB Attorneys. LinkedIn Icon

Jens Adam

demandi GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary company of the market research institute Interrogare GmbH and is a competent consultant and reliable partner for researchfor In cooperation with Interrogare, has developed a comprehensive questionnaire that enables the user profiles to be enriched and mapped to the IAB Audience Taxonomy for advertisers. This survey data can be used to create individual target groups. With methodical expertise, innovative research approaches and technical know-how, Interrogare is the perfect partner in this field.

Patrick von der Gönna

As a strategy consultant, business coach and project manager, Patrick von der Gönna advises and assists companies from all sectors in the digitalization of their business models as well as in the field of data intelligence. The technology expert and digital specialist has been focusing on the developments and potential of the digital economy for more than 20 years and possesses top-class insights from the advertising industry, media and technology companies.

Matthias Affeldt

16 years ago Matthias realized that e-commerce is exactly his business. A passionate engineer with a trader’s soul, he is passionate about KPIs and processes that create sustainable success. Matthias learned the job from scratch: as a developer, project manager, team leader, IT manager and head of IT, he worked on both the operator and the service provider side and got to know numerous projects, solutions and partners. As a trained project manager, he has not only the classic criteria of quality, time and budget in mind, but also the satisfaction of the entire project team. Software from people to people… and after the project enjoy success together. Matthias is very passionate about this.

Sylvio Schiller

Sylvio Schiller is a partner and managing lawyer at [f200] ASG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. He advises and represents clients in the field of industrial property law and intellectual property rights. In connection with the protection of ideas and know-how, he also comprehensively covers the area of design protection, and thus the registration and protection of registered and unregistered designs. At, attorney Schiller has examined the terms and conditions of use in addition to the terms of use and found them to be legally faultless.

Daniel Arber

Daniel Arber is an experienced and recognized figure in international trade. Be it as a lecturer, a member of the board of directors or as an entrepreneur-consultant in the automotive, aviation, military, logistics, agriculture or health care sectors. His passion is the “individual,” so his customers include young start-ups as well as companies that are undergoing generational changes. As a competent consultant, he applies his extensive experience as an expert for strategy and business development, especially in organizational consulting.

Carolina Aranda
Content Marketing and Translation (Spanish)

Yasmin Cakmak

Nadja M Elias
Communication Expert and PR

Celine Felber

Philipp Glogowski
DevOps Engineer

Anna Jagielska
Content Marketing and Translation (Polish)

Jorg Kandziora
Frontend Developer

Chaima Khlaief
Content Marketing and Translation (French)

Anna Klobus

Barna Kocsis
Backend Developer

Michael Kuhlmann
Senior Backend Developer

Luu Viet Trinh Le

Remecoin Rates & Bonuses

  • 50% BONUS 500 CHF – 4.999 CHF
  • 60% BONUS 5.000 CHF – 24.999 CHF
  • 75% BONUS 25.000 CHF – 99.999 CHF
  • 100% BONUS > 99.999 CHF

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