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The cryptocurrency market is still not well understood, but it simplifies complex transaction methods and distributes transactions, contracts, and payment methods resulting from these. The need for decentralized blockchain technology has emerged to create a public encryption currency. That currency can be used to facilitate a variety of transactions in the rental service market, and to enable them to be used anytime, anywhere. According to most opinions, bitcoin and other key cryptocurrencies are usually unstable and risky. So, it is not attractive to users who need to trade every day. Although cryptocurrency has the potential to be recognized as a global transaction method, it is still a matter of concern.


It aims to build and deliver a global, decentralized network of mutual benefits for all users, and simplicity, security, cost savings, speed, and reliability are key.

About RENC

The RENC system will also operate and provide a credible platform for members to be safe, easy to use, convenient, and instantly financed. This will make the market flourish. The RENC platform allows users to easily purchase products by introducing the application of various types of cryptocurrencies between operators. Users can build a relationship where mutual benefits can be realized based on stability and trust in smart contracts and payment processing. The functions of RENC have been designed according to various users’ ecosystem, considering the way to ensuring stability in growth. The marketplace of RENC is designed to connect both customers and service providers and help each other.

Rentalcurrency Overview

Rentalcurrency ICO
Ended 56 Days Ago
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1st Token Pre-Sale ​ ​ Bonus 25%, 2018. 9. 25
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 27, 2018
End Date
Mar 31, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 RENC = 0.001 ETH
1st Token Pre-Sale ​ ​ Bonus 25%, 2018. 9. 25
Total Supply
15,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 25, 2018
Presale End Date
Dec 26, 2018

Rentalcurrency Team

JongJun Lee
CEO & RENC Founder AmazonCar Deloitte consulting

Brian Jeon
COO / Project Manager / Singapore POSCO, DAEWOO Lotto Korea

Lucas Kang
Top Engineer Lead HahmShout Shilla Hotel Internet in Samsung

YoungHeon Kim
CTO / Architect Lead Deloitte Comsulting IBM

ChangKeun Song
Project Leader Deloitte Consulting POSDATA

SeungGyu Choi
CFO Induk ​Accounting corporationPh.D MIS / CISA, DACOM

Jin Mei ​
Community Managing Director / China Beijing Daole Investment Co., Ltd

Danny Too
Asia Pacific Chief Officer Business Consultant Pentajeu Technologies Sdn.Bhd.

HyungPyo Kwon
R&D Executive LKFarm DreamLine, DACOM

Charlie Lim
R&D Executive ETRI in Korea DACOM

Salim Khan
Advisory Manager / India TOBESOFT SK C&C

SangWook Jung
Advisor MCI LAB Bitwin Korea

KwanMoo Hu
Advisor Dongwha Commercial BankING Asset Mgmt.Macquarie Asset Mgmt

Amang, Sanchez
Advisor / Philipines President & CEO at Pan Technologies, Co. Inc.

SeYoung In
Advisor Finance Today CEO Maybugs Founder/CEO

Michael Jang - SooJin Jang -
Advisor JPD Bigdata LAB CEO Herald economic Lab

Rentalcurrency Rates & Bonuses

  • 1st Token Pre-Sale ​ ​ Bonus 25%, 2018. 9. 25
  • 2nd Token Pre-Sale ​ ​ Bonus 10%, 2018. 4Q
  • 3rd Crowd Sale ​ ​ Bonus 5%, 2019. 1Q

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Rentalcurrency Social

    Rentalcurrency Milestones

    October 2017
    Incubation □ Platform Planning □ Team Building □ RENC Foundation □ Development Phase #1
    April 2018
    Token Marketing □ RENC Token Generation □ LAB Establishment □ RENC 1st Pre-Sale lead-up □ Incentive System Launch □ Advisors, Influencers engagement □ Development Phase #2
    July 2018
    ICO Pre-Sale □ RENC Marketing & Presales, Bounty Campagin, and others □ P2P Integrated exchange □ RENC Platform Design and Implementation □ Incentive System Launch □ Multifunctional Wallet Launch □ Development Phase #3
    April 2019
    ICO Crowd Sale: □ Expansion of RENC Community □ API,s DAPP’s to connect the special RENC features to the other wallets □ Integration at at least 5 further most used crypto-currency □ Common Criteria certificate □ MOU with allies for RENC Community Networking
    July 2019
    More Features: □ RENC Platform Public Service launching □ Switching to own blockchain Infrastructure □ Payment Gateway integration with automatic rental currency □ Engaging shopping communities with cashback system for rental service □ Global Roadshow □ Third Party integration

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